BBC looking for Kate fans to contribute to archive and documentaries…

The BBC have contacted us looking for input from Kate Bush fans (i.e. YOU!) for an interesting new project. It is called the People’s History of Pop and the Beeb are crowdsourcing the nation’s music memorabilia and memories, at As well as an amazing online archive, PHOP will culminate in four films for BBC FOUR in 2016, interviewing some of those who have sent great stories in.

So, what are you waiting for? They are keen to get Kate Bush fans taking part and contributing their stuff.  Share your stuff here. More info on the BBC site itself here.

Here’s an example of a Kate Bush fan who has an incredible collection: Fiore Dago from Italy has shared photos of her remarkable, decades-in-the-making collection of Kate records and memorabilia (thanks for the pics, Fiore!)

fiore mags fiore_records_floor fiore_room fiore_wall1 fiore_wall2 fiore_wall3

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Kate Bush research project – help out and win a signed mini photobook!

Some of you may remember helping Sara Nyman from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, with her study on Kate Bush fans last year (which can be read here).

Now she is looking for participants for her next Kate Bush research project. Follow the instructions by clicking here, to take part in the project and win a beautiful signed edition of Guido Harari’s Kate Bush mini photobook which was sold last year at Snap Galleries! (good luck with your study, Sara)

Guido Harari mini photobook

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Dublin celebrates 30 Years of Hounds of Love with “Vinyl & Wine” event

Vinyl & Wine

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of Kate Bush’s classic ‘Hounds of Love’, Vinyl & Wine in Dublin are hosting a special listening party on Sunday September 27th at 5pm. (Facebook event page is here)  

‘Hounds of Love’ will be played from start to finish on high-quality vinyl on a spectacular sound system, specially provided by Cloney Audio for this event. There will also be a panel discussion about the album, the artist and the album’s legacy, as well as a great vinyl giveaway! And Seán Twomey from is one of the featured panelists :)

Last few remaining tickets are available here

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The Kate Inside – Guido Harari launches lavish photo book pre-orders

Photographer Guido Harari and Wall of Sound Gallery are launching a pre-publication offer on the upcoming lavish photo book, “The Kate Inside” which will be shipped in early March 2016. The gallery website has all the details here.

The Kate Inside

From the press release:

“The Kate Inside, Guido Harari’s lavish tribute to one of the world’s greatest music geniuses, is finally happening to ya! Guido’s collaboration with Kate Bush spans from 1982 to 1993. During that period he was invited by Kate to shoot her official press photos for landmark albums like Hounds Of Love, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes, including a completely never-before-seen reportage on the set of Kate’s film The Line, The Cross & The Curve.

Accompanied by Guido’s own commentary, The Kate Inside is packed with more than 300 hundred photographs. They include all of Guido’s classic images of Kate, a wealth of outtakes, contact sheets, unseen photographs and other materials (including test Polaroids and personal notes by Kate) taken from his personal archives that are showcased here for the first time.

Such an expensive project can only be possible with your support. This is why we’re starting an early pre-order campaign on our website offering a 25% pre-publication discount. The campaign will take off on September 26th, 2015 and will be officially launched by Guido on the same day at the Kate Bush Convention in Birmingham. Since this project is very personal to Guido and to all of you, he will acknowledge your support featuring your name in a special Acknowledgments section of the book. THE PRE-PUBLICATION OFFER WILL ONLY BE VALID TILL JANUARY 2016!!! The book will be ready to ship in early March 2016.”

The Kate Inside

L to r: A never before seen photo from the 1985 shoot for Hounds of Love; Kate with dancers Gary Hurst (l) and Douglas McNicol (r) in 1982 during the promotion of The Dreaming. This was Guido’s first shoot with Kate; a classic double exposure from the “blue” sequence shot in 1989 for The Sensual World.

T H E  B O O K

(copies 1-350)
Pre-publication offer: 390€

(copies 351-3000)
Pre-publication offer: 90€

The Kate Inside is a limited edition book of 3000 copies worldwide. It’s available both as a Deluxe Edition (520€ -25% = 390€ for copies numbered 1-350) and a Regular one (120€ -25%= 90€ for copies numbered 351-3000, all personally signed by Guido).

