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Before the Dawn

Kate Bush Before the Dawn

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Before the Dawn LP set

Kate released a live album set of her Before the Dawn shows on November 25th 2016 on her Fish People label (with a 5th December US release through Concord Records). This 4 disc vinyl LP OR 3 disc CD set is available order on the usual digital platforms also such as iTunes, Amazon etc. The album (now certified gold) entered the UK album chart at number 5!

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Before the Dawn 3 CD set
Kate filming The Ninth Wave sequences at Pinewood Studios
Kate Bush performs Aerial, 2014
Before the Dawn album cover large
Kate Live 2014

About Before the Dawn…..

Kate performed a series of 22 live dates in August/September/October 2014 at London’s Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith. These were her first live shows in 35 years! The venue was the same (now renamed) Hammersmith Odeon where the Tour of Life ended in 1979. All dates sold out on the morning of March 28th in a matter of minutes. The performances were called “Before the Dawn” and in her announcement on March 21st 2014 Kate said on the official site:

“I am delighted to announce that we will be performing some live shows this coming August and September.
       I hope you will be able to join us and I look forward to seeing you there.
          We’ll keep you updated with further news on the web site.
                  Meanwhile, all details of concert dates and tickets are in the note below.
                    Very best wishes,

The 22 dates were: AUGUST: 26th, 27th, 29th, 30th. SEPTEMBER: 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 16th, 17th, 19th, 20th, 23rd, 24th, 26th, 27th, 29th, 30th OCTOBER: 1st

During the show’s run, the concerts received hugely positive reviews (see below). All of Kate’s 11 albums re-entered the UK charts in late August, with Kate becoming the only female artist in history to have 8 albums in the UK Top 40 in the same week, rivalling similar records by The Beatles and Elvis Presley. The concerts were filmed over two nights in September, for a possible DVD/Blu-ray release, but Kate has never said anything publicly about such a release. Kate wrote detailed production notes in the accompanying tour programme, describing the enormous efforts of the large team of talent that brought the shows together.


March newspaper headlines

Kate Bush 2014 by Trevor Leighton

Media coverage of the announcement

Dave Cross of HomeGround appeared on Sky News on March 28th to discuss the excitement (and mayhem!) just before Kate’s tickets went on general sale.

Dave on Sky News

Watch Dave’s interview on the Sky News Sunrise programme here

Here’s Seán Twomey from this very site being interviewed on March 21st on the Mark Radcliffe show on BBC6 Music:

Seán also took part in a longer discussion on March 30th with Dave Fanning on RTE 2FM, Ireland’s national broadcaster. You can hear it in the clip below:

Some fans arrived at the venue on the morning of March 28th, but no tickets were on sale there....

Some fans arrived at the venue on the morning of March 28th, but no tickets were on sale there….

Here’s a discussion about the news on the “PM” show on BBC Radio 4, March 21st:

Here’s how the 6pm Evening News on Radio 4 reported the news on March 21st:

Kate being discussed on BBC News Channel, March 21st:


The BBC reported that the internet had gone into “meltdown” at the news, and that news was everywhere from the Bexley News Shopper to Thanhnien in Vietnam:

