Kate writes foreword to new book by photographer Tim Walker

tim walker storyteller

A little late with this news – Kate has written the foreword to a book of photographs by Tim Walker. Tim was responsible for much of the extraordinary booklet photography in the sumptuous Director’s Cut packaging last year. The book is entitled Tim Walker: Story Teller and is available at Amazon here. Read more about Tim at this article here or at his official site. From Kate’s foreword: “This book is like a collection of paintings. I imagine Tim perched up in the crow’s nest of a giant toy sail-boat, sailing a painted sea, hunting for ship-wrecked dreams.”  

Kate as Marion by Tim Walker

An outtake from the Director’s Cut sessions by Tim (above) has recently surfaced in the 40th anniversary edition of W Magazine. Tim captioned the photo: “Kate Bush, for me, encompasses the passionate heroine with a tender ordinariness, kind of like a mother going into battle.”

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3 Responses to Kate writes foreword to new book by photographer Tim Walker

  1. Very pleased that Kate’s knowledge and taste in the arts remains as impeccable as ever

  2. Brad Williams says:

    I recently bought Tim Walker’s book, and it is truly a visual feast. A very creative fellow; I can see why Kate used him for the Director’s Cut photos. They seem to share an artistic kinship in their respective mediums. A great book to curl up with, despite its large size!

  3. Gabriella Patterson says:

    i love Tim photo graph iam happy that Kate had his work in her Album,.. it is enchanting and whimsical and magic,.. i like that Tim think out the box and thinks his ideas and other in dream like stat of art ….

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