The 240 pages hard-bound book measures an awesome 29x39cm (11”x23” ca) and is printed on heavy-weight paper by Grafiche Milani, the same master printers in Milano who also print the luxurious editions by Genesis Publications.”

T H E  D E L U X E  E D I T I O N

“The Deluxe Edition will be limited to the first 350 copies, all personally signed by both Guido and Kate’s legendary mentor Lindsay Kemp, who has also written a special foreword for the book.

Presented in a solander slip case, the Deluxe will have a full leather cover and will feature extra pages!
It will also include a 24x30cm (10”x11”) signed/numbered fine art pigment print (unique to this edition and unavailable elsewhere) as well as a set of 8 replica Polaroids (10x15cm/3”x5”, unsigned and non editioned). These are replicas of the actual Polaroids used by Guido with Kate on the 1985 and 1989 shoots and have never been seen before. They will only be available as part of the Deluxe Edition.”

The Kate Inside

L to r: another classic image from the 1985 shoot for Hounds of Love; a never before seen photo of Lily from Kate’s film The Line, The Cross And The Curve, 1993; a funny pose from the 1985 shoot.

S P E C I A L  E X T R A S  T O O !

The Kate Inside

The Kate Inside

“To help cover the book production costs, we also have on offer for you TWO SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION POSTERS (40€ each, they measure 48x68cm – 19”x26” and are personally signed by Guido in an edition of 100) and A SPECIAL SET OF 4 LITHO PRINTS (55€ per set, 18x24cm – 8″x10″ in size, unsigned and non editioned).”


“Please take note that, for the duration of the book pre-publication campaign, all of Guido’s Kate Bush fine art prints on our website will be discounted 25%. The discount applies to all print sizes. Check them out here.”


L to r: two never before seen images from The Line, The Cross & The Curve, 1993: Kate in red shoes and with Lindsay Kemp; Guido, Kate and Lindsay on the set of The Line, The Cross And The Curve.
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Hounds of Love released 30 years ago today!

Hounds of Love, the fifth studio album by Kate Bush was released on the 16th September 1985. It was a massive commercial and critical success and to this day regularly finds it’s way onto most lists and polls of the greatest albums of all time. Rightly so, it’s an exceptional work that continues to fascinate and inspire listeners. It is also clearly one of Kate’s favourite albums; she played almost all of the songs from the album during her live shows last year. We’re going to listen to it loud today!

To mark the occasion, the full album is being performed in its entirety this evening by tribute band Cloudbusting, in Islington, London. More here.

Hounds of Love

Hounds of Love print ad 1985

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SITE EXCLUSIVE: “Kate – Inside the Rainbow” by John Carder Bush, book cover and ordering info


A unique collection of rare and unseen photographs of KATE BUSH, taken by her brother, the photographer and writer – KATE: INSIDE THE RAINBOW by JOHN CARDER BUSH is published on 22nd October 2015 Hardback, price £40.00. PRE-ORDER FROM AMAZON: Kate: Inside the Rainbow

Note for fans: be sure to visit where a limited run of special editions will be available to pre-order shortly. You can sign up to receive more details as soon as they are released.

KATE is a collection of beautiful images from throughout her career. It includes outtakes from classic album shoots and never-before-seen photographs from The Dreaming and Hounds of Love sessions, and rare candid studio shots and behind-the-scenes stills from video sets, including ‘Army Dreamers’ and ‘Running Up that Hill’. These stunning images are accompanied by two new essays by John Carder Bush: Inside the Rainbow, describing in vibrant detail their shared childhood and the early, whirlwind days of Kate’s career, and My Sister, My Sitter, which vividly evokes John’s experience of photographing his sister.