|Eventim||BBC|BBC – Backgrounder|BBC – Backgrounder 2|BBC America|ITV News|The Times|The Guardian|Guardian – Backgrounder|Guardian – Backgrounder 2|Guardian – Backgrounder 3|Daily Telegraph|Daily Telegraph – 2|Independent|Independent – Backgrounder|Irish Independent|Irish Times|Channel 4 News|Scotsman|Scotsman 2|The Daily Mirror|Glasgow Herald|Glasgow Evening Times|Sheffield Star|Sunderland Echo|Metro|The Week|Daily Express|Daily Express -Backgrounder|Daily Mail|London Evening Standard|Time|CBS News|Daily Star|The Huffington Post|Huffington Post – Backgrounder|MSN|Dallas Sun|The Nation|Tampa Star|Irish Examiner|Yorkshire Post|CNN|New York Times|Los Angeles Times|Irish Mirror|Irish Mirror 2|West Australian|Le Monde|De Telegraaf|Publico|La Repubblica|Die Welt|Aftonbladet|Le Parisien|Bild|RTL|Diario de Noticias|DamskaJazda|Actualne|Thanhnien|India Today|Times of India|PhillipineNewsCentral|Straits Times|RisingPakistan|Malaysia Star|Gulf News|Nagaland Post|Pretoria Times|NME|NME – 2|Uncut|Classic Rock|Mojo|Hot Press|The Skinny|Billboard|Rolling Stone|Mojo| Noise 11|Fortitude|Gigwise|Gigwise – Fans react|Gigwise – Bizarre 2014|Gigwise – Ticket Rush|The Quietus|Digitalspy|The Digital Fix|For Folk’s Sake|ClashMusic|The Daily Edge|Magic FM|Super Deluxe Edition|Fact|Drowned in Sound|Drowned in Sound 2|Attitude|Crack|Contact Music|SupaJam|Gay Times|The Girls Are|The Line of BestFit|SoSoGay|PopSirens|Indiewire|DangerousMindsMetroWeekly|NewsHopper|CelebrityCafe|HolyMoly|SoFeminine|Grazia|Pitchfork|Hello|BroadWayWorld|Under the Gun|TinyMixTapes|Noisey|Death and Taxes|Ultimate Classic Rock|DIY|GetWestLondon|AllVoices|An Spailpin Fanach|Positive/Negative|Venture Capital Post|The Farming Show|Imagine Independence|

Show setlist:


“Hounds of Love”
“Top of the City”
“Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)”
“King of the Mountain”

The Ninth Wave

Video Interlude – And Dream of Sheep
“Under Ice”
“Waking the Witch”
“Watching You Without Me”
Little Light (Performed by backing vocalists)
Jig of Life
Hello Earth
The Morning Fog

A Sky of Honey

An Architect’s Dream
The Painter’s Link
Aerial Tal
Somewhere in Between
Tawny Moon (performed by Albert McIntosh)


Among Angels

Reviews of the shows

10377637_4532352282887_1805158293836365733_nHoly s***. The Kate Bush show is reinventing the pop concert…laughing, crying and wondering what the hell is gonna happen next.” – BBC Radio 6 Presenter Rob da Bank.

We’ll gather the reviews of Kate’s live show here.

Daily Telegraph picture gallery.

Rod McKie’s definitive review.

