Kate thanks fans for their birthday wishes

A message has appeared today from Kate on her official website – glorious summer indeed!

Kate message

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Happy Birthday to Kate as she turns 60 today!

Kate Bush by Guido Harari
Sending Kate our warmest wishes for a wonderful day today as she celebrates her 60th birthday! Fans online have been sending their best wishes and congratulations to Kate. Salon have today called her “an exquisite pop genius whose influence endures.” And in this, the 40th year of her music career, we couldn’t agree more. She is utterly unique and her unparalleled work is so precious to us all – we’re all celebrating with you, Kate! With love from Seán, Peter, Krys and Dave xxx

Sunday Business Post MagazinePress Update: The Guardian chime in with 60 “unbelievable” facts about Kate here. Salon celebrate her 60th birthday with the article mentioned above, you can read it hereAttitude Magazine pick out some career highlights here. On RTE Radio Dave Fanning discusses Kate’s career along with guest Donal Lunny (Irish musician who has worked with Kate several times) – listen here. Also in Ireland, the Sunday Business Post have a cover feature on Kate written by Nadine O’Regan in their magazine (see cover right). DJ Gary Davies on BBC Radio 2 created a “Kate Bush 80s Master Mix” to celebrate here. Kate gets plenty of mentions in this article in The Independent about older female rock stars (and about Madonna also turning 60) here. And the NME writes here: “It’s the way that Bush is simultaneously carefree and in complete control of her life and legacy that makes her such an icon, an enigma worthy of the name. So happy birthday Kate Bush; long may you intrigue, evade and – very occasionally – pop up unexpectedly and delight.

Del Palmer has posted a birthday greeting to Kate on his official Facebook page along with a stunning childhood portrait of Kate by her brother John.

Del Palmer wishes Kate Happy birthday

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The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever 2018 in pictures and video!

Once again, major fun was had across the globe on July 14th as a mesmerising array of “Cathys” gathered in the open air to dance to Wuthering Heights – Kate’s debut single that is this year celebrating it’s 40th year in all our lives – well done to all (and let me know which events I’ve missed here!)

Dublin, Ireland

Atlanta, USA

MWHDE Atlanta 2018

San Diego, USA

Berlin, Germany

Canberra, Australia

MWHDE Canberra

Sheffield, UK


Melbourne, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Folkestone, UK

Lomagna, Italy

Austin, USA

Austin MWHDE

Woodford, Australia

MWHDE Woodford

Uppsala, Sweden

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Newcastle, Australia

Bega Valley, Australia

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide MWHDE

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Kate sends flowers to Tim Arnold and Lindsay Kemp performance

English singer-songwriter and musician, Tim Arnold, has recently collaborated on stage with mime artist Lindsay Kemp – a working partnership that was triggered by his lifelong interest in Kate’s work. Kate sent flowers to Tim and Lindsay last month when they performed “What Love Would Want“, an installation of music, film, photography and dance, at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. The event was presented by Katie Puckrick. Tim posted pics to Twitter of them holding Kate’s flowers.

Tim Arnold, Lindsay Kemp and Katie Puckrick Tim Arnold, Lindsay Kemp and Katie Puckrick

A recent interview with Tim shines a light on his history with Kate and Lindsay including a recollection of a visit to the set of The Line, The Cross and the Curve when he was 17! Here’s an excerpt:

How did you get to work with the mime artist Lindsay Kemp?

I first read of Lindsay Kemp in a book about Kate Bush by Fred Vermorel. I was sitting alone in the basement of the McDonalds on the corner of the Tottenham Court Rd, huddled over an Egg McMuffin in 1987. I was 12 years old, away from my mother’s home in Spain for the summer holidays and devouring as many albums and books from London charity shops as I could.

Through Kate Bush, I also discovered Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, as well as the great Colin Wilson. But it was always the mention of Lindsay, an almost ethereal being from another world, that sparked my imagination when I began to study the roots and foundations running through English pop culture.

The first time I saw Lindsay, I was on the set of Kate Bush’s film The Line, The Cross and The Curve. I was 17.  My older brother was working on the production and he invited me along to watch.  I remember it well.  It was the first time I had seen a Papaya. There was a lot of exotic fruit used in that film. I remember seeing Kate, Miranda Richardson and Lindsay in my brother’s monitor and also in person, between their takes.  At the end of the shoot, I felt elated and inspired, as if having seen a glimpse into a creative future.  I also lived on Mangos and Papayas for a week after that.

Tim Arnold and Lindsay Kemp

Lindsay and I finally met last year at one of his shows in London. I was so honoured to discover he had even heard of me, and had listened to my album The Soho Hobo. He said he loved the songs I’d written about Soho. It totally blew my mind and when we discovered we had so much in common, we knew we had to work together.

