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The nominations for this years Academy Awards have been announced in Hollywood. Titanic has received 14 nominations including Best Make-Up. The Kate connection? One of the three make-up people nominated for James Cameron’s epic is Tina Earnshaw, a make-up artist who has worked very closely with Kate through the years. The two other films nominated in this category are Men In Black and Mrs. Brown. Tina has been involved in many of Kate’s videos and photo shoots; including Cloudbusting, Experiment IV and The Line,The Cross & The Curve, and duly has been thanked in the liner notes on several of Kate’s albums. Tina has recently also worked on the films; Emma, Hamlet, Surviving Picasso & A Jefferson In Paris. The official Titanic website has this to say about Tina’s work:

“Key Makeup Artist TINA EARNSHAW researched not only the delicate makeup styles of the period, but worked with doctors and hospitals to study the effects of hypothermia on the human body for post-disaster sequences in Titanic.”

Well done Tina! (and I wonder if Kate will lend you a frock for the party on March 23rd?!!)

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