The Guardian (Alex Patridis and Nick Grimshaw) … Daily Telegraph (Bernadette McNulty) and also on audio and more and moreThe Irish Times (Sinead Gleeson) … Mirror (Gavin Martin and Katy Forrester) … BBC (Gemma Arterton and Anna Calvi) … BBC (Tim Masters) … Daily Express (Simon Gage) … Daily Star (James Cabooter) … ITV (Neil Connery) … Daily Mail (Jan Moir) … The Independent (Andy Gill) … The Times (Will Hodgkinson) and Times Saturday Magazine (Caitlin Moran) … NME  okay – we forgive you for 1979! (Lucy Jones) and also Emily McKayNew York Times (Ben Ratliff) … London Standard (John Aizlewood) … Spectator (James Walton) and comment from John-Paul Marney … Uncut (Anon and then John Mulvey) … Time Out (Andrzej Lukowski) … Mojo (staff) and second night (Jenny Bully) …. Gay Times (Mikey Walsh) … Channel 4 (Anon) … Billboard (Richard Smirke) … Rolling Stone (Mark Sutherland) … Drowned in Sound (Alan Pedder) … Pitchfork (Jude Rogers) … The Quietus (Simon Price) … Financial Times (Ludovic Hunter-Tilney) … Digital Spy (Kate Goodacre) … Louder than War (Dave Jennings and Martin Unsworth) … Hot Press (Hannah Hamilton) … Irish Independent (Bernadette McNulty) … Metro (Anon) … Magnet (Cory du Browa) … The Arts Desk (Russ Coffey) … Prog (Chris Roberts) … Back Seat Mafia (Nickety) … Sunday Express (Charlotte Heathcote) … The Observer (Kitty Empire) … Get to the Front (David Dunn) … PanCakePictures (Fiona Smith) … Huffington Post (Karen Ruimy) and then Victoria SadlerHidden Tracks (Pete Paphides) … The Trio of Oz (Rachel Z) … National Post (Mike Doherty) … GScene (Criag Hanlon-Smith) … Specs (Adrian) … Beige (Collin Kelley) … Clash (Anna Wilson) … Even the Stars (Deborah Walker) … Chris RogersSo So Gay (Jon B) … Gloucestershire Echo (Giulia Crouch) … Plastic Bag (Owen and again) … Coffee-Table Notes (Neil Cooper) … The Woman’s Room (Jane) … The Plashing Vole (Anon) … Candy Pop (Natasha) … The Age (Bernard Zuel) … Lilly in the Labyrinth (Lilly) … Chris n that (Chrisv) … Pedlar’s World (Charlie) … The Monitors (Eamon Murtagh) … Toronto Star (John Sakomoto) … Disorder (Kate Allen) … Melodee Writes (Melanie Hayden-Williams) … Daily Star (Nicole Morley) … Echoes and Dust (Dave Cooper) … The 405 (Robert Whitfield) … Rick Wakeman’s Cape (Wizard of Ooze) … PJ Media (Clay Waters) … John Guy CollickLiverpool Sound and Vision (Donna Lesley Price) … Freq (David Solomons) … (Nick Bond) … GigSlutz (Rosie James) … Mr. Haircare (ditto) … Martin BeamChoirBoyMotel (John Forde) … The Examiner (Gillian Gaar) … Gigwise (Andrew Trendell) … The Skinny (Dave Kerr) … Retrocosm (Charles Heady) … Rants of a Bitter Northerner (Helen Richards and again and again and again ) … Put the Kettle on (Mark) … Moving Brands (Phillip Browning) … Minibreak Mummy (Ruth Jenkins) … The Art of Jane Tomlinson (the same) … NotAllWomenAreTheSame (Sue Sherman) … The Morning after the Deluge (Sasha Loske) … Tunnels of Green (Maree) … The Music Chronicles (Stratos Bacalis) … Louder than War (Youth) … All That’s Left (George East) … North Devon Journal (Anita Butler) … Lesley Anne JonesEQView (Roy Ward) … Bloggertropolis (Steve) … Diary Von DavidlyYahoo Music (Lyndsey Parker) … My Bloggywog (Lealoo) … Greenwich Catholic (Tamas) … Strange Times (Dave West) …

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It’s quite stunning, undoubtedly the most ambitious, and genuinely moving, piece of theatrical pop ever seen on a British stage. Which is just what everyone here tonight was hoping for. Andy Gill

Everyone’s calling it a triumph. Everyone’s right. The unconscionably influential Kate Bush could have blown her mystique by returning to the spotlight in such a no-prisoners manner, but from the first minute she is in her element. The prog event of the year. The musical event of the year. The event of the year. Just don’t expect three chords and the mundane truth. Or Wuthering Heights. I put this moment here Chris Roberts

In A Sea of Honey’s long day, nothing particularly remarkable happens, just as nothing really remarkable happens in Ulysses. The sun comes up, and “the sky is filled with birds”, and the Moon rises, and the protagonists swim in the sea, at night. But some people are just more alive than others, all eyes and mouth, and overloading senses – and that’s what Joyce was, and that’s what Kate Bush is. They appear in your life to remind you that to watch a sunrise is to watch a burning star, and that pollen is sperm, and summer is fleeting, and everything on Earth is so unlikely – so improbable – that we might as well live somewhere where Kate Bush can end a concert by turning into a one-winged bird and flying out into the auditorium …Caitlin Moran

SJM Music Week ad



Kate reflects on “one of the most extraordinary experiences” of her life.

After the Dawn

Hi there,

Now all the shows are over, it’s pretty difficult to explain how I feel about it all. It was quite a surreal journey that kept its level of intensity right from the early stages to the end of the very last show. It was also such great fun.

It was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. I loved the whole process. Particularly putting the band, the Chorus and the team together and watching it all evolve. It really was the ultimate combination of talent and artists, both from the music business and the theatre world. I never expected everyone in the team to be so lovely and we all grew very close. We became a family and I really miss them all terribly.

I was really delighted that the shows were received so positively and so warmly but the really unexpected part of it all was the audiences. Audiences that you could only ever dream of. One of the main reasons for wanting to perform live again was to have contact with that audience.They took my breath away. Every single night they were so behind us. You could feel their support from the minute we walked on stage. I just never imagined it would be possible to connect with an audience on such a powerful and intimate level; to feel such, well quite frankly, love. It was like this at every single show.