You can read more about Tim at his official site here.

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Watch the full Gothenburg Symphony tribute show to Kate!

Watch the entire, unmissable, 40th Anniversary recent tribute to Kate Bush by the Gothenburg Symphony and guest artists Jennie Abrahamson and Malin Dahlström! This is amazing.

This Woman’s Work – A Tribute to Kate Bush from Göteborgs Symfoniker on Vimeo.

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Bushtucker are back! Watch Paddy Bush and Colin Loyd Tucker’s new video

We’re very pleased to report that Kate’s brother Paddy Bush has been working on new music with his longtime collaborator Colin Loyd Tucker. After having both appeared on Kate’s The Red Shoes album, the duo released a wonderful album called “Skyscraping” under the name Bushtucker, that same year. Now, 25 years later, a new single and video have surfaced from Bushtucker -“The Abduction & Rescue of Lord Weir’s Daughter.” An album, which we believe won’t include this hypnotic single, is due to follow later this year.

Paddy tells me: “…you should know that ‘Lord Weir’ is not an actual human being and bears no resemblance to any possible other Lord Weir living or dead.  We haven’t gone into the business of kidnapping or rescue, my voice is not disguised for criminal reasons and you will never work out in a month of Sundays what I’m playing on the track…” Intriguing as ever!

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First Aid Kit release cover version of Running Up That Hill

First Aid Kit

Swedish folk duo, First Aid Kit, have just released a new studio cover version of Running up that Hill on Spotify.

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HomeGround Glastonbury fan gathering – July 29th!

Just a reminder: HomeGround Glastonbury is on Sunday 29th July. 3 pm on the Tor and afterwards at the Rifleman’s Arms pub. See you there!

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Kate’s “Brontë Stone” now part of the Yorkshire landscape

Bronte Stone

Kate’s contribution to the Brontë Stones project is now available to see on one of four carved Brontë Stones in the Yorkshire landscape. Kate’s poem is inscribed on natural rock in the Ogden Kirk area of the Yorkshire moors. The letter carving was carried out by Pip Hall, and maps of the various walks to see the stones are now available at the parsonage in Haworth. Kate’s poem, dedicated to Emily Brontë, reads:

She stands outside
A book in her hands
“Her name is Cathy”, she says
“I have carried her so far, so far
Along the unmarked road from our graves
I cannot reach this window
Open it, I pray.”
But his window is a door to a lonely world
That longs to play.
Ah Emily. Come in, come in and stay.

Hikers admire Kate's Bronte Stone

Kate's rock

Kate's stone

Kate's Brontë Stone

Bronte Walk maps

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This Woman’s Work featured in The Handmaid’s Tale

Kate’s ‘This Woman’s Work‘ was used as part of the soundtrack in the Season Two opening episode of The Handmaid’s Tale on US television. Spoiler Alert for fans of that show in this article ‘The Unerring Power of ‘This Woman’s Work’ by Jen Chaney from The Vulture here.

Handmaid's Tale

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Kate to write poem as part of Brontë art installation in Yorkshire

Bronte Tribute

Kate has agreed to contribute a piece of poetry, along with poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy, the Scottish makar, or national poet, Jackie Kay and the novelist Jeanette Winterson in a summer project celebrating the Brontë sisters. All four have been commissioned to write a piece of poetry or prose which will then be engraved on stones positioned over the eight-mile route between the sisters’ birthplace and the family parsonage between Thornton and Haworth. Winterson will celebrate the Brontë legacy as a whole, Duffy will celebrate Charlotte, Kay has Anne and Kate has Emily. The writers have been commissioned by Bradford literature festival, which will unveil the stones in July.

Kate says:

“I am delighted to be involved in this project. Each sister being remembered by a stone in the enigmatic landscape where they lived and worked is a striking idea. Emily only wrote the one novel – an extraordinary work of art that has truly left its mark. To be asked to write a piece for Emily’s stone is an honour and, in a way, a chance to say thank you to her.”

2018 marks 200 years since the birth of Emily Brönte and 40 years since the release of Kate’s single Wuthering Heights. The stones project may possibly be the only way Kate will be marking the 40th anniversary of her song. The other three writers are confirmed to inaugurate the stones on July 7th in Bradford by reciting their words. Read more at The Guardian here.

From the event Press Release:

BRADFORD, 26th April 2018 – Writer and musician Kate Bush, poet Carol Ann Duffy, poet and novelist Jackie Kay and novelistJeanette Winterson come together to celebrate the literary legacy of the Brontë sisters, with a new permanent multi-site public art installation set in the rugged landscape of Yorkshire, that the Brontës themselves immortalised with novels such as Jane Eyre andWuthering Heights.

