Super Bear Studios founder remembers the recording of Lionheart 40 years ago

Damon Metrebian, the founder of Super Bear Studios in France, at which Kate recorded the bulk  of her album Lionheart, has posted a memory of that time on his Facebook page as well as a page from their studio guestbook signed by Kate and Del in 1978. Super Bear Studios was sadly destroyed in a fire in 1986.

“40 years ago we were deep into the production of LIONHEART, Kate Bush’s second album which featured songs, including “Wow”, “Hammer Horror” and “Oh England My Lionheart”. Kate is (and remains to this day) one of the most authentic and beautiful souls I ever had the privilege to meet.”

Kate and Del sign Super Bear guestbook

Kate said afterwards: “[Recording in France] was an amazing experience. I mean it’s the first time I’ve ever recorded out of the country. And the environment was really quite phenomenal, I mean it was just so beautiful, it was so unlike anything I’d seen for a long while. And I think there was so many advantages to it, but there were a couple of disadvantages – the fact that it was so beautiful, you couldn’t help but keep drifting off to the sun out there, you know, that sort of thing. But you just didn’t feel like you needed a break, because the vibes and the weather and everyone around was just so good, you know, you didn’t feel like you were working. It was really, really fun.” (Lionheart Promo Cassette, EMI Canada, 1978)

More memories of Lionheart on our latest podcast episode here!

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Running Up That Hill (2012) featured on ITV’s Vanity Fair

ITV Drama’s new six-part adaptation of the classic novel Vanity Fair is notable for featuring contemporary music on the soundtrack. Last Sunday 16th September it was Kate’s 2012 version of Running Up That Hill that was heard playing over the closing scenes.

Based on the novel by William Makepeace Thackeray, it stars Olivia Cooke, Claudia Jessie, Michael Palin, Suranne Jones,  Martin Clunes, Tom Bateman and Johnny Flynn. Thanks to Sean Quinn for the clip!

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Kate to release How To Be Invisible – a book of lyrics in December!

How To Be Invisible small coverKate is releasing a book of selected lyrics entitled “How To Be Invisible” on December 6th. It is published by Faber and Faber and you can pre-order it here.

Selected and arranged by Kate, with an expansive introduction by the novelist, David Mitchell, How To Be Invisible presents the lyrics of Kate Bush for the first time in a beautiful cloth-bound Faber edition.

“For millions around the world Kate is way more than another singer-songwriter: she is a creator of musical companions that travel with you through life,” said Mitchell. “One paradox about her is that while her lyrics are avowedly idiosyncratic, those same lyrics evoke emotions and sensations that feel universal.”

The Guardian has ran a short piece about her book here and Guardian writers choose their favourite Kate Bush lyrics hereUncut have the story here.

You can pre-order Kate’s book here. Also, you can sign up to a mailing list to receive news about an exclusive Limited Edition format of this book here:

How To Be Invisible book cover

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New Australian musical channels Kate’s Wuthering Heights in Melbourne Fringe

Ambushed musicalAmbushed is a new Australian musical brought to you by Adapt Productions as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival on 25th-27th and 29th-30th September. Tickets here.

“Kate Bush sang about it, Emily Bronte wrote about it and a waitress celebrating her 42nd birthday is dreaming about it in this surprising new piece of Australian Musical Theatre.

Whether you believe that there is somebody for everybody or that clinging onto the idea of a soulmate just leads to a stalemate won’t matter as you join Angela’s search to be reunited with her childhood sweetheart. Looking for signs from the universe in the form of references to Wuthering Heights leads Angela into a unique set of circumstances in this poignant yet uplifting comedy.”

Dates: 25-27, Sept and 29-30 Sept Times: 7.30pm, Sat 8.00pm, Sun 3.00pm and 5.30pm (70 minutes) Venue: Chapel Off Chapel 12 Little Chapel St, Prahran VIC 3181, Australia Tickets: Full: $35 / Concession: $30 / Preview (Tues): $25 / Group: $30 TO BOOK TICKETS visit or call (03) 9660 9666 For media enquiries contact: Jaz Hendry, 0427 592 383 or

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Paddy Bush and Justin Vali play charity concert in Cardiff!

Paddy Bush playing the marovany

Kate’s brother Paddy has dropped me a line to let you know about an upcoming concert in Wales. “There’s a Justin Vali concert coming up on the 22nd of this month in Cardiff, I shall be playing with him. It’s for a charity called Money for Madagascar, the concert marks a 200th anniversary…it might be of interest to some of your Welsh members.” Justin, as you will know, played on Kate’s songs The Red Shoes and Eat the Music, along with Paddy.

The show takes place in the Dora Stoutzker Hall at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff on September 22nd at 7.30pm. As well as the Justin Vali Quintet with Paddy Bush, the evening will feature The Nidum Ensemble. Tickets are £17.50 (£15 concessions) and children under 12 are free. More information on the college’s website here.