Thank you so very much to everyone who came to the shows and became part of that shared experience. It was a truly special and wonderful feeling for all of us.

Very best wishes,
Kate x


  1. TwinklyJules

    Last night I had the most amazing time finally seeing Kate sing live at Hammersmith.
    I was blown away ! her live vocals were completely spectacular, not a wobble or missed note! I also felt really privileged to see Bertie perform – what an amazing young talent !!

    The whole staging and theatre built around her concepts were beautifully crafted and sheer genius.

    I had been looking forward to this moment for so long !
    I have been a lifelong fan of Kate’s since I was a teenager (I’m now a 46 year old mum of two little boys) I have followed everything she’s done and loved it all !
    It’s a cliche I know but I just feel like I know her after all this time she is the connection with my childhood/motherhood – all my experiences really are bound up with kate and her music at different stages.
    I took my sister for company last night – she loves kate too but perhaps not such a nerdy follower as I am! and yet as we left the Apollo she said – “I just really felt like I wanted to give her a big hug – it’s like I know her!”
    I think that sums it up – Kate does that to people.
    Thank you Kate – what an amazing gift to your fans!

  2. TerryB

    I traveled from Canada with my wife and two daughters to see the show. We never dreamed that would actually get to see Kate play live. But we did and It was dream come true for all of us, as the show brought us all to tears. Thanks Bertie for giving your mum that nudge.

  3. Stephen B

    We went to the show on 10th September, it surpassed all expectations. The stage theatrics were incredible, but it’s the music and the storytelling that really shine through. The first major goosebumps for me were during Top of the City which had such power. We all know about the Ninth Wave – the whole segment was so moving and brilliant, but that ‘Let me live!!’ bit really got me in the heart! You really felt for this poor Mother out there and alone. Come the interval we were virtually speechless. Musically the second half was perfectly executed and had added, slighlty eerie dimensions – must have watched the Birds too much! The crowd were brilliant, listening intently during the songs but applauding like no other audience I’ve heard in between. Well done to the KT Fellowship and everyone involved – we are so lucky you have made this happen.

  4. Rob G

    I’ve been a fan since I was 16 and wasn’t lucky enough to see her 1979. How glad I am that I’d registered on the official web site years ago & received a code for the pre fan sale. God was looking down on me that day as I managed to get tickets for myself & my wife for the gig on September 12th.
    I’d heard that some people had asked for their money back because she Kate hadn’t sang Wuthering Heights or Babooshka – well they aren’t true fans in my opinion. She could have sang the phonebook for me & I’d have been happy. The concert was outstanding & stayed with me for days after. The 35 year wait was worth it – her voice moved me to tears (and many others around me too).
    Kate & & all the production team put on a spectacular show – a real gift to her fans who have waited to see her – the UK’s greatest singer/songwriter! Special thanks to Bertie for giving his Mum the conviction she could pull these shows off! I feel extremely honoured to have seen Kate live – her voice touched my soul & made my spirit soar!

  5. TerryB

    Well said!

  6. June Miles

    I didn’t go 🙁 I was stuck in the USA after a car wreck, and even though I got the E-Mail saying I could pre order tickets early I knew I would be unable to go as my operation was the End of August. I have followed Kates work since i was a teenager back in the late 70’s but my mum would not let me go to the first concert. There are no words to say how totally sad I am not to have seen her this time around. I know there is a slim to none chance she will perform again but I live in hope. I will be back home in the uk January 2015. In the meantime I will try to order something from the concert as a memory

    • Tony

      Hi June
      I’m truly sorry you missed out on seeing Kate. Know this: Kate is in your heart. Listen and she will sing just to you.

  7. Patrick

    I’ve been to hundreds of gigs in my life. I managed to get hold of a ticket for Kate’s 1st night at 5.30pm that day! I arrived late, 3 songs in and Kate definitely looked at me as I walked in late down the central isle – 8 seats from the stage – 8 seats!!

