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HomeGround The Kate Bush Magazine – 40th Anniversary issue OUT NOW! FREE download!

The HomeGround/KateBushNews team are very pleased to be able to make available the Special 40th Anniversary Issue of HomeGround, The Kate Bush Magazine which has been bringing all the best from the Kate-speaking world since 1982.

Over 134 colour pages this special issue reviews the decade since the last print HomeGround in 2012, and brings the story up to date to these astonishing times for Kate fans, with special contributions from Kate’s brothers John Carder Bush and Paddy Bush, and some very special artwork from longtime principal HomeGround artist Debi Bowes, and also from Andrew Fry, Neil Sherriff, Madeleine Mitchell Rishton, and Sam Burton. Our special thanks to them.

The issue includes a major section on Kate’s Before the Dawn live shows in 2014, with appreciations of the shows from those who were there, and curious tales around the whole event.

Michael Mayell of Cloudbusting and Sue & Ian Crowther look at the growing area of Kate tribute bands and Dave interviews Sarah-Louise Young of the highly succesful West End Show An Evening Without Kate Bush. Seán and award-winning novelist Paul Burston cover that other important anniversary, 40 Years of Kate’s transcendental fourth album The Dreaming

There are special features on Kate’s lyric book How to be Invisible, and John Carder Bush’s essential Kate: Inside the Rainbow. Michael Byrne writes about how the beautiful Finding Kate came to be and Antonello Saeli tells us about his new novel, Aerie. Finally, we have a new substantial Kate Bibliography in which we try to cover all known Kate related publications

Thomas Dunning writes about the new tracks and artists on the recent expansion of his classic Kate covers album I Wanna be Kate. Sharon, who veteran HomeGround readers will recall, and more recent fans share their Kate experiences, and some bring their creations. And there are paper dolls, poems, letters and a Kate Mastermind Quiz to test your Kate-related brain.

We must say thanks to everyone who sent in contributions. As is usual our problem was not finding material to put in, but what ultimately what to leave out. Perhaps, if everyone likes the idea there will another download HomeGround before too long and what we couldn’t use this time will find a place.

How do I get my free copy of HomeGround 80?

Option 1) PDF download! You can download this special issue of HomeGround HERE – this is a PDF document file that you can read on your computer, print out at home if you wish (check your colour ink supplies!) and it also has the added advantage of having clickable links (they’re in dark blue text or sometimes they are images you can click on in the margins) – these link out to websites, articles and videos etc – very handy!

Option 2) View online! You can read this special issue of HomeGround on any browser/device below as a flipbook. This is quite handy and we think you’ll only have to click away one pesky ad before enjoying your read. This version doesn’t have the active links that the PDF version above has. NB: We recommend that you view it FULLSCREEN. To open in Fullscreen click on the three dots on the top menu and select the Fullscreen option from the dropdown. You may need to close one brief advertisement when the magazine first opens. For iPads/tablets it may be better to use this direct link to view the magazine online. Rotating your device from portrait to landscape orientation will display the magazine in the recommended two page spread. Enjoy!


Running Up That Hill: 3rd week at UK No.1! Kate: “I just can’t believe it!”


Kate STILL ruling worldwide charts!


  1. Len

    Thank you!

    • You’re very welcome! Enjoy!

      • Fanch

        Merci !

      • Len

        Wow. This is quite a bundle. You folk are incredibly dedicated to Kate, her team, her work and history and the worldwide community formed around them.

        It will take time to peruse. It is very professional and touchingly personal. My initial reactions are a mixture of admiration and … jealousy. It all seems so far away but also so emotionally seductive. 🙂

        It is easy to drown in Kate world. That said it would be in good company.


        • Peter

          Thanks Len. I have never forgotton the article we published from you in Homeground 41 some thirty years ago “No complaints No nonsense: No prisoners: Keep up the good work and give Kate a smile from the dudes and dudettes who record in basements, play in bars, and try to reflect her light a little. We can’t all stand next to the fire and feel the heat, but we feel the warm love and send it back to you.”

          • Len

            Oh my. That was a long time ago. Never got far but no day is wasted with a friend and a guitar.

            You made my day. 🙂

  2. Cesar M

    Many, many thanks!

  3. David Albert

    Wow is all I can say & thank you very much!

  4. Just amazing – I’m bowled over by the sheer amount of effort on everyone’s part in willing this very special commemorative issue into being. So appreciative to have had the opportunity to meet Krys, Peter and Dave (and of course be in the presence of Kate!) at the 1994 convention at the Hippodrome, an event that looms larger than ever. A hearty hello to Seán as well! Proud to be part of the Kate-speaking world for four decades and counting.

  5. Just amazing – I’m bowled over by the sheer amount of effort on everyone’s part in willing this very special commemorative issue into being. So appreciative to have had the opportunity to meet Krys, Peter and Dave (and of course be in the presence of Kate!) at the 1994 convention at the Hippodrome, an event that looms larger than ever. A hearty hello to Seán as well! Proud to be part of the Kate-speaking world for four decades and counting.

  6. Stephanie Daly

    Great, looking forward to reading it. Thanks a mill.

  7. Gabi Smith

    Beautifully done thank you Homeground family <3

  8. Wayne

    Can’t wait to sink teeth into each page. Thanks for all your hard work.

  9. It’s beautiful! But I’m having trouble with the links. If I’m reading it online, shouldn’t I just be able to click on one and have it open?

