Watch Dave Cross from HomeGround Magazine on Sky News!

Dave Cross of HomeGround appeared on Sky News this morning to discuss the excitement (and mayhem!) just before Kate’s tickets went on general sale. Well done, Dave – you were great!

Dave on Sky News

Watch Dave’s interview on the Sky News Sunrise programme here

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9 Responses to Watch Dave Cross from HomeGround Magazine on Sky News!

  1. Nic says:

    It is so exciting to see Kate absolutely cherished in the media lately. Acknowledged as an icon, and rightly celebrated as the greatest female singer songwriter this country has ever produced. A national treasure and an innovator. A truly original artist. A grounded yet powerful woman who has never lost her appeal throughout the years. Indeed, it seems to be growing more and more…not just because her work is stunning. But because all along she has striven to be successful AT life. She has perfected the art to get the balance right. Unwilling to compromise and unapologetic for it too, no matter what is driving her – creating an album, or raising a family. She is not only inspirational as an artist. More importantly, it is obvious that she is focused on what is truly important in life – loved ones and family. An icon indeed….and it’s all there in her work for us to share.

    I feel privileged that it will be possible to be in the same room as her later this year….
    There will be so much love for her it will be palpable.

  2. davie says:

    Well done Dave… you said all that needs to be said mate. My favourite track is moments of pleasure too. I work in a hospice and was recently interviewed by BCC Radio Bristol about my work. I was asked to choose any song that I wanted to hear and I chose MOP. I actually got to introduce the song as it faded into Kate’s voice. I said this is the genius Kate Bush….. and there she was. I will be at the live show on the 5th and the 12th. Regards, D

  3. davidly says:

    Amidst my struggles with Eventim to get my already purchased ticket attributed to me, I missed this post.

    Excellent job, Dave! I believe you spoke well for the fanbase and effectively imparted our somewhat proprietary affection without sounding the least bit off-putting. If I weren’t already a fan, I’d’ve sought her out based upon your remarks alone.

    • Sharka says:

      Well done, Dave. You skilfully dodged the implied “Can you tell us if she’s a madwoman?” question. Journalists. So-called… Urrrgh!

      @davidly, I hope I won’t run into the same trouble with my ticket purchase. I had to use a friend’s credit card and informed asap, asking them to issue the tickets in my name. No reply yet… My friend hasn’t even checked her account yet to see whether her account has been debited. Nerves!!! 🙁

      • davidly says:

        Here you can read what I wrote Eventim via their customer service form:

        In short: Do you have an on-line account at the Eventim site wherein you can check the status of your order? That would have the name on it.

        • Sharka says:

          Thanx for the info. Unfortunately I didnt create an account with Eventim, because everything happened so fast. If I were to create one now, they would probably not be able to reference it with my booking no. and the ADMIN no. I was given in their order confirmation mail. I sent them a mail asking them to put my name on the tickets, but haven’t heard back from them yet (this mail was sent on April 1).

          • davidly says:


            Did they address a name in the greeting of the confirmation mail? That’s where I first noticed that it wasn’t my name.

            Make sure you send your message via the on-line customer service department form linked at the bottom of their page. They say they don’t respond to regular email at all. Though, they haven’t answered my follow-up response either.

            Sigh, indeed…

  4. Harry Horton says:

    He mentioned 50 words for snow, which I think earns the title: Most unusual album from Kate Bush. More cerebral than her earlier works. It tends to be an album a lot of people would not listen too compared to earlier works of her, yet it is still deceptively, an original and fine work of art in a unique vein subject matter wise and music also. The following song off the internet, you tube: “Kate Bush – Snowflake- 50 words for snow chronicles of the Snow globe. Chapter One. banberry 2112. Published November 27, 2011. The visuals convey a high amount of mystical essence within their scenes. Snow falling, and spirits as ice skaters with a glass globe are some of the items within the song. Its gorgeous. I wonder who did this mystical rendering. Interestingly the piano piece stays repetitive with about four or so chord progressions that repeat over and over again as the lyrical melody plays out over the progressive chordal arrangement. The chordal arrangement gives a contemplative character to the piece as the ‘voice melody’ explores the regions of the piece. Just a unique type of piece that has more of a somnolent and mystical presence in the spiritual fabric of the mind.

  5. gabigirl says:

    HEYYYYYY Dave ,.. how did i miss this ????,……. wow ,!!!!.. on the telly ,… that’s very cool,…:)

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