    I would have been deliriously happy with just a standard show of songs but the overall performance was mindblowing! My highlight though was seeing Kate on the piana just her and a piano. I often imagined what seeing Kate live would be like. After the Directors cut I did have a sneaky feeling she might do some concerts as that record almost sounded like she re-recorded it for the stage but I imagined that she would do a low key show with her and her piano! You can never predict what Kate does next!

    Can’t wait to see the DVD – I would have gone to more shows – but that would have been greedy and my wife would have killed me – that one ticket was not cheap – £250 – but no where near the £1,000 reported – although the guy next to me paid £500

  8. Lucia Poisson

    Will there be a live album of the 2014 concert? Say “Yes” please!

  9. Douglas Bregger

    Hi! Will a DVD be released from the concerts, as far as any of you have heard? I couldn’t make it to any of the concerts, so this would be the next best thing.

  10. Jayne Steggles

    Was just sitting here trying to describe Before the Dawn to my mum and why it was so spiritual for me when i decided to read through all the comments again. Wow they actually allowed me to revisit some of the emotion and bought a tear. One can live in hope, but I’m not sure I will ever experience the like of that evening again. I relive my life in decades through Kate, Twinklyjules back in Sept expressed it so well. I often see feel people as energies, to me Kates is just the most connected, serene, beautiful yet powerful feminine energy and I will never forget the feeling of gratitude and pure joy at being there that night to experience the amazing connection that she had with the whole team and the audience.

  11. Peter Trethewey

    Any news of a DVD yet?

  12. Steve Hallewell

    Please. Is there to be a DVD / anything, of the 2014 concerts?

  13. Derek Phillips

    I was lucky enough to be at the September 13th concert; I went there full of sadness – one of my beloved Siamese cats had just had a second cerebral attack, and I didn’t know if I was going to go home to say farewell to him.
    The moment Kate and her chorus walked on stage I felt peace… excited, delirious, but peaceful at the same time. For the whole set I was enraptured – our friend Kate was with us, and pulling our heartstrings, burning our passion to a searing peak, soothing us with love, and enticing us to follow her into magical dreams.
    I loved the Kate of Lionheart, cried to “Oh England” so many times, but the Kate on stage in front of us was other-wordly. She had us mesmerised, tantalised, always wanting more, and from the comments here, never quite satisfied – we will ALWAYS want more.
    I went home to find my lovely boy still with me, and he is still here today (June ’15). Every time I look at him I remember that night, and know that Kate gave me a priceless gift – peace.
    Kate – I thank you for inviting me (and my thousands of co-adorers) into your world, and letting us glimpse a moment of your genius. Please don’t forget us – we will always be there, eagerly awaiting another peek through the lace and the chintz.

  14. Alfredo

    I’m from Italy, Turin and i came to London just on the first date of our goddess Kate’s shows, i came there from Galway, Eire where i had been on holiday for two weeks. I got the ticket because, as a fan of Kate on her official website newsletter, i was entitled to enter the fans pre sale. Now i’m 63, i’ve been an adorer of Kate, both as a person and as an artist since 1978 when i was 26. Running up that Hill, Cloudbusting and Sunset are three songs i really hope to hear in Heaven for eternity and yet she sang the three of them all just for me, that’s what i felt on that holy night. I will never forget the audience standing and singing Cloudbusting with our goddess Kate at the end of the show. Please let me end this comment thanking Kate just to exist and for enlightning my mind, my soul, my whole life. My life can end tomorrow but it was worth living as i was in Eventim Apollo on 26/8/2014 to worship our goddess Kate. Thank you for reading.

  15. John Collins

    I had a ticket for the last night, but was really ill and too sick to travel to London.
    I was just devastated! Like others who have asked if there’s going to be a DVD of the show, I too would really love to know. I’d just like to ask people who did manage to get there, did anyone see a crane arm camera moving over the stage, especially on the dates when seats were ‘rearranged ‘ to make way for filming. Every concert- event that’s being filmed has one.
    It’s the only way to get close up shots! If not, then it I can’t see how else the show was filmed for a professional release. If someone did see a moving crane camera, I’d love to know.
    And I know Kate will not release anything that’s not quality. I really do wish Kate would make some announcement, especially for her devoted fans like me and others who had a ticket, but couldn’t get there. We live in hope. Love to you Kate , and all the KT family.