Curated and delivered by Bradford Literature Festival (29 June – 8 July 2018) and originated by writer Michael Stewart, the Brontë Stones project features four new, original works of writing, engraved onto stones in different locations connecting the Brontë sisters’ birthplace in Thornton and the Brontë family parsonage, now the Brontë Parsonage Museum, at Haworth. The captivating journey along the four points, of approximately 8 miles, form what is believed to have been the route the sisters themselves often took between the two locations.

Of the four commissioned pieces, three of the works (by Kate Bush, Carol Ann Duffy and Jackie Kay) respond to one of the Brontë Sisters (Emily, Charlotte and Anne, respectively), while the fourth (by Jeanette Winterson) responds to the Brontë legacy as a whole.

Accompanied by beautiful, hand drawn maps, created by Yorkshire cartographer Christopher Goddard, the stones take visitors on a journey in the footsteps of these extraordinary Yorkshire sisters, whose novels are recognised worldwide as some of the greatest works of literature to emerge from the 19th century. The project will leave a permanent memorial in the landscape that homed and fueled the imagination of these ground-breaking writers.

The Brontë Stones will be inaugurated this year, the bicentenary of Emily Brontë, at Bradford Literature Festival in a special launch event titled The Brontë Stones: Meet the Writers. Taking place on Saturday 7 July at Bradford’s historic Midland Hotel, writer’s Carol Ann Duffy, Jackie Kay and Jeanette Winterson will be in attendance, presenting the first official readings of their new work. On Sunday 8 JulyMichael Stewart will lead visitors on a guided walking tour In the Footsteps of the Brontës taking in each of the four stones for the first time. Tickets for both the launch and walk are now on public sale at www.bradfordlitfest.co.uk.

Following its inauguration at this year’s festival, the walk remains for members of the public to undertake for generations to come. As a legacy project, future plans include the development of a mobile app providing a personal, guided experience of the Brontë Stones walk.

This project has been made possible by funding from Arts Council England and sponsorship from Provident Financial Group PLC.

Kate Bush said, about Emily Bronte:

“I am delighted to be involved in this project. Each sister being remembered by a stone in the enigmatic landscape where they lived and worked is a striking idea. Emily only wrote the one novel – an extraordinary work of art that has truly left its mark. To be asked to write a piece for Emily’s stone is an honour and, in a way, a chance to say thank you to her.”

Jackie Kay said, about Anne Brontë:

“It’s been a real pleasure working on the Brontë Stones project. The Brontës are part of the literary landscape of this country. The stones are exciting in that they will make the past new again, opening up along the way new paths for different readers to follow.  I particularly loved writing about Anne – she’s the most underrated writer in the family, the pioneer about whom people know the least. I liked the challenge of writing a hidden poem within the poem on the stone and working with the artist to try and achieve that effect.”

Jeanette Winterson said, about the Brontës:

“When I was growing up in Lancashire and roaming the hills in the rain, and feeling both passionate and misunderstood (like all teenagers, well, maybe some have better weather), I read the Brontës and felt their spirit stand by me. For me, reading is about connection – and connection that works across time too. Good books live in the present, regardless of when they were written. The Brontës showed me that hearts beat like mine, that the struggle to know who you are happens across time and generations, and gender. They showed me that writing needs the power of the personal behind it – but that somehow the story one person tells has to become a story many people can claim as their own. And the Brontës are women. As a woman I needed those ancestors, those guides. I still do.”

Syima Aslam, director of Bradford Literature Festival, said:

“It has been a huge privilege to curate and deliver the Brontës Stones project as part of the Festival this year. The Brontës are an integral part of the literary landscape of Bradford, and the inspiration for our annual Bronte Heritage strand of events. It is therefore an honour for Bradford Literature Festival to bring the legacy of the extraordinary Bronte sisters to life in this exciting new way. It’s a matter of great pride for us that the Stones will stand in some of the most beautiful places in the county, bearing these moving, mysterious and playful literary works, that the public can enjoy for years to come.”

Other events related to the Brontës taking place at Bradford Literature Festival 2018 include:

  • An event co-programmed with the Brontë Parsonage Museum focusing on Ann Bronte.
  • A panel discussion on whether Emily Brontë was a heretic or a mystic.
  • A panel discussion focusing on the Gothic elements in the work of Emily Brontë.
  • A panel discussion on alternative readings of Heathcliffe from Wuthering Heights.

Michael Stewart, project originator said:

“I first conceived of the Brontë Stones project in October 2013. I live in Thornton and have long wanted my village to receive recognition for its place in the Brontë story. All three literary sisters and their wayward brother were born here. They were a happy family, but very shortly, after their move to Haworth in 1820, tragedy struck. First the death of their mother, then the two oldest siblings. I was also aware that Anne Brontë was buried in Scarborough many miles from the rest of her family and I wanted a stone to mark her return. It’s fantastic to see the project come to fruition.”

