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Remembering Del Palmer – Special memorial issue of HomeGround Magazine

As we all come to terms with the loss of Del Palmer, here at we’ve been discussing ways to remember and celebrate his life with you. We will be putting a podcast episode together, but one idea was to share some excerpts about Del from the pages of HomeGround Magazine. So, just as we shared the 40th anniversary special with you online in 2022 as a free PDF file download, we have put together this special issue of HomeGround which we hope manages to touch just a little on what made Del the incredible man that he was – but we know it only scratches the surface. Del passed away at home on Friday 5th January, surrounded by his family.

Krys, Peter, Dave and Seán have all written about Del for this memorial issue and you will find articles, photos and memories covering his life and career in music, including the indispensable interview with him that was conducted by HomeGround in 2007, not long after the release of the Aerial album. We hope that you find some comfort and happy memories in remembering Del this way, and that this helps to reflect the enormous outpouring of sadness and sympathy from you all around the world since the sad news was announced.

How do I get my copy of HomeGround’s Del Palmer memorial issue?

Option 1) PDF download You can download this special issue of HomeGround HERE – this is a PDF document file that you can read on your computer, or print out at home if you wish.

Option 2) View online. You can read this special issue of HomeGround on any browser/device below as a flipbook. This is quite handy and we think you’ll only have to click away one pesky ad before reading. NB: We recommend that you view it FULLSCREEN. To open in Fullscreen click on the three dots on the top menu and select the Fullscreen option from the dropdown. You may need to close one brief advertisement when the magazine first opens. For iPads/tablets or phones it may be better to use this direct link to view the magazine online. Rotating your device from portrait to landscape orientation will display the magazine in the recommended two page spread.


Del Palmer 1952-2024


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  1. Janet Hazeldine

    What a brilliant idea thank you! Look forward to reading this. ???? at the loss of Del. Xx

  2. nick

    what a lovely timely thing to do. he was remarkable.

  3. Will R

    How very beautiful. What a lovely thing to do.

    Rest in peace, Del. You are missed x

  4. Christine O’Neill

    Hello Homeground I’m in Australia

    Thank you so much for putting this very special tribute together. We all need some way to reflect our grief….and being in the Land of Oz I won’t miss out.

    Kate and Del CREATED a NEW SOUND and it was THIS music that stirred me from within from
    9 years of age….What a force they were!

    I’m sure those who knew Del will think of the many moments of pleasure shared

    Vale Del

    Chrissie O’Neill

    • Peter

      Hello Chrissie,
      It was our absoloute honour to do this small thing in memory of our dear friend. It seems absoloutely crazy that he will no longer be around to regale us with his amused grin and straight speech.

  5. Gabriella Smith

    truly beautiful tribute remembering and celebrating Del creative life …
    <3 Gabi <3

  6. Mike Wade

    Thank you gang. Del will be remembered with love. You’ve done a fantastic job here to honour his life and work.
    Mike xx

  7. Sky Boswell

    A lovely gesture, and one that will comfort so many at this sad time. xxx

  8. Martin

    What a fabulous idea and issue. As a lover of Kate’s music I was always drawn to Del (and have even attempted the sideburns/’Tache combo with little success) and it is great to see him get this tribute. Thank you X

  9. Ian Crowther

    Thank you so much guys, Sue and I loved him so much and will always be grateful for the fun times we have had with him and for the many things he did for us. Del is going to be so missed so we are both so grateful for the time and effort you have put into compiling this, a lovely memory to a very dear man. Ian and Sue xx

  10. Gerry O'Hara

    What a wonderful tribute, which will be valued by so many of us. What a bittersweet task it will have been to put it together.

    Thank you, so much – it’s greatly appreciated.

    • Peter

      Thanks Gerry. There will be other things once we have our heads back together.

  11. Maria McCann

    Really wonderful ❤️

  12. NEIL sheriff

    Vale Del,
    Thank you Home ground and all who sail in her. I miss you all dearly and hope to see you soon.
    N xx

  13. Thanks for that! I just read the whole thing. Lovely man.

  14. Jack Wilson

    The lovely Del Palmer introduced a Norn Irish girl to Planxty. I love the thought of Christy Moore on vocals, and Del on another realm!

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