  16. Mingus42

    30 years since ‘Hounds of Love’, 10 years since ‘Aerial’ and 1 year since I saw the KT Fellowship in ‘Before the Dawn’. Please Kate, what a perfect time for news on a Live album and DVD ???

  17. After controlling the excitement, I ask Kate who was siting next to me at a recording of Vicious Series 2 around Feb 2015, about the DVD. She said it was taking longer than expect 🙂 I’m still smiling and warm from hearing that voice. So, I guess we must wait some more for the goodies 🙂 We know its going to be worth it, aye.

  18. corrected spelling.. i was excited, see..

    After controlling the excitement, I asked Kate who was sitting next to me, about the DVD, at a recording of Vicious Series 2, Episode 6, around Feb 2015. She said it was taking longer than expected. I’m still smiling and warm from hearing that gorgeous voice. So, I guess we must wait some more for the goodies 🙂 We know its going to be worth it, aye.

  19. John Collins

    Congratulations to John Carder Bush for his award in best book production.
    I have two copies, both in the ‘Bespoke Signature Edition’ and I just want to say to everyone that these books are beautiful to look at and feel.
    When I collected mine from Waterstones, the staff commented on it too.
    It’s great to have a real book. Especially one with thick pages like ‘Cathy’
    Almost like going back in time.
    Congratulations on your win for Cathy, and you should get one for ‘Kate Inside the rainbow’
    These books are beautiful.
    John U.K

  20. Bartus

    Just looking in….
    I was there – any more need saying ?
    I took a dear friend from Holland who couldn’t believe it – that’s the only way to enhance what was after all the best gig ever – sharing it with someone that it meant so much to. We exchanged a glance during Lily that I’ll never forget – it said we made it here & this is going to work & everything is alright…. I still well up thinking about it now & although I have all the bootlegs I’ve only ever played the first half of Lily from just one of them….The entrance the cheers the first few lines – that’s enough. Hello to all who read this far – wasn’t it fab ? 🙂

  21. It has taken me a long time to write this message because of how sad I felt not being able to source a ticket for any of the Before the Dawn concerts. I was a symphony in blue and I have still not fully recovered. I even worked in the music industry then and the makers of Ampeg tried and could not. I was hoping Del was using Ampeg amps. On the day the tickets were released I had my friends and my then g/f’s friends ring up as soon as they opened the lines and within 10 minutes or maybe less they were all sold out. As an older person and huge fan of live music, even now, I can not tell you how upset this made me as I knew it might be my last chance to see Kate. I have seen thousands of musicians live but not Kate.

    As a teenager I had a Kate Bush poster on my door and my bass player brilliantly drew the KT from Army Dreamers on the arm of my leather jacket which I wore from 14 until I could no longer fit into it. The bizarre thing is because of the music I enjoyed, punk and metal, I thought no one would know what it meant but I went to many, many punk and metal gigs and played many punk and metal gigs and everywhere I went there would be at least one person who would point and say Kate Bush. I can safely say Kate you have the most diverse fan base ever. I even went to a black metal gig and someone knew what it meant.

    I just wish there could have been a way for real fans to have been singled out and given the option to purchase a much deserved ticket for years of loyalty. Drummers are not always held in high regard so the fact that you think they are the beating heart warms mine. I have to say your roll call for drummers is tremendous Stuart Eliiott, Charlie Morgan, Preston, Omar Hakim, Peter Erskine and Steve Gadd to name a few. What a phenomenal line up. I think you need to be a drummer to understand fully.

    I was too young in 1979 but I did have the video of the Hammersmith gig from The Tour of Life. I played that video until the tape started to wear, because I loved it but also to try and understand what Preston Heyman was playing. I am hoping you will release one for Before the Dawn because part of the beauty behind a video or DVD, as well as feeling like you are there, is that it teaches us things that a mere CD can not. For example there is a slowed down moment in The Song Remains the Same when I realised John Bonham starts his triplets with his left hand. Little gems like that can give us great insight into music and musicians. Also the reviews I read, because I am a masochist, said the concert more than a mere gig but a work of art. For these reasons I think it is important that one day it is seen so all those who were not fortunate enough to source a ticket can appreciate the show too.

