The doubters now say “Yes, but she can’t actually perform it live!”

Be warned. The audio quality of this early material is variable. In 1979 we still have only a few fragments of what was continuing extensive broadcast coverage, and many of these are still umpteenth generation copies of material originally recorded (most likely) by balancing a microphone against a decidedly low-fi transistor radio or TV. You get the full medium wave experience! These files are kept in the archive because they are precious survivals of material that has not (yet) appeared in a better format. Audio files of poor quality are marked * or **.

BBC Radio 1 Kid Jensen Info Spot January 1979

BBC Radio 2 Pete Murray Open House 8th January 1979

BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour Guest Of The Week 21st February 1979*

BBC Radio 1 Trailer For Personal Call 27th February 1979

BBC Radio 1 Personal Call 27th February 1979

BBC Radio 1 Roundtable review of Wow 9th March 1979*

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat regarding live shows 13th March 1979*

Radio City (ILR Liverpool) Tour promotional interview 4th April 1979**

Piccadilly Radio (ILR Manchester)Tour promotional interview 10th April 1979*

Radio Clyde (ILR Glasgow) Dave Jamieson Tour promotional interview 14th April 1979

Capital Radio (London ILR) Late Show Tony Myatt 16th April 1979

Swedish Radio Hilary Walker Press Conference 25th April 1979**

Dutch Radio Veronica Special – The Fans 30th April 1979

Paris Wuthering Heights 6th May 1979*

Hammersmith Duffield Benefit Let It Be 12th May 1979

Kate’s live Lionheart ad libs April and May 1979*

RTL Luxemburg Tracks From Paris And Interview June 1979*

Danish Radio Interview 25th June 1979*

BBC Radio 1 Roundtable review of Them Heavy People 31st August 1979*

BBC Radio 1 Roundtable Kate as guest reviewer 28th September 1979*