NME reports Kate is set to release “new material” this year


Update: The HomeGround editors write: “We are all VERY excited about this and suspect there will be a more detailed announcement soon, and as soon as we hear anything we will of course send out the HG pigeons!”

The NME have reported that Kate is likely to release new material in 2011 after securing a comment from her spokesperson. The news comes after unsubstantiated reports about a new release from the fame-shunning musician recently surfaced on a music blog. Speaking in reaction to that report, Bush’s spokesperson said a release from her is likely for 2011, although nothing is confirmed yet. They added that the new music from Bush would not necessarily mean a full-length follow-up to her last album 2005’s Aerial, was on the way.”

Okay, possibly not an album in 2011 but new material nevertheless. We were very cautious about the rumours from an anonymous source, but we’ll allow ourselves a yelp of excitement now! More on this as we get it.

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10 Responses to NME reports Kate is set to release “new material” this year

  1. will bradley says:

    …wish i heard nothing….the rumours get one all excited….especially if it is not a complete album….

  2. Collin says:

    It would be nice to see some remasters with unreleased tracks or a new greatest hits with some new songs thrown in. The best treat would be one of those dual layer discs like Bjork and Massive Attack have done that have the videos on one side and songs on the other. One can dream. 🙂

    • Sky says:

      Collin, that sounds fantastic! Hoping this may be the case. Another ‘greatest hits’ would, with the greatest respect, be a non-winner in my book even if it did include a few new tracks. I’d rather wait for a complete new album.

      • Seán says:

        I agree that a new album is preferable, but I get so many queries with people trying to find existing albums, and The Whole Story is a quarter century old…I guess I always think about those coming across Kate’s work for the first time, trying to build up their Kate collections – I’d love to see her catalogue presented in a fresh, updated way for those folks (and us!). Can’t wait to find up what’s in the works…

  3. As I said on the forum, a new greatest hits package would be very interesting. It would require adding music from The Sensual World, The Red Shoes and Aerial, but could possibly include standalone songs like “Rocket Man,” “The Man I Love,” “Lyra” and possibly some of the duets. And, of course, a couple of new tracks. I could see a double disk set or maybe a triple if they include the videos. That is something I’d like to own and it would probably go straight to number one on the charts in the UK. That would be lovely.

  4. Ed Kollin says:

    I would go with what we know rather then “greatest hits” which is pure speculation. Let’s start with the fact that Rolf Harris has said he has worked with her on some songs. But for those that want to wildly speculate how about “Don’t Let The Sun Shine In” http://www.youtube.com/comment_servlet?all_comments=1&v=4fWwXo7lJU8 (LOL).

  5. Gabriella says:

    iam sooo very excited about everything .. new homeground book and kates new mini lp at the same time !! 2011 is be an exciteing year for our kate !!!
    peace love gabigirl

  6. Lisa Campbell says:

    About time too! & within her usual 5-6 year span. Seeing is believing though!

  7. Isabelle says:

    Can’t wait! I’m sooo in love with her music!

  8. Bob the Builder says:

    So there may be a release of some kind but not an album… my guess is, if it happens at all, is that it’s that track(s) she recorded with Rolf – he’s been desperate to see it released and now he’s turned 80 he can’t have many years left and he must be fearing he’ll never see it released in his lifetime so…… I imagine she might release it to please him.

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