‘For me, each of these images forms part of a golden thread that shoots through the visual tapestry of Kate’s remarkable career. Storytelling has always been the heartbeat of Kate’s body of work, and it has been a privilege to capture these photographic illustrations that accompany those magical tales’ JOHN CARDER BUSH

KATE is a truly extraordinary insight into the life and career of one of our most influential and well-loved artists. JOHN CARDER BUSH is a respected photographer and writer. His sister is the composer and musician Kate Bush, and John’s poetry narration and backing vocals have been used on several of her albums. He headed the Kate Bush management team for twenty years and since her early childhood, and throughout her career, John has photographed Kate both candidly and professionally. His images have appeared on iconic album, single and magazine covers worldwide.

In 2014, Sphere published a new edition of CATHY, John’s iconic collection of photographs of Kate Bush as a young girl.

PRE-ORDER FROM AMAZON: Kate: Inside the Rainbow

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VENUE CHANGE: Cloudbusting tribute 30th Anniversary of Hounds of Love concert!

An important change-of-venue announcement from Kate Bush tribute band, Cloudbusting, on their special Hounds of Love 30th Anniversary concert in London on September 16th:

“30 years to the day after it was released, on Wednesday 16th September, Kate Bush’s astounding album Hounds of Love is going to be performed in full by Cloudbusting at the Islington Assembly Hall which, according to The Guardian, is ‘one of London’s best mid-sized music venues’.


That’s only half the story! We are performing a full 2 hour set spanning the whole of Kate’s career including some songs which we are pretty sure have NEVER been played live before.
We will be joined on stage by Kate’s drummer Preston Heyman who is planning something VERY special for Sat In Your Lap.

Members of The London Bulgarian Choir will help us recreate the magic of Kate’s music throughout the evening. Our very good friends from the South West’s greatest folk/rock band Mad Dog Mcrea will pile on the Celtic authenticity for many of the songs from Hounds of Love.

Any tickets that have been sent out from The Bloomsbury will be valid on the door. We will have in our possession on the evening the tickets that were to be collected at the Bloomsbury box office. The Bloomsbury box office team have assured us they will be contacting everyone with full details of the venue change. Anyone who is unable to make it to the new venue will be offered a full refund by the Bloomsbury Theatre. To these people we offer our most sincere apologies.

There are a handful of tickets still available. The Islington Assembly Hall does not have its own box office so we’re not quite sure how to allocate these. If you know anyone who might want one please get them to contact us on this page. We will do our best to ensure you get similar seats to the ones originally purchased. If you have any further questions please get in touch!
Now, who knows a good pub nearby where we can all celebrate afterwards?”

More at the band’s Facebook page:

YouTube Preview Image
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One year later, memories of Before the Dawn

Kate Bush - Before the Dawn

Seán Twomey writes:

In the end it came down to a single smile.

After over sixteen years running the news website there was still no guarantee back in March 2014 that I’d score a ticket. Over those years I would occasionally revisit my site’s dusty FAQ page, maybe sometimes slightly rewording the question and answer section about whether Kate would ever tour again. I’ll admit it: I had more or less decided that she wouldn’t. Fast forward to August 26th 2014 and I had turned down several radio and TV interviews wanting to get my immediate post-show reaction to Kate’s first concert since 1979. Surreal.

Opening night was all so overwhelming to me that I needed to shut all that stuff out. Excited, busy journeys from Dublin brought myself and five friends together, sitting in an impressively tiled Wagamama restaurant on the Shepherds Bush Road. It was 5.30pm when my day-long, breezy euphoria at what was unfolding came to an abrupt halt. As my friends animatedly poured over the menu, something sank in my stomach. I felt weak. Actual cold sweat. I started searching my mind for the root cause of this sudden unexpected change of mood. The weight of all the hype I’d poured on this occasion for myself condensed down into a single thought; “How is SHE feeling right now, just how is SHE doing?”

