Audio tracks, MP3 format. From John’s site:
Roadside Shrines (from Liebegeist)

This poem-song is a tribute to all those people who are killed daily on the roads of our planet while merely going from one place to another. The track includes some of my son Raven’s exquisite violin playing  -check out his band Syd Arthur:

Passing Over (from Sakura)

This is a poem about circling over London at night while waiting to land at Heathrow, and, at the same time, standing in a garden of a London house looking up at the planes flying in to the airports.

Summer (from Walking with Billy)

This is a poem about waiting for a Summer that never seems to arrive.
It also has Raven playing on the track and backing vocals from my daughter, Oonagh.

All Gone (from The Exorcism of Love by Dreams)

This is a poem about the decay of a city and one of its inhabitants.

Faith and Trust (from Pomegranate)

This is a poem about the need to accept the simple realities of our existence, and not to ask too many questions about why and how.