First peek at album artwork!

Amazon have posted the following imagery from the album package. Hello again Fish Person, and who are your two friends there?! (click here for the bigger version)

Director's Cut CD package



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21 Responses to First peek at album artwork!

  1. Alan says:

    Wow, this is too exciting for words, can’t believe Kate is back again!!

  2. Vindrag (Sweden) says:

    I love it!! Looks great!
    Hoping for many pictures somehow related to Sensual & Red Shoes!

    And of course pictures of Kate herself! =)

  3. Robert Moore says:

    Obviously I will be getting this; it marks a welcome return by an unique artistic presence too long absent from the music scene. This release is initiating a lot of interest and will hopefully bring her to the attention of a new generation. I sure we all wish Kate every success with Director’s Cut – and hope Kate decides to release even more compositions under her new “Fish People” label….

  4. GER says:

    OH,,,,so much information,,minute by minute more and more,,
    I’m I living in an movie at this moment!! KATE is Directing my life at this time and I LOVE IT,,,
    love you KATE,,big kisses,,,,GER

  5. mats says:

    It looks freaking occult in an arty sort of way with connections to never forever and some 1600-century artist.I love it and i dont,It gives me the chills but i suppose its done with humour.

  6. A conductor with bat wings, dancing chandeliers, people wearing animals heads… bizarre and fabulous. Can’t wait to see what else is in that book and how they connect to the music.

  7. Keith says:

    Either “Plastic sheath retention grip points known as “bat wings” and “cathedral windows” maintain retention on the conductor insulation…” or I’d say he’s got his “bat” on!



  8. Dreamtimetk says:

    Kate does not only surprise me musically but even in pictures, like the one in the upcoming booklet from Director’s Cut, she is able to crate such magical and mysterious scenarios and to add more colorful and interesting thoughts about her art . Stunning!!!

  9. Stefan Bogers says:

    I think it’s a scene from “Heads We’re Dancing”….
    Beautiful photograph…

  10. dreaming says:

    I was not born in her time, I was about to turn one year old when Hounds of Love was released. Kate’s music came to me unexpected, and being a songwriter myself, I feel so small in comparison to what a genius she is. Her complex song writing and musical arrangements have inspired many musicians including myself over the years. I am so exited for this release, and so grateful that I can share the excitement of new material from her since aerial. Cannot wait any longer. These updates are torturing me!!! 🙂

  11. Lim Wee Ping says:

    Even the artwork is so super fabulous!! Can’t wait to add that with the existing Kate Bush albums.

  12. Erin says:

    What an intriguing first peek! I love it!

    “You bring me so much joy
    And then you bring me
    More joy”

  13. “Them Bats and Doves” live again!

  14. Davey_Salop says:

    Perhaps it’s a homage to “Del Boy” (Palmer) and the chandlers sketch you plonker. Looks like in the glimpse of the booklet it’s dropping from a height.
    Any way genius and lets hope there’s hidden messages and symbols in the images to decipher the true meaning of returning to these songs. Well done her new management team. Where’s the Deeper Understanding Video or is there a global release like “King of the Mountain” had?

  15. Houdini says:

    I really cannot wait! This looks fantastic…more more more!!!!!!!!


  16. Barbara says:

    I saw the lampshades on the floor and wondered if this was anything to do with the ‘strumento de porca’ that resembled a jellyfish!

  17. Karen Kay says:

    I’m soooooooooo excited about this album, been waiting oh so long for another musical offering from Kate 🙂

  18. Lisa Campbell says:

    The artwork is very reminiscent of the old Hammer Horror films, stuff like The Devil rides Out!

  19. MirrorGirl says:

    What’s unclear is whether this book comes only with the Deluxe Director’s Cut (which includes the remastered Sensual World & The Red Shoes), or if it’s included in the single-disc Director’s Cut. The book is only pictured on Amazon’s Deluxe edition page. Does anyone know? Can Sean answer the question? Thanks.

    • Seán says:

      I can’t imagine Kate not including all the relevant Director’s Cut artwork with every edition of the album…

      • MirrorGirl says:

        Thanks, Sean. It seems likely to me, too, but one never knows these days. Have you noticed how only Blu-ray editions of movies are including special features now? That’s what the world is coming to…

        Have you any idea of how the Sensual World and Red Shoes album sound in their re-mastered form? I don’t know how to evaluate whether it’s worth buying them all over again.

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