As we headed out into Hammersmith and approached that now iconic ‘Before the Dawn’ marquee sign, my thoughts were mostly focused on Kate herself. She had somehow agreed to this enormous responsibility after years of avoiding such exposure. I had fleetingly and politely met her in the kitchen of East Wickham Farm many years earlier in 2002. She was a friendly, busy mother that evening, and afterwards I “left the room, caught my breath outside the door and didn’t dare to go back in again” – to borrow Kate’s description of her own first meeting with Bowie. For the briefest moment I had at least once encountered the person behind the famous name, and as I approached the queue at the Apollo, it was hard to imagine that the same unassuming, low-key woman was responsible for all of THIS.

Now the experience is flash-bulb quick. Barricades are set up to guide ticket-holders in. We stroll past the television crews, the blissfully willing interviewees, the mouthy ticket touts and cagey security guards and into the slow moving throng of fans, proudly/shyly wearing their t-shirts and badges as we got closer to the doors. Fan tickets are scanned: no, they don’t tear them, your seaweed and anemones are safe. The merchandise stall: is that really an inflatable life preserver ring? The venue: very Art Deco, Eberhard Weber music floats out hypnotically from the stage speakers. The stage: we can see the instruments. All of them. Did someone accidentally raise a curtain? Are these the actual instruments that will produce ACTUAL Kate Bush songs? Did she really mean to show that? The programme: I rapidly flick through it in my seat. Spoilers. Glimpses of….elaborate, theatrical stuff and pages of notes carefully written by Kate. Our seats: three rows from the front. Dead centre.

My excitement was back. Full force. As the venue filled, as the voice-over announcement came welcoming us to the show, as Lily Cornford’s voice bathed us all in a spell of protection – it felt like a deep inhale before the explosion of sound and lights. And there she was. Dance-marching out into the stage, out into that cacophonous outpouring of love from three thousand people. And there it was, Kate’s reassuring smile. Nodding and studying the audience, she smiled as the chorus took their place stage right and she presented herself with open arms to the roars of the crowd. It was a relieved, mischievous smile, tinged with only a little nervousness. Bertie was right there with her. Her family and friends were there. She was about to unleash something truly extraordinary, and she knew it. This was going to be an unforgettable night. And oh, how it was.

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Hounds of Love 30th Anniversary playback event, Q&A and tribute performance

Hounds of Love at the Strongroom

On Sunday 20th September, The Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch, London is hosting a special event to celebrate 30 Years since the release of Kate’s Hounds of Love album. From the press release:

“Strongroom presents…“BEHIND THE TRACKS”: KATE BUSH – ‘HOUNDS OF LOVE’ The inside story behind the classic album

SUNDAY 20th SEPTEMBER 2015 2pm-5pm

A series of classic album playbacks with in-depth analysis from key players, based at the legendary Strongroom recording studios in Shoreditch, London. Celebrating 30 years since its release, the second in this series of events turns the spotlight on Hounds of Love by Kate Bush. Strongroom resident, Haydn Bendall, was one of the engineers on ‘Hounds Of Love’ which is widely regarded as Kate Bush’s best work and is regularly voted as one of the greatest albums of all time.

Recorded and mixed in her own studio which she built in in her back garden Kate Bush’s 5th studio album took a whole year to mix and overdub, but eventually entered the UK album chart at number 1. Hosting the event is legendary rock writer Mick Wall. Author of best-selling biographies of The Doors, Lou Reed and Led Zeppelin, to name a few, he has also produced and presented a number of award-winning TV and radio documentaries.

Mick knew and interviewed Kate during the long gestation of Hounds Of Love. He has written about her many times over the years. Haydn and Mick will re-live the making of ‘Hounds Of Love’, discussing the technical obstacles that were overcome and the pressures facing Kate after the poor performance of her preceding album. Rediscover this classic landmark album like never before with key personnel and high quality audio playback on Rega RP8 Turntable and Quested LT10 Speakers.

