Twitter reveals: Stephen Fry and Stefan Roberts on new album!

As the reality sinks in that we have a new album on the way so soon after Director’s Cut, a couple of artists on 50 Words For Snow have tweeted about their involvement.

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry tweeted on September 2nd: “Just done a lovely amazing recording thing with a lively amazing musician. Wish I could say more but bound by secrecy for the moment.” Today he confirms his involvement in the new album: “Tweeted that I did a secret recording 10 days ago: can now reveal it was this with the divine Kate Bush”. He included a link to the official site news.

Stefan RobertsStefan Roberts is a 19 year old singer who has sang with the Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford and part time with Norwich Cathedral choir. He is now at York Minster. He tweeted the following yesterday: “Yay!!! The Kate Bush album I’m on has been given a release date!!…I’m singing with Kate bush on her new album….I’m singing solo on one of the tracks with her…It’s SO nice to be able to talk about it finally!!”

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3 Responses to Twitter reveals: Stephen Fry and Stefan Roberts on new album!

  1. Rod says:

    Very worried this is all going to lead to a premature eargasm.

  2. This is just amazing, two of my ultimate heroes making art together. Fry & La Belle Kate, my heart is beating rather irregularly at the moment. These are the two artists I would most like to meet of all those living. Stephen is simply the most perfect walking circuit of DNA I can imagine. I know, he hears that all the time, and Kate…well,if not for you my musical genius, I never would have learned to write anything resembling intelligent.
    Believe, Darwin

  3. On 8 September he tweeted: “I’m doing highly secret squirrel filming. Fun but maddening not being able to share. Apologies.”
    On 9 September he tweeted: “another v secret filming thing this afternoon”

    What would Fry be filming, a week after recording with ‘the divine Kate Bush’? and for what would he willingly renounce tweeting for nearly 2 whole days???

    [Scratches head]

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