Listen to Kate’s interview this evening with Larry Flick on US radio

With big thanks to Louise and Tom for providing the clip:

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4 Responses to Listen to Kate’s interview this evening with Larry Flick on US radio

  1. John Harbinger says:

    i’m loving these radio interviews… very interesting to hear Kate’s views on an official DVD Release!

  2. Nanette says:

    This is the second time I’ve heard/seen an American interviewer make reference to not wanting Kate to change from her old, willowy, Wuthering Heights self. Kate sounded properly dismayed, as well she should. Time marches on, folks.

  3. nel says:

    Just been listening to album version of Wildman.To my mind the radio edit was wrong and probably the reason it didnt make the top 40.The album version is so much more haunting due to the additional backing vocals.The radio edit i think should have left the 2nd verse for the album and included the end verse with these backing vocals on the single……missed opportunity.

  4. David says:


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