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Kate is featured on the cover of the new German edition of Rolling Stone magazine! Lets hope the US edition does likewise…German fans should also check out the excellent fan site and forum here and here. Kate was extensively featured on Sky News on Monday 21st, and they trumpeted the release of the single with hourly reports culminating in a 10 minute slot on The Sky Report in which fans and journalists were interviewed on Kate’s enduring appeal…

The newly published biography of Kate, simply entitled ‘Kate Bush – The Biography‘ is reviewed in The Times here by St Etienne singer Sarah Cracknell: “Rob Jovanovic’s biography portrays Kate Bush as a likeable, intensely creative personality. Her alternative, culturally enriched upbringing (spoon-fed Sibelius, C. S. Lewis, T. S. Eliot and T Rex) is enough to make the book good. It is written with fondness and filled with train-spotter-ish details about recording sessions and musicians — a little too many for my liking, such a boy thing. There are plenty of well chosen quotes, some of them very funny and self-effacing…I was in the car taking my son to nursery and what did I hear on the radio but Kate’s new single, King of the Mountain. It came out this week and will be followed by her first album in 12 years, Aerial. I was thrilled that the single was just what I wanted to hear, pure Kate Bush! A warm voice that draws you in, some nicely avant-garde production and a load of old gobbledygook. Hooray!” The book is out now and the author will be signing copies at a special reading in Norwich on Sunday November 6th at Kulture Shock books. Lisa Redford andNobodaddy will also be appearing at the event to perform some songs in tribute to Kate. More info here…Kate’s film The Line, The Cross and The Curve will be shown on the digital channel Artsworld on Nov 8th at 7pm…there is now an official German site for the new album/single, check it out here…also note Brisbane Kate fans in Australia are gathering on Sunday 8th November read more here

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