Kitty Wright, Executive Director of the Brontë Society said:

“We are thrilled to be playing a part in this exciting project and are delighted that the Anne Stone will be situated in the grounds of the Parsonage, where Anne spent almost all of her life.  Haworth and the Yorkshire landscape are of immense significance to the Brontë story and we are sure local residents and visitors will enjoy making their way along the Brontë Stone trail for years to come. We look forward to building on our partnership with Bradford Literature Festival as together we continue to celebrate the legacy of Anne and her sisters.”

Bradford Literature Festival, in association with Provident Financial Group, takes place 29 June – 8 July 2018View the full programme at www.bradfordliteraturefestival.co.uk. Booking is open now online or via 01274 238525.

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Kate Bush nights happening in Melbourne, Australia and Manchester, UK in June


Two events we’ve heard about happening in June this year. In Melbourne, Australia on 9th June, a Kate Bush event takes place at The Corner Hotel, Richmond: “Performed by: Routines, Ms45, Cynthia Gallie, Lack the Low, Lucy Dwyer, Lisa Crawley, Jules Sheldon & Laura Davidson. The debut album by Kate Bush ‘The Kick Inside’ featuring the hit song Wuthering Heights turned 40 this year. A long list of local Melbourne musicians are throwing a massive Kate Bush party at the wonderful Corner Hotel Saturday June 9th. The night will feature various singers backed by a full house band, including two keyboardists bringing the songs of Kate Bush to life – performing tracks off The Kick Inside plus hits from other records including Never for Ever, The Dreaming Hounds of Love plus lots more. Dress up and come along and celebrate everything Kate Bush!” More at this site here.

And, in Manchester, UK on June 14th we have Kate Bush: An Appreciation described as “an Evening celebrating the ethereal magic of one of Britain’s best loved musical goddesses. Local musicians will perform a grand selection of hits and rarities from the delightful back catalogue of Kate Bush. Expect a wonderful dreamlike evening!” More at the Facebook event page here.

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KT Bush Band gig and Rachel Sinnetta & Rubber Band tour updates

Vic King has been in touch to let me know that the KT Bush Band (which also features Brian Bath) play St James Church, Weybridge, Surrey on Saturday 14th April. All info and ticket links on their site hereKT Bush Band 2018

Also here is the full list of dates for “Wuthering Heights – The Music of Kate Bush featuring Rachel Sinnetta and her Rubber Band” or visit their Facebook page here. This tour kicks off on 25th April in Malvern and continues right around the UK into June.

Rachel Sinnetta dates dates

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Hello Earth featured in Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

A section of Kate’s Hello Earth (not sung by Kate) and an extended instrumental version of the song was played during today’s opening ceremony of the 2018 Commonwealth Games at the Carrara Stadium in Gold Coast, Australia.

The famous Australian actor, Jack Thompson, stands in the middle of the arena, holding a small illuminated globe, sharing a message of unity as the instrumental music of Hello Earth soundtracks his narration.

Home. That’s where we live. From here, you can’t see any borders. No barriers built to divide us, no people on different sides. All that we are, and have been, and can be, all that we value, all that we love, all our memories and stories, our hopes and our dreams, the best, and the worst, of us – is here, on that tiny grain of rock. From here there’s no sound of our quarrels, no voices in conflict, no people at war. From here it seems, we’re all the same, not drifting apart, but all connected. No sign of ‘Other’ – only Sister and Brother. No ‘You’, or ‘Me’ – just ‘We’. From here, all that we see is all that we share: Shining, fragile, awesome… …our island home in a cosmic sea.

The globe is placed in sand, nesting like a turtle’s egg, before exploding out to reveal a pretty awesome shifting visualisation of the earth.

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Baby Bushka from San Diego tour UK and Ireland, autumn 2018

Baby Bushka

As we’ve seen recently, the number of Kate Bush tribute acts actively doing shows is increasing, and more importantly, diversifying – each bringing their own take on Kate’s music to a live crowd. One of the only US based acts we’ve heard from, Baby Bushka, “filled with 4 part harmonies and epic choreographed dancing”, are visiting the UK and Ireland this autumn.

Baby Bushka are an all female 8 piece Kate Bush Tribute Band based in San Diego. Although new to the scene they have already sold out their first two shows in San Diego and are planning more and more. The 29th and 30th of September sees them play Moth Club in Hackney, London. Tickets and info are here. They also play The Button Factory, Dublin on October 12th – details here.

Natasha from the band tells us:  “Kate Bush means the world to us and sharing the beauty, joy and genius of her music with old and new fans in a fun and fresh live show is what we love to do.” Read more about Baby Bushka at their Facebook page or their official site.

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