From the event publicity:

Money for Madagascar “What are we celebrating? An amazing piece of Welsh history that started in disaster when, in 1818, all but one of the first group of missionaries died of fever within eleven weeks of landing in Madagascar. The survivor, David Jones, went back to Mauritius to recover but later returned to Madagascar. A third young Welshman, David Griffiths, and his wife Mary arrived there in 1820.

What followed was truly astonishing: Mary and the two Davids went up to the capital, learnt Malagasy and started schools, with girls included from the very beginning. By 1824, scarcely three years after their arrival, over 2,000 children were in school and being taught in their own language. The two Davids built a chapel and started preaching in Malagasy. With the help of their most able pupils they then set about translating the Bible and the first complete edition was published in 1835.

Justin Vali

At the request of King Radama and using the Roman script, they created a written form of the Malagasy language which is almost perfectly phonetic. As a result, learning to read has been a relatively painless process for generations of Malagasy children ever since. Music reaches every part of life in Madagascar and when King George IV sent King Radama the gift of a piano he was overjoyed. Some of the music composed by him in the 1820s will be performed in the concert.

The Nidum Ensemble

The Nidum Ensemble

Paddy Bush is Irish, not Malagasy, but he is a fine performer on the Valiha, the national instrument of Madagascar, and will be joining Justin Vali and his group for the concert. Welcome Paddy! We are delighted to have you. The Nidum Ensemble is made up of brilliant young Welsh musicians from big UK orchestras. They are well-known in South Wales where they have given many memorable concerts.

There will be crafts from Madagascar on sale in the foyer and also a showing of a short film about the first missionaries before the concert and during the interval.”

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Kate Bush Fan Podcast Episode 8: Bush Telegraph talks Lionheart

Bush Telegraph Lionheart special

Seán introduces another Bush Telegraph special episode – Paul and Darrell, chatting across thousands of miles, discuss Kate’s second album, Lionheart, the singles Hammer Horror and Wow, Kate’s continuing fame and success at that time, and generally how much the album means to them, almost 40 years later. Seán tops and tails the episode with bits of news!

You can subscribe to the Kate Bush Fan Podcast on iTunes or on any podcast app you happen to use, such as Stitcher or Tunein or listen below on Soundcloud.

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Exact location of 1978 “red dress” Wuthering Heights video revealed!

Some ingenious fans on our site forum have meticulously researched, using mapping software and guesswork, the exact location of Kate’s 1978 red dress video for Wuthering Heights! While the studio “white dress” version of the promotional video is more widely known, the red dress video has now become iconic AND the go-to template for choreographed re-enactments of Kate’s dance moves ever since – as seen in “Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever” reports on this site!

Initially thought to have been filmed in Surrey, or even Germany or Holland, the breakthrough came when a fan contacted the director of the clip, Nick Abson, who revealed: “It was the artillery range at Salisbury Plain. We couldn’t do better as we only had the morning due to filming “If it Ain’t Stiff it Ain’t Worth a F***.”, referring to an Elvis Costello video he was also shooting. Comparisons using Google Earth software convincingly confirmed a location which matched the hill seen in the distance behind Kate.

Google Earth Hill

The location is called “Baden’s Clump” near Sidbury Hill, close to the town of  Tidworth in Wiltshire. The exact latitude/longitude co-ordinates of where Kate is standing for most of the video is (51.2775278,-1.7398628)

Update & Warning: This location is on UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) lands, and despite being by a public road, there are signs in the area for the public to avoid touching anything (military debris) they see on the ground. See this page here, and watch this safety video. If in any doubt, contact the MOD for advice.


Red Dress video location

To prove it once and for all, two fans headed out to the area this week to get photographic proof!

Red Dress video location Red Dress video location

Special mention to Richard (photos) and Vron (model) who ventured out to report for fans! Read more at the forum thread here. Here’s the video:

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Kate posts about Lindsay Kemp’s funeral and a request to remember him

Kate has again updated her official site this evening with news of Lindsay Kemp’s funeral arrangements and a request for flowers in his memory, or simply to light a candle and think of him on Wednesday. His close friends have also started a legacy fund in his honour.

Kate flowers for Lindsay

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Kate talks about Lindsay Kemp on BBC Radio 4

Last Word

Parts of a new phone interview with Kate, in which she remembers her friend, Lindsay Kemp, were broadcast on BBC Radio 4 today as part of its obituary programme, Last Word.
You can hear the programme here.

