Del Palmer reveals secret from The Kick Inside album artwork!

On his Facebook page, Del Palmer has posted the following image detail of his artwork from the back cover of Kate’s first album in 1978, The Kick Inside. Del writes: “The Flyer from T.K.I sleeve. I was asked if the logo on the opposite side to the KT symbol had a meaning..It is, in fact a pictogram of my name DEL…I know but life was simpler in those days!!….”


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4 Responses to Del Palmer reveals secret from The Kick Inside album artwork!

  1. Rod says:

    Isn’t that great? The nugget of extra info from a primary source is marvelous, but it’s also an opportunity to appreciate the art again. There are some really nice touches on the drawing.

  2. Mingus 42 says:

    The Kick Inside was such a brave album sleeve, totally unique. In the UK/Europe, EMI could have gone with the more conventional ones as issued in Japan/ Canada/USA, but somehow the ‘Kite’ image won. Del’s reverse image was just too small, so maybe a reissue would rectify matters.

  3. yirry yanya says:

    there were those who thought it was a depiction of the tardis. silly rabbits 😉

  4. Houdini says:

    I LOVE this artwork. My late sister taught me to read at the age of four from this album sleeve – so it holds some precious memories for me.

    It still has to be, without doubt, my one and only desert island disc!

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