Donald Sutherland talks about the Cloudbusting video

Movie actor Donald Sutherland talks about the Cloudbusting video in the latest issue of London’s Time Out magazine. The article reads: “He was staying in London when he heard that Kate Bush was trying to track him down. ‘I didn’t know who she was, so I refused. Next thing I knew, there was this knock at the door, and it was her.’ Sutherland swiftly thawed – ‘she was so funny’ – especially when he learned that the reclusive songstress wanted him to play Wilhelm Reich”. (thanks to Jamie in London who posted this on the guestbook)

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  1. F. van den Kommer says:

    I’m so glad that now I am able to understand the clip after all those years !
    Just recently I learned about Dr. Reich and the immense depth of his work and heritage.
    Impressive video.
    I found myself in tears.

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