    • Peter

      Hello Tracy, the post says of the online reader: “This version doesn’t have the active links that the PDF version above has”.

  10. Jan from Belgium

    Top! Thank you very much!!!!

  11. Judy Trew

    Wonderful, thank you so much

  12. Huge, massive tanxxxx!! ☘️👸🏻🎶❤️🙏🏼

  13. Ann

    Thank you so much for all your hard work, this is amazing !

  14. Samuel

    What a beautiful way to end the day; what an amazing gift! Thanks very much for this!

  15. Joby Bond

    thank you so very very much for featuring me in this incredible issue, this means so much to me 🙂

    • Peter

      Hello Joby, when I read your peice I knew I had to include it. Many thanks.

  16. Thanks! That must have been a lot of work!

  17. Fiona

    Thank you all at HomeGround Towers for such an incredible piece of work. I think one of the most wonderful legacies of HomeGround is the way it has forever connected the global “Kate speaking world”, creating lifelong friends among strangers. From the days of (joyously received) black and white printed magazines to this incredible download – my grateful thanks to you all xx

    • Peter

      Thankyou Fiona. It was our pleasure to do this special issue, and we are very glad it has been so well received.

  18. Klazien de Vries

    Thank you very much, it looks beautiful. You have obviously put very much time and energy in this ,I admire that, it’s really special. So again, thank you!

  19. Tim Edwards

    Such amazing generosity… great!

    • Kevin Ringstead

      Can Kate do an interview with Rick Beato 0n YouTube he has 3.2 million subscribers .He has already covered musically Running Up that Hill and 6 day ago and 890k have viewed so far.
      Sting has appeared on his show with his guitarist so maybe Kate can appear with Peter Gabriel and discuss
      Don’t give Up
      which I believe stopped Elton John taking his own
      life .
      Rick has followed Kate since the start of her career and is a huge fan like myself.
      If Peter is not available maybe Dave Gilmore could be a second choice as he started Kate’s career.

      I can but dream but keep up the great work.

      I am sure Kate could do a virtual interview with Rick or
      Invite Rick to her Studio as he was a record producer and now concentrate on musical education on line .

  20. Thanks for the work involved in putting this massive edition together. I’ve just spent Sunday afternoon watching the Wimbledon final whilst reading two thirds of the PDF. Tears come to my eyes when I think back to the announcement of the Before The Dawn concerts, as it was such a momentous, unexpected event.

    Part of the magic of Kate Bush is the announcements, out of nowhere, for new albums and most importantly those live concerts. Those happenings may only come once a decade, but they are so special when they happen. Here’s to waiting for the next one!

    I went to three of the Before The Dawn concerts, and still felt compelled to try and get in for the final night. I travelled down from Newcastle with no ticket, and queued all day, only to end up not getting in. I was sixth in the queue at the cut off. That day was still brilliant as it was spent sharing stories with complete strangers, all there for the love of Kate.

    Cloudbusting and Baby Bushka fill the Kate void whilst we wait for something good to happen.


  21. wayne evans

    Thank you

  22. Catherine M

    This is very special. Thank you!

  23. Yvo

    Wow ! Thanks a lot for this !

  24. Andrew Youens Simpson

    Wow, what a wonderful find this is and what an achievement. You guys have much to be proud of. Plenty here to keep me occupied for a while !
    I can remember ordering Homeground in about 1983 ish. Must have paid you with a postal order…….I can recall not being sure quite what a fanzine was….
    40 years on, and here you still are. How wonderful, and even more so now as those much younger discover Kate for the 1st time. Amazing.

  25. Leslie Gooderham

    Thanks Gang – this is fantastic – a long time in the making – well done! For us oldies and completists, will there be a printed version made available?
    It’s not the same as a home dodgy printer version. All this reading on-line magazines – it will never catch on !

    • sharon

      i agree. I did manage to download so i can read it (took me a while) but i have it now in B&W and i will enjoy reading it.

      Well done HG, i love it, sharon xx

  26. sharon

    hi all, i wish i could buy a copy. its too small to read on screen sadly, so i’ll not get to read it and i cannot see how to print it 🙁

  27. joe

    Very cool! New-ish Kate Bush fan here, looks like quite the gift indeed, as is she!

  28. Gabriella

    beautiful read and what a joy and so long ago ,. and nostalgic feeling of today, so many amazing memories that always be lock in our hearts and mind .

  29. Joe Pecorino

    I absolutely LOVE your work with this site and have been a devout follower for as long as i can recall !

    I realize I am a little late to the party writing here so I hope you get to read my inquiry.

    I also realize I’m about to expose the dinosaur that I am but whatever…

    Was there ever…or will there ever…be a hard copy of this 40th Home Ground issue?

    Having purchased many of the originals back then and then the wonderful 2 compilation books,I still love having something to hold in my hands to read when it comes to these things.
    I know this is pretty old school at this point in time but as i wrote…whatever…!

    Thank you for all your tremendous work and devotion to one of the greatest artists of all time !

    I went to 2 shows of the Before the Dawn residency…from New York…and sat behind Paul McCartney watching one of them!
    Talk about a cherry on top of an experience !

    Love and Peace to you all

    Joe P

  30. Joe Pecorino

    was there ever or will there ever be a hard copy of this ?

    i know this is quite old school but i like having a physical copy of this to hold in my hands and read !

    great work always!

    thank you


    • Peter

      Hello Joe,

      We don’t intend to produce a hard copy of this, but some readers have done this themselves.

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