This Woman’s Work returns to top 40 – twice!

In the midweek UK Singles chart both versions of ‘This Woman’s Work’ are in the top 40! Maxwell is at 28 and Kate at 38. Following the performance of the song on Saturday’s Britian’s Got Talent on Saturday night.

This Chart is sales from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, so both will probably drop on the final chart released on Sunday afternoon but this is still great news and we welcome this increased exposure for one of Kate’s most popular songs.

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2 Responses to This Woman’s Work returns to top 40 – twice!

  1. JAMES COLE says:

    Whilst I’m not a big fan of “Britain’s Got Talent” and not that familiar with Maxwell great that likely more people are appreciating kate version of “This Woman’s Work” Unlikely she’ll be in the top 40 in the weekly chart though.

  2. JohnnyGee says:

    I can’t comment on Maxwell’s version as I haven’t heard it – but surely nothing can come anywhere near Kate’s version in terms of stunning, emotive beauty.

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