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The Kate Bush Fan Podcast: New Episode! Introducing the Bush Telegraph

In this new episode (yes, it’s been…ahem…a while), Seán introduces the first of a new series of fan chats. Paul Thomas and Darrell Babidge, friends for 40 years, reminisce and talk about Kate’s music and influence. These “Bush Telegraph” podcast-within-a-podcast episodes hope to cover many topics regarding Kate, including the release of singles and albums, the Kate Bush Club newsletters, conventions, TV appearances, rarities, and visits to the Farm. In this episode we are introduced to Paul and Darrell as they reminisce about their introduction to Kate in 1978, and their experience at the Before The Dawn concerts. Teasers include future plans to talk about a rare test pressing that has not been heard before, and the unique experiences that Paul had with Kate singing and talking to him on his birthdays!

You can subscribe to the Kate Bush Fan Podcast on iTunes or on any podcast app you happen to use, such as Stitcher or Tunein or listen below on Soundcloud.

Paul and Darrell

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In Memory of Lindsay Kemp 1938-2018

Lindsay Kemp 1938-2018

He taught me that you can express with your body – and when your body is awake so is your mind. He’d put you into emotional situations, some of them very heavy. Like he’d say, “right, you’re all going to become sailors drowning and there are waves curling up around you.” And everyone would just start screaming. Or maybe he’d turn you into a little piece of flame… (Kate Bush, 1978)

We were very sad to hear today of the passing of the great dancer, actor, teacher, mime artist, and choreographer, Lindsay Kemp. He was 80 years old and had been at his home in Livorno, Italy preparing for upcoming performances and writing his memoirs.

When Kate reissued her album, The Red Shoes, in 2011 with a warm analogue remaster, she made sure to include a prominent new dedication on the sleeve-notes: “Special thanks to Lindsay Kemp, the most original artist ever, for being such an inspiration”. It was accompanied by a Guido Harari photograph of Lindsay in costume from the set of Kate’s film The Line, The Cross and The Curve, dancing manically on burning bones and grinning broadly, lost in the joy of the dance. For Kate Bush fans, Lindsay was one of those iconic reference points in Kate’s early story, like Gilmour, or East Wickham Farm or the KT Bush Band – her decision to attend his classes and learn how to extend her musical expression into movement and dance utterly changed the shape her career would take.

Lindsay was born on May 3rd 1938, growing up in a poor one-parent family in South Shields on Tyneside, and transformed himself, via early performances in working men’s clubs, into an influential avant garde creative force working across Europe. He studied art with painter David Hockney, who took him to see his first ballet at Sadler’s Wells in London. He went on to study dance with Hilde Holger and mime with Marcel Marceau and founded his own dance company in the 1960s. He met David Bowie in 1966 when Bowie attended his dance classes in London.

Lindsay Kemp and David Bowie

“He came to my dressing room and he was like the archangel Gabriel standing there, I was like Mary,” he said. “It was love at first sight.” Bowie became his student and his lover, performing in Kemp’s show, Pierrot in Turquoise and gaining the theatrical inspiration for Ziggy Stardust. “He was certainly multi-faceted, a chameleon, splendid, inspiring, a genius of a creature. But I did show him how to do it,” Kemp said. After their brief relationship, Lindsay went on to choreograph and perform with Bowie at the Ziggy Stardust concerts in 1972.

When Kate left school she had already mulled over the idea of dance but she couldn’t get accepted into a full-time ballet course as she didn’t have the qualifications. Famously, it was seeing Lindsay’s performance of ‘Flowers’ that convinced Kate to join his classes in 1976 at The Dance Centre in Covent Garden. Lindsay’s own website describes the celebrated show: “Kemp’s extremely free interpretation of Genet’s novel “Our Lady of the Flowers”, with himself playing the central role of Divine, a transvestite transcending gender in a world of criminals, whores and angels: prisons and sexual fantasies, Genet’s verbal violence and poetry transformed into music and gesture, silence and stillness. A dreamlike journey to destruction, through seduction, shock, laughter, poetry and total emotion.

Needless to say Kate had never seen anything like it; it reduced her to tears. “The first time I saw him it was like a whole new world opened up for me. He did more than I’d ever seen done on stage before and he never opened his mouth!” Kate would later sing backing vocals on a song called “Flowers” released in 1982, dedicated to Lindsay by singer Zaine Griff, also a student of the maestro.

Lindsay Kemp in 'Flowers'

Lindsay Kemp in ‘Flowers’

In recent interviews Lindsay humorously and affectionately recalled the teenage Kate Bush showing up at his classes.

LIndsay Livorno 2018

Lindsay writing his memoirs, at home in Livorno, August 2018

Kate turned up dressed very properly in her ballet tights and things and her hair scraped back looking very, very professional indeed, looking like a serious student, but as timid as hell! And of course she took a place at the back of the class. You know, I had to coax her forward, I mean she was extremely shy, extremely timid and the first thing I had to do was bring her out of herself, give her courage. I have to say, that once Kate actually started dancing, she was a WILD thing, I mean she was wild!”