    To console myself with not being at any of the shows my then g/f and I went to see a Kate Bush tribute act and I have to say although not Kate they were excellent. They were called Cloudbusting and even got chatting to the drummer Kevin Cook afterwards and they were also all huge KT fans. I even took piano lessons briefly out of deference but I was terrible so switched to drums.

    Thank you for many years of beautiful music and being one of my earliest musical memories singing Wuthering Heights in that white dress. I also later read the novel and visited Haworth Parsonage so you have educated me in many ways. Kate Bush, more than a musician, a true artist.



    • Ross W Wormington

      If only she knew how much a DVD would me to us that tried so hard but failed to get tickets. I’m 58 and been a life long fan.

  22. Les Gooderham

    I waned to post this because I feel really frustrated about the lack of a DVD issue of Before The Dawn.

    I was one of the lucky ones who managed to get a ticket – because I was on the mailing list from unlike reply above from “A Misfit” (a pseudonym perhaps?). None of my friends managed to get tickets on the official release date. I also tried without any success at all to get another date even though I took the morning off to be at my home PC!

    I travelled from Ireland on my own for the gig – leaving my wife & son to manage without me (apparently without any problems!!). I was there on one of the two nights it was recorded. I was next to a guy who had travelled from Finland as indeed many were from overseas just for the show.

    Like Ross (above) I am also in my fifties, although my older brother went to 3 gigs in 1979 for the Tour of Life – I was a little young to tag along with him, so like many I have waited 35 years to see her perform live.

    My only knowledge and appreciation of the 1979 shows was my beloved copy of the Hammersmith Video which has now long worn out, together with my VHS player – but it was so amazing to watch as well as to listen – personally just LISTENING to a live CD does not transport me [back] to a live show! This oddly enough has never been released officially on DVD, although 2nd hand copies of the unofficial (now blocked – but widely available when first released in 2012) Dutch Immortal Label DVD do crop up which was neither in HD nor re-mixed.

    I am not sure how many people saw the comment from Kate in November 2016 just before the Audio release of Before The Dawn. Needless to say I was so disappointed when I read the excerpt!
    “It was filmed,” Bush told Mojo. “And it has been archived. But I think that the CD, is in a way, much more representative of being at the shows than a DVD. When you’re at a live show it’s the whole experience of sitting there in an audience, you can scan the stage, choose where to look, its completely different from film.”
    She added: “There might be something at some point, but there’s certainly no plans at the moment. I want to very much move on and do something new.”

    The Fans responded to Kates “request” not to record any of the show on their ‘phones so there really is nothing “out there” to remind, or more importantly to make the many who wanted to be there but couldn’t, be aware of what actually went on. It was a magical, visually stunning show which is what Kate wanted, she should be proud to put it out in its entirety on DVD.

    Quite rightly, Kate should be protective of her work, even in this Mobile Phone, Streaming, Instagram and whatever Social Media age. The fans respected her wishes not to record anything during the concert – please Kate could you respect our wishes and make an official release of the Before The Dawn live experience available on DVD for those who did go, those who tried to get a ticket but could not, those that do not live in London, or the UK or Europe or those that could not justify the £150-00 price. Please let everyone appreciate it. It WAS beautiful!

    I had also dared to hope that the full 24 tracks of the Tour of Life footage would be released as a remixed & remastered DVD after 25, then 30 then 35 years, rather than relying on shabby unofficial transfer releases of the original 12 track VHS. I don’t think I can wait for the 50th Anniversary, but maybe the 40th (!).

    Thanks for listening!

  23. Ross Hyland

    I live in Australia and so have only the CD of “Before the Dawn” to listen to…. no fond memories of the concert… and no bootlegged footage because respectful fans refrained from filming the concert with their rubbish phones. I’m sure all Kate’s fans believed it was better to wait for a proper Bluray release… and that it was just the right thing to do…. as the art of course belongs to Kate.

    BUT!… for goodness sake it’s nearly 2020 and still no Bluray release. This is hard for me to understand.

    If I was in possession of something that would bring so much joy to the world… so much joy to people the world over…. (and also make a lot of money in the process)… gosh… then why not let it go?! If I didn’t care for the money then I’d just use it to feed starving africans, or donate to the cancer council, or support young artists who need a break. