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Remembering Michael Byrne, ‘Finding Kate’ book creator

I was so saddened and shocked to hear the news on Christmas Eve that our friend and fellow Kate Bush fan, that amazing whirlwind of enthusiastic energy, Michael Byrne, had passed away after a short illness that came so unexpectedly upon him over the last couple of months. Mere weeks ago I had been chatting with Michael, a fellow Dubliner, about him hopefully attending the performance of Kate’s songs in the Irish language in Smock Alley Theatre with me – something I know he’d have been ecstatic about, but he wasn’t well enough.

Michael, a kind, industrious, soft-spoken man who ran a creative publishing company in Dublin, first came to my attention during lockdown in 2020 – contacting me to feel out an ambitious, high quality Kate Bush coffee table book project, Finding Kate, that he was undertaking with his colleague, the supremely talented Irish designer and illustrator, Marius Herbert. Needing something to throw his endless energy into while business took a pandemic downturn, his passion and sincerity as a fan managed to convince me that this was going to be special so I was on board, plugging his crowdfunding campaign (it wasn’t a cheap book to produce) and helping to spread the word. Michael succeeded in getting interviews on national Irish radio and press articles about the book, and I am delighted that we got the chance to record an episode of the Kate Bush Fan Podcast together all about the Finding Kate project. You can hear it here – it’s so wonderful to be able to hear him talk last year about realising his dream project. The detailed effort that went into creating each image is so evident in his voice.

Hello Earth from Finding Kate
‘Hello Earth’ – from ‘Finding Kate’ by Michael Byrne and Marius Herbert

The early peeks I got of the book were breathtakingly good. The reaction from fans was highly enthusiastic, the book was hailed as a great success. As I wrote before on this site, “it was a joy to leaf through the pages of the book and talk through this impressive piece of work with its clearly relieved and delighted creators. As promised, the book is a visual feast, illustrating twenty six of Kate’s songs across sumptuous double-page spreads. The songs have been chosen by Michael, a major Kate Bush fan (it shows!) who writes beautifully about each song’s significance in Kate’s career and what they mean to him.”

Some of the sumptuous reward items crowdfunders received with their early orders

“The unexpectedly generous introduction sections by Michael throughout constitute a wonderful, concise synopsis of Kate’s recording career, so there’s plenty of great reading here for both casual and more hardcore fans of Kate. But, this large LP-sized book is intended to be a visual feast and Marius has produced some breathtaking images filled with detail and touches that were agonised over for months between the pair – a honeybee flies across the pages from a near psychedelic explosion of Kate in colourful nature imagery (and a familiar yellow sun-design) for Delius, a floating, angel-winged electric guitar poignantly reflects the departed musicians name-checked in Blow Away (for Bill), a water-submerged Kate simultaneously floats, dreamlike, above the planet for Hello Earth, an Irish dancer’s feet captured in whirling mid-step on a flagstone floor for Jig of Life, four glorious pages devoted to A Sky of Honey where the crimson, red and rust of golden hour transform a female figure into an explosion of feathered wings and avian friends, soaring skyward…and so many, many more surprising visuals.” 

Michael Byrne, Mandy Watson (Cloudbusting) and Marius Herbert – Dublin, July 2022

Michael had told me that one of the sparks of inspiration to do the book came from seeing the Kate tribute band Cloudbusting play in The Sugar Club in Dublin, so it was my pleasure just a few short months ago in July to arrange for Michael and Marius to meet the band backstage before their Dublin gig, where he presented the band members with copies of the book. It was plain to see the joy and pride Michael had on his face as he explained the book and thanked the band for spreading Kate’s music out into the world. He was floating on air. I had no way of knowing that was the last time I’d see him, but I’m glad it was such a joyous occasion for him. Very recently, Michael managed to get the book mentioned again on national radio here in Ireland, presenter Ryan Tubridy truly impressed by the book – a flood of new orders ensued. Of course.

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with Michael’s wife Deirdre, his children Holly, Conor and Alyson and to all his family and friends. He will be terribly missed. An online book of condolence is here. We especially send a big hug to Marius, who patiently and painstakingly helped Michael to put together something that remains utterly unique for Kate’s fans around the world to enjoy. Marius, your illustration work is exquisite. You have done yourself and Michael so very proud. I would urge anyone reading this to get your copy of the book to see it for yourself. It’s available to order worldwide from – RIP Michael, you did it x

Rod McKie – RIP

Rod McKie

A Kate Bush fan, well known online to so many, has very sadly left us. Rod McKie (who sometimes went by Roderick) was hospitalised with a serious brain haemorrhage in the last couple of weeks and today his wife, Lis, let us know that he has passed away. Rod was an accomplished newspaper and magazine cartoonist by profession. He was an endlessly engaging, considerate and insightful online friend to so many of us – his fellow Kate Bush fans. He’ll be sorely missed.

Rod was a terrific writer and he published a superb blog post in October 2014 that must surely rank among the greatest pieces written about Kate’s Before the Dawn shows – please do read it here. It will give you a chance to get to know Rod a little. Seán (with Rod’s permission) used several excellent extracts from this article when he put together his Before the Dawn podcast series – Rod just nailed it.

The world is great, life is great. Kate Bush is smiling at us, God is in his Heaven, and all is right with the world. Strangers are smiling at one another, and patting one another’s backs, as we shuffle out of the venue. It strikes me that Kate Bush has encouraged in her audience, love, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity – those boundless states.

Rod Mckie, 2014

Sending Lis and all Rod’s family and friends our deepest sympathy. x

Remembering John Beaumont, Kate Bush fan

John Beaumont pictured up on Glastonbury Tor – photo by Geoff Boswell

It was sad to hear about the passing of Kate Bush fan and very familiar name, John Beaumont, just recently. Our friend Sky Boswell has written a lovely piece remembering her friend – thanks, Sky. Keeping John’s family and loved ones in our thoughts.

“It was with great sadness that I received news about the passing of my dear friend and fellow Kate Bush fan, John Beaumont, on Saturday 13 March.  He was 84 years young.  John had been poorly following a fall last November that resulted in a broken leg.  Fed up with the COVID restrictions, he’d popped out for a breath of fresh air and a short stroll.  He ended up at Leeds Infirmary.  It was while John was in hospital recovering from the break that other issues were discovered. 

John was a regular contributor to HomeGround magazine, and attended many fan events throughout the 1980s and 1990s, including the Wuthering Hikes at Haworth and the Glastonbury gatherings to celebrate Kate’s birthday.  He was born in 1937 so was one of the contingent of older Kate fans.  He fell off the radar somewhat at the start of the computer age; he wasn’t interested in embracing IT so had no internet presence.  However, he was an enthusiastic and regular correspondent and kept in touch with many of his friends that way.  Each letter was beautifully hand-written, full of news, facts and recollections and, of course, John’s unique brand of humour!  Sometimes I received as many as two letters in a week.  He also liked to call friends for a good long natter.

John was a very witty and observant man and he loved music, being a great fan of the radio and embracing many genres of music.  He was knowledgeable about films, too, especially Hammer Horror movies.  Actress Ingrid Pitt was a favourite of his, he wrote to her regularly and attended several of her birthday parties.  He was a fun loving man: energetic, enthusiastic about life, and always interested in meeting new people.  His greatest love and hobby was steam engines – there is absolutely nothing you could teach John about this subject because he had studied it for much of his life, had his own model railway, regularly visited collectors’ fairs, and was a great source of information to other enthusiasts.  Although he gave up driving a car a few years ago he still enjoyed railway journeys.  Before retiring he’d been a bus driver for many years and could recount many an amusing tale about his days on the buses!  Transport was important to John – it got him to so many of the places he wanted to explore, but he also loved the way vehicles worked.

In 2015 John came twice to the Black Bull public house in Haworth to see me perform my Kate Bush tribute, once in the spring and again at Halloween.  He didn’t say much afterwards – that was John’s way – but one lady thought he was my Dad because, she said, he looked so proud of me while I was performing.  In 2016 and 2017 there were big changes happening in my life so my proposed travel to Yorkshire was postponed.  I was booked for the Haworth Festival in summer 2018, and planned to spend time with John then, but Fate stepped in once more and a particularly nasty bout of laryngitis followed by post-viral fatigue meant I was too unwell to travel.  I’d made firm plans to visit John and other friends in the North of England last summer – but then the pandemic happened.  I won’t now see my friend again.

John lived his life to the full.  He was proud of his family, and carried on courageously when he lost his beloved wife, Pat, a few years ago.  He had truly encyclopaedic knowledge of so much, and he never lost his spirit of adventure or his enthusiasm for life.  When he smiled after telling a joke, he twinkled like a little boy.  He was the man with the child in his eyes.”

