Syd Arthur

Syd Arthur are a four piece band from Canterbury and the South East of England. Raven Bush, son of John Carder Bush (and nephew of Kate’s) plays violin and mandolin in the band. A busy outfit, constantly gigging, you can check out their music at their Myspace page where they’ve made some recordings available for free download or find out details on ordering their CDs.

Liam – Vocals & Guitar

Raven – Violin, Mandolin & Vocals
Fred – Drums & Percussion
Joel – Bass, Vocals & Percussion

From The Guardian 15/2/2010:

“Syd Arthur are sons and heirs of those Canterbury musicians who did sometimes whimsical, sometimes intense things with psychedelic and progressive rock and whose improvisational approach made the avant-garde seem accessible, and vice versa. Actually, one of Syd Arthur – violinist Raven Bush, which we smuttily assumed was a pot-induced pubic alias – is the nephew and heir of Kate Bush, a Kent girl herself who grew up surrounded by local musicians (but enough already about her extracurricular proclivities).” Full article here

Raven Bush