Kate dedicated the opening song from her debut album, The Kick Inside, to Lindsay, much to his surprise and delight. The lyrics of ‘Moving’ describe the devastating effect Kate felt on seeing him in performance.

Moving liquid, yes, you are just as water
You flow around all that comes in your way
Don’t think it over, it always takes you over
And sets your spirit dancing

How I’m moved, how you move me
With your beauty’s potency
You give me life, please don’t let me go…
you crush the lily in my soul

Kate went on to cast Lindsay in the role of a mysterious guide in her 1993 short film, The Line, The Cross and The Curve. A wealth of photographs from this project surfaced recently when photographer Guido Harari published a lavish book, The Kate Inside, containing many images of Lindsay and Kate working together. You’ll see some of these shots at the end of this article. Lindsay wrote the foreword for the book as well as co-signing some deluxe editions with Guido. As recently as June of this year, Kate sent flowers to Lindsay to congratulate him on a stage performance in Manchester, his white-painted face as expressive and beguiling as ever.

Today, Kate has paid tribute to him in a statement:

A message for Lindsay

The world has lost a truly original and great artist of the stage.

To call him a mime artist is like calling Mozart a pianist. He was very brave, very funny and above all, astonishingly inspirational. There was no-one quite like Lindsay. I was incredibly lucky to study with him, work with him and spend time with him. I loved him very much and will miss him dearly. Thank you, dear Lindsay.

RIP Lindsay, you were irreplaceable. With sincere condolences to your family and friends – Seán, Peter, Krys and Dave x

Kate Bush and Lindsay Kemp 1993

Kate Bush and Lindsay Kemp 1993

Kate Bush and Lindsay Kemp 1993

Kate Bush and Lindsay Kemp 1993

Kate Bush and Lindsay Kemp 1993

Read about Lindsay’s work at his official site here.

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Big Boi breaks down his favourite verse from Running Up That Hill

Big Boi from Outkast has long been one of the most vocal fans of Kate in the music world, taking part in the 2014 BBC documentary about her and tweeting in May 2017 about having had dinner with her, showing off his signed Before the Dawn CD! (See the CD below) He continues enthusing about  Kate’s work in this new video from Pitchfork in which he talks about exactly why he loves Running Up That Hill so much.

Kate signs Big Boi's CD

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Kate thanks fans for their birthday wishes

A message has appeared today from Kate on her official website – glorious summer indeed!

Kate message

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Happy Birthday to Kate as she turns 60 today!

Kate Bush by Guido Harari
Sending Kate our warmest wishes for a wonderful day today as she celebrates her 60th birthday! Fans online have been sending their best wishes and congratulations to Kate. Salon have today called her “an exquisite pop genius whose influence endures.” And in this, the 40th year of her music career, we couldn’t agree more. She is utterly unique and her unparalleled work is so precious to us all – we’re all celebrating with you, Kate! With love from Seán, Peter, Krys and Dave xxx

Sunday Business Post MagazinePress Update: The Guardian chime in with 60 “unbelievable” facts about Kate here. Salon celebrate her 60th birthday with the article mentioned above, you can read it hereAttitude Magazine pick out some career highlights here. On RTE Radio Dave Fanning discusses Kate’s career along with guest Donal Lunny (Irish musician who has worked with Kate several times) – listen here. Also in Ireland, the Sunday Business Post have a cover feature on Kate written by Nadine O’Regan in their magazine (see cover right). DJ Gary Davies on BBC Radio 2 created a “Kate Bush 80s Master Mix” to celebrate here. Kate gets plenty of mentions in this article in The Independent about older female rock stars (and about Madonna also turning 60) here. And the NME writes here: “It’s the way that Bush is simultaneously carefree and in complete control of her life and legacy that makes her such an icon, an enigma worthy of the name. So happy birthday Kate Bush; long may you intrigue, evade and – very occasionally – pop up unexpectedly and delight.

Del Palmer has posted a birthday greeting to Kate on his official Facebook page along with a stunning childhood portrait of Kate by her brother John.

Del Palmer wishes Kate Happy birthday

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The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever 2018 in pictures and video!

Once again, major fun was had across the globe on July 14th as a mesmerising array of “Cathys” gathered in the open air to dance to Wuthering Heights – Kate’s debut single that is this year celebrating it’s 40th year in all our lives – well done to all (and let me know which events I’ve missed here!)

Dublin, Ireland

Atlanta, USA

MWHDE Atlanta 2018

San Diego, USA

Berlin, Germany

Canberra, Australia

MWHDE Canberra

Sheffield, UK


Melbourne, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Folkestone, UK

Lomagna, Italy

Austin, USA

Austin MWHDE

Woodford, Australia

MWHDE Woodford

Uppsala, Sweden

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Newcastle, Australia

Bega Valley, Australia

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide MWHDE

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