Sky Boswell – 21 March 2021

The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever 2018 in pictures and video!

Once again, major fun was had across the globe on July 14th as a mesmerising array of “Cathys” gathered in the open air to dance to Wuthering Heights – Kate’s debut single that is this year celebrating it’s 40th year in all our lives – well done to all (and let me know which events I’ve missed here!)

Dublin, Ireland

Atlanta, USA

MWHDE Atlanta 2018

San Diego, USA

Berlin, Germany

Canberra, Australia

MWHDE Canberra

Sheffield, UK


Melbourne, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Folkestone, UK

Lomagna, Italy

Austin, USA

Austin MWHDE

Woodford, Australia

MWHDE Woodford

Uppsala, Sweden

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Newcastle, Australia

Bega Valley, Australia

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide MWHDE

Kate Bush nights happening in Melbourne, Australia and Manchester, UK in June


Two events we’ve heard about happening in June this year. In Melbourne, Australia on 9th June, a Kate Bush event takes place at The Corner Hotel, Richmond: “Performed by: Routines, Ms45, Cynthia Gallie, Lack the Low, Lucy Dwyer, Lisa Crawley, Jules Sheldon & Laura Davidson. The debut album by Kate Bush ‘The Kick Inside’ featuring the hit song Wuthering Heights turned 40 this year. A long list of local Melbourne musicians are throwing a massive Kate Bush party at the wonderful Corner Hotel Saturday June 9th. The night will feature various singers backed by a full house band, including two keyboardists bringing the songs of Kate Bush to life – performing tracks off The Kick Inside plus hits from other records including Never for Ever, The Dreaming Hounds of Love plus lots more. Dress up and come along and celebrate everything Kate Bush!” More at this site here.

And, in Manchester, UK on June 14th we have Kate Bush: An Appreciation described as “an Evening celebrating the ethereal magic of one of Britain’s best loved musical goddesses. Local musicians will perform a grand selection of hits and rarities from the delightful back catalogue of Kate Bush. Expect a wonderful dreamlike evening!” More at the Facebook event page here.

The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever returns July 15th – global events list here!

Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever

It’s back! The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever – after thousands around the world took part last year, 2017 sees even more events planned for this breezy moment of Kate-inspired outdoor fun.

The inspiration for the event began when in 2013 UK performance artists Shambush!’ took their wuthering flash mob act to greater heights in The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience, gathering 300 Kate Bush impersonators and turned a pleasant Sussex park into wily, windy moors filled with Cathy’s performing the iconic Wuthering Heights choreography.

The viral success of their YouTube video has started a movement and in 2016 many sister events called The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever, coined by Berlin organiser and musician Sam Wareing, started being created all over Facebook.

Here is the full list with event links (with thanks to The Morning Fog Facebook page for compiling them!)

Berlin, Germany:
Dublin, Ireland:
Oslo, Norway:
Rotterdam, Netherlands:
Uppsala, Sweden:
Atlanta, United States:
Madison, United States:
Portland, United States: New England, United States:

Australian Events:

Blue Mountains:
Gold Coast:
New South Wales:
North Lismore:

If you have an event to add to this list, please email

Kate Bush inspired showcase from writer/director/composer Caleb Lane

Kate fan and writer/director/composer Caleb Lane has recently put together a demo reel of his work which we thought you might like to see. Caleb writes: “Kate has been a huge influence on me over the years and her music is almost always played behind the scenes during production to set the mood.” We wish Caleb the very best in his continuing creative work.

CALEB LANE | Writer | Director | Composer (Reel) from Caleb Lane on Vimeo.

More on Caleb’s Facebook page here:


What we’re listening to: The Yellow Project

Long time Kate Bush fans Paul Thomas and Tim Lloydsmith have produced the perfect ice-cold 80s infused synth soundtrack for these sticky Summer days. Here’s one track from the new EP “About Time” by The Yellow Project. Want to buy the EP? Head over to their Facebook page here:

In Memorium – Deborah Priestley

Deborah Priestley

Photo by Deborah Priestley – uploaded to Facebook 24th February 2016

The Kate Bush fan community was completely shocked and saddened this week to hear about the sudden passing of longtime fan Deborah Priestley. An exceptionally popular person, the shockwaves have been felt right across the globe and on hundreds of messages on forums and on Facebook. Our sincerest condolences to her children Dan and Kate, and her husband Rob and her best friend, Keeper – Seán, Peter, Krys & Dave x

Our friend, Sky Boswell, has written the following heartfelt piece to remember the lovely Deborah:

I logged into my Facebook account at around 6am on Tuesday to find a message from a friend, to tell me that Deborah Priestley had died suddenly the day before. It was a terrible shock.

Many Kate Bush fans will know Debs from the early days of the site Forum. She was a dyed in the wool Kate Bush fan, a warm and funny Yorkshire lass who delighted in being with people, loved her family and her dog Keeper, and was a talented amateur photographer whose work often featured in the local press and on regional TV.

I knew Debs for just a few years, but in that time got know her as one of the sweetest, kindest and most thoughtful people I’ve ever met. Debs was a truly genuine person who wore her heart on her sleeve. Self effacing and modest, she was a bright jewel of a woman who touched the lives of many just by being herself. Her Facebook updates of family life were charming, witty, observant, and full of loving enthusiasm. She adored her children Dan and Kate, her husband Rob, and her beautiful German Shepherd dog, Keeper. She loved taking photos of the world around her and had a true artist’s eye. Those long walks with Keeper, or days out with friends or family would always result in more of her wonderful photos, a window on the world according to Debs. Even if you never met her in person you could share her story, and delight in the things she loved.

Debs was always one of the first to be supportive if a friend was having a hard time. She had enormous empathy for others, and on several occasions surprised and delighted me by sending little gifts through the post when I was feeling low. A colouring book, a set of starry fairylights, some chocolate…always accompanied by a lovely note or card. Debs had a generous heart and gave freely of her huge store of love to those who needed it. She had formerly been a nanny by profession, and I imagine the life of every one of the children she cared for was made richer just for knowing her. Only a few days ago I received another of those thoughtful gifts and notes after sending her a coupon for some free gourmet dog food. Typically, Debs’ response to my gesture far outweighed my original ‘gift’. She thanked me publicly on Facebook, too – the last message I was to receive from her. I’ve reproduced it here as it shows what a beautiful person Debs was, always appreciating the little things in life:

“Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard and the coupon for Keeper, you are beyond kind. I was only thinking of you last night, I found something I think you may like!!!! Will get some and send it next week xx”

Debs achieved many things in her short life; it was a life filled with love, laughter, and kindness to everyone she met. She loved, and was loved in return. She truly lived every moment to the full, and in 2014 she achieved a lifetime ambition of seeing Kate Bush live in concert. I’m so glad she did. Goodbye for now, Debs, and thank you for bringing your light into my life. I’m honoured to have counted you among my friends. – Sky Boswell

Note: Deborah’s photography can be viewed at her photography Facebook page here.

Collecting Kate Bush – three essential fan sites to check out

Kate Bush rare vinyl

NOTE: This Christmas I have decided to donate proceeds from the sale of a copy of Lake Tahoe on vinyl and a few other KB items to Oxfam, and I intend to do the same in the new year with other “swaps” that I have. This is one of the reasons I find it worth keeping up with the value of bits and bobs I’ve collected over the years; I get to enjoy them and look after them and then, ultimately, put them to some good use – Seán

I have to admit I’ve never been a must-have-everything collector of Kate’s stuff but recently I have been filling out some of the gaps in my Kate Bush vinyl collection. There’s something about owning those original artefacts from a particular time in Kate’s career that can be very satisfying. I had decided to limit my current renewed passion for collectible records to UK releases, but when you inevitably start to dig further…there’s a LOT of interesting stuff out there and it can get overwhelming. Luckily we have some great Kate Bush collector sites to help us out, even if we know that realistically we’ll never get our mitts on many of these treasures. Here are three sites, all from genuine fans, that come recommended…

Firstly, for years I’ve relied on an excellent site called “The Single File” by John Heislman which he has maintained since the 1990s. It focuses on Kate’s career as a singles artist and is bang up-to-date with the re-recorded Running Up That Hill from 2012. With neat navigation, effective use of national flag symbols and pictorial chronologies for all formats he takes the guess work out of what was released when and where. A brilliant site.

Next up, if you’re looking for a site that also takes in albums, books and all manner of memorabilia you simply have to take a look at the “World of Kate Bush” blog site. The site owner has been tireless in photographing and describing their impressive collection. This is collecting at its most serious, and a revealing pleasure to browse through for even a casual fan.

Since 1978, thanks to robust work by EMI Japan, Kate has been a noticeable presence in that territory. Some of the most expensive collectible Kate Bush items on the market today emanate from Japan and there is a LOT to discover. Luckily longtime fan Bart Lienard has put together “All We Ever Look For“, an exhaustive labour of love which lists just about every Japanese Kate Bush album, single, box set, video and book as well as a large array of magazine articles. Fascinating.

Update: An honourable mention also to “This Woman’s World“, a German-language site that has a nicely illustrated discography.

Apart from the above sites, there is of course a wealth of information to be found on Gaffaweb, on the constantly expanding Discogs Kate listing, in the pages of those incredible HomeGround anthology books, and in the now out-of-print Illustrated Collector’s Guide to Kate Bush (now, curiously, an expensive collectors item itself!). The Kate Bush Clippings site is now enormous, and also be sure to check out the Kate Bush Encyclopedia site which has been coming along very nicely!

BBC looking for Kate fans to contribute to archive and documentaries…

The BBC have contacted us looking for input from Kate Bush fans (i.e. YOU!) for an interesting new project. It is called the People’s History of Pop and the Beeb are crowdsourcing the nation’s music memorabilia and memories, at As well as an amazing online archive, PHOP will culminate in four films for BBC FOUR in 2016, interviewing some of those who have sent great stories in.

So, what are you waiting for? They are keen to get Kate Bush fans taking part and contributing their stuff.  Share your stuff here. More info on the BBC site itself here.

Here’s an example of a Kate Bush fan who has an incredible collection: Fiore Dago from Italy has shared photos of her remarkable, decades-in-the-making collection of Kate records and memorabilia (thanks for the pics, Fiore!)

fiore mags fiore_records_floor fiore_room fiore_wall1 fiore_wall2 fiore_wall3

Kate Bush research project – help out and win a signed mini photobook!

Some of you may remember helping Sara Nyman from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, with her study on Kate Bush fans last year (which can be read here).

Now she is looking for participants for her next Kate Bush research project. Follow the instructions by clicking here, to take part in the project and win a beautiful signed edition of Guido Harari’s Kate Bush mini photobook which was sold last year at Snap Galleries! (good luck with your study, Sara)

Guido Harari mini photobook

Student sends thanks as Kate Bush thesis is published

Sara Nyman, a fan who asked for help with her thesis on Kate Bush fans a few months back, has let us know that her thesis is ready. She writes: “To all you Kate Bush fans, the Kate Bush fandom thesis is now ready and publicly readable! Please follow this link to read the thesis.

The author of the thesis would also like to thank each participant for taking part in her research project, and has written a personal letter to all Kate Bush fans. The link to the letter is here. Well done Sara!

Kate Bush “After the Dawn” Celebration coming to Birmingham in September!


How are your KB diaries shaping up for 2015? Our friend and longtime Kate fan, Lisa Oliver, is organising what promises to be a fun ‘Kate Bush Convention’ at The Loft Lounge, Birmingham UK on Saturday 26th September. It will feature special guests, live music, memorabilia, disco, videos & good times! Lisa tells us that special guests at the event are Stewart Avon Arnold, internationally renowned choreographer and well known to Kate fans as one half of her talented duo of dancers (along with the late Gary Hurst) and photographer Guido Harari whose working relationship with Kate lasted for over 10 years from ‘The Dreaming’ era to ‘The Red Shoes’. Questions for a Q&A session are being collected by the organisers. UK Kate Bush tribute acts, Before the Dawn and A Sky of Honey will be performing.

Admittance is by ticket (£10) only, tickets and all the information you need are now available at the event’s site here.

A Sky of Honey, Kate Bush tribute gig in Haworth, Yorkshire

We like to keep you informed of Kate Bush tribute shows and A Sky of Honey is the newest UK Kate Bush tribute act we can tell you about. Fronted by Sky Boswell, a longtime fan who has sang at Kate Bush conventions and HomeGround parties, the first show takes place in the very appropriate venue of the Black Bull pub in Haworth, Yorkshire – in the heart of Brönte country.

This famous pub, established over 300 years ago, is famous for having Branwell Brönte as one its regular patrons. Sky promises to perform songs old and new, with one or two surprises! The show takes place at 8.30pm on Saturday 18th April. Entry is free and the show is part of a wider meet-up of Kate Bush fans in the village that weekend. Thanks for letting us know, Sky!

Sky of Honey poster

The photo credit for the portrait of Sky in the poster is to Krys.

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