Following the Q&A session, there will be an intimate performance from the ‘spine-tinglingly good’ Kate Bush tribute act Cloudbusting. Tickets are available for this exclusive event priced at just £30 which includes entry to the album talk, album playback and band performance.” Tickets can be ordered here. See the venue’s Facebook page here

Strongroom Bar & Kitchen 120-124 CURTAIN RD SHOREDITCH LONDON EC2A 3SQ 0207 426 5103

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Illustrator Jordan Atkinson – Before the Dawn designs

No, we have no word on a live album or concert DVD as of yet, but we will of course bring you any updates if and when there’s news to report. On a related note, illustrator and graphic designer Jordan Atkinson briefly discusses some of the Before the Dawn tour merchandise designs he worked on with Kate and Firebrand at Jordan’s site:

Still loving the Nocturn lyrics on the blackbird wings! :)



Many tour items still available at Kate’s site here:

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Kate nominated Artist and Live Event of the Year at the Prog Awards!

Kate and David Rhodes perform Aerial live

Prog awards logoThe Orange Progressive Music Awards take place on Thursday September 3rd at Underglobe, beneath Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on London’s Southbank. They will be presented by Matthew Wright.

From the awards site: “It’s the night when the glitterati of the prog world gather to honour talent old and new, from those acts making their first tentative forays into the wider musical world, to the prog overlords who have been there, done it and are now receiving a well-deserved slap on the back for their endeavours.”

We can all vote for Kate in two categories: Artist of the Year and Live Event of the Year. Click here to register and vote!

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UPDATE: Kate contributes “Wild Man (with remastered shimmer)” track to Dalai Lama album

Songs for Tibet albumKate and Peter Gabriel are among artists contributing tracks to an album that marks the 80th birthday of the Dalai Lama with the collection to be released on Monday July 24th. Kate’s track on the album is her 2011 single, “Wild Man (with remastered shimmer)“. Kate’s track was confirmed by way of some previews being made available.

Stephen W. Tayler, who mixed the original track for the 50 Words For Snow album, tells that: “…it’s the original mix with an added layer that makes it subtly different and beautiful. I advise to check the iTunes previews when they appear before making a judgement. That’s all I can say!” Kate’s remastered track has a 7 minute run time.

The Grammy-nominated first volume of this collection in 2008 contained several rare versions of songs and live tracks from the contributing musicians.

The album will be called The Art Of Peace: Songs For Tibet II, and also features Elbow, Sting, Imagine Dragons, The Family Crest, Lorde, Tina Turner and Bob Geldof plus others (see track list below). The Art Of Peace Foundation have set up a PledgeMusic campaign to support the release. It’s being produced and musically directed by Rupert Hine, who oversaw the original release. About Kate’s track, Rupert says: “Kate had really wanted to come up with something unique for The Dalai Lama 80th, but time was slipping away. Set so appropriately in the Himalayas – Stephen Tayler’s treatment of the full-length mix from the Snow album relies more on psychoacoustics and sonic-processing releasing fresh harmonic information in an ear-tingly and subtle way. An absolute delight.”

The foundation says: “The Dalai Lama is a unique beacon of wisdom and insight for millions throughout the world. He turns 80 on July 6. To recognise this milestone, the foundation is producing an album to honour his vision of compassion, non-violence and peace.” Proceeds from sales will go towards the preservation and promotion of Tibetan culture.

Full Tracklisting: 

1 – Sting The Book of My Life (Ostinato Mix) 2 – Of Monsters & Men King & Lionheart 3 – Elbow Lippy Kids (Live from Manchester Apollo) 4 – The Family Crest Sparks (Glistermix) 5 – Kate Bush Wild Man (with remastered shimmer) 6 – Lorde A World Alone 7 – Beyond Mother Within (Ostinato Mix) (feat. Regula Curti, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, Sawani Shende-Sathaye & Tina Turner) 8 – Duncan Sheik Sometimes 9 – Howard Jones Things Can only Get Better (acoustic version) 10 – Bob Geldof Baby’s Going Down 11 – Rival Sons Sacred Tongue 12 – The Crystal Method Falling Hard (feat. Meiko) 13 – Ed Prosek Home (Chamber Mix) 14 – Rupert Hine You Can’t Be Chased (Ostinato Mix) 15 – Eleanor McEvoy Deliver Me (From What You Do) 16 – Peter Gabriel Signal to Noise (Cut in Edit)

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Student sends thanks as Kate Bush thesis is published

Sara Nyman, a fan who asked for help with her thesis on Kate Bush fans a few months back, has let us know that her thesis is ready. She writes: “To all you Kate Bush fans, the Kate Bush fandom thesis is now ready and publicly readable! Please follow this link to read the thesis.

