The first year of Kate’s public career. Two albums and three singles. Many are still saying “What the hell …?”

Be warned. The audio quality of this early material is variable. For 1978 in particular we have only managed to gather a few fragments of what was extensive broadcast coverage, and many of these umpteenth generation copies of material originally recorded (most likely) by balancing a microphone against a decidedly low-fi transistor radio or TV. You get the full medium wave experience! These files are kept in the archive because they are precious survivals of material that has not (yet) appeared in a better format. Audio files of poor quality are marked * or **.

Capital Radio St Valentines Day Dave Cash 16th February 1978

BBC Radio 1 Wuthering Heights BBC Session version

Misc DJ Comments Chart Rundowns March to June 1978**

Capital Radio “Hullabaloo” Set Books (excerpt) 19th March 1978

BBC Radio 1 Kid Jensen 2nd May 1978**

BBC Radio 1 “Roundtable” review of The Man With The Child In His Eyes 16th May 1978*

BBC Radio 1 “NewsBeat” 29th June 1978**

BBC Radio 1 “Roundtable” Kate as Guest 30th June 1978*

BBC Radio 1 “Roundtable” review of Hammer Horror

CHOM-Montreal Doug Pringle (part)November 1978

Capital Radio “Late Show” 9th November 1978

BBC Radio 1 “Roundtable” review of Lionheart 17th November 1978*

BBC Radio 3 “Sounds Interesting” 23rd December 1978*