Kate Bush Club magazines now online…and more

Kate Bush Club magazines

A new site, kbarchives.org has been put together which aims to compliment the information already available on the brilliant Gaffaweb site with newly gathered material. One resource offered are full scans of every single edition of the (now seemingly defunct) Kate Bush Club newsletter. These carefully-produced magazines were a means for Kate, Del, Paddy, John and many others close to Kate’s work to keep fans posted on what was going on. Big thanks are due to the lovely Lisa Bradley for all her hard work on running Kate’s official fan club and producing these wonderful magazines.

Another site to check out is Sozo’s Japanese translation of katebushnews.com – an incredible labour of love, he’s been quietly providing this service for Japanese-speaking fans for many years now. All the more impressive considering he has managed to mimic the new site format successfully! See it here.

About Seán

Seán Twomey has been running the Kate Bush News & Information site since January 1998.
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3 Responses to Kate Bush Club magazines now online…and more

  1. geoff lorimer says:

    gosh, how many years have i loved your music. how lucky am i.
    so many thanks Kate. i see my friends with other music and i feel proud.
    my life may never be complete but you help me to the end of the tunnel

  2. Satelli says:

    50000 words for love

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