The author of the thesis would also like to thank each participant for taking part in her research project, and has written a personal letter to all Kate Bush fans. The link to the letter is here. Well done Sara!

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World Exclusive! John Carder Bush to publish “Kate” – a second book of photographs of his sister!



Following the huge success of his re-issued “Cathy” book last autumn, Kate’s brother John Carder Bush and Little, Brown are publishing a second book of photos and essays by John in October 2015. It will be called “Kate” and there is also a special edition of the book being planned, details at Here is the press release:

KATE By John Carder Bush
A unique collection of rare and unseen photographs of Kate Bush, taken by her brother, the photographer and writer John Carder Bush.

Little, Brown is pleased to announce the publication of KATE by John Carder Bush. Published on 22nd October 2015, hardback, price £40.00. KATE is a collection of beautiful images from throughout her career. It includes outtakes from classic album shoots and never- before-seen photographs from The Dreaming and Hounds of Love sessions, and rare candid studio shots and behind-the- scenes stills from video sets, including ‘Army Dreamers’ and ‘Running Up that Hill’.

These stunning images will be accompanied by two new essays by John Carder Bush: Inside the Rainbow, describing in vibrant detail their shared childhood and the early, whirlwind days of Kate’s career, and My Sister, My Sitter, which vividly evokes John’s experience of photographing his sister. He says: ‘For me, each of these images forms part of a golden thread that shoots through the visual tapestry of Kate’s remarkable career. Storytelling has always been the heartbeat of Kate’s body of work, and it has been a privilege to capture these photographic illustrations that accompany those magical tales’

KATE is a truly extraordinary insight into the life and career of one of our most influential and well-loved artists. Publication will be supported by an extensive publicity and marketing campaign. A limited run of special editions will be available from – sign up now for more information. #katebook

John Carder Bush is a respected photographer and writer. His sister is the composer and musician Kate Bush, and John’s poetry narration and backing vocals have been used on several of her albums. He headed the Kate Bush management team for twenty years and since her early childhood, and throughout her career, John has photographed Kate both candidly and professionally. His images have appeared on iconic album, single and magazine covers worldwide. In 2014, Sphere published a new edition of CATHY, John’s iconic collection of photographs of Kate Bush as a young girl.

Photographs © John Carder Bush
For press requests and enquiries please contact Kirsteen Astor, Deputy Publicity Director at Little, Brown on | 020 7911 8059




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The 2015 HomeGround party! London, Friday 19th June!

HomeGround Party 2015

UPDATE: Advance tickets are no longer available, but there will be a limited number of tickets available on the door on the night for £10 each.

What is the HomeGround Party?

We are very happy to let you know that following the huge success of the 2012, 2013, and 2014 events, HomeGround and are pleased to announce that there will be another Kate themed party this year for fans to celebrate and have a lot of fun!

homegroundparty mandy

Cloudbusting tribute band

When and where?

The party takes place on Friday 19th June 2015 and again will be at the legendary Royal Vauxhall Tavern. The RVT is in Vauxhall, South London, just over the Thames from the West End and is a two minute walk from Vauxhall Underground, main line and bus stations and is two tube stops from the Victoria railway terminus. The RVT is home to award-winning club night Duckie as well as the Hot August Fringe Festival and many other top music and cabaret events and performances.

What will the night involve?

We start at 9pm and go through to 3am. The party will feature Kate-themed DJ sets from  Phil Marriott, Paul Burston, Dave Cross and Paul Thomas.

The night will also feature an exclusive live performance from Kate Bush tribute band Cloudbusting. The band will be performing a set mixing some of Kate’s most well-known songs with fan favourites.

NOTE: There will be a limited number of tickets available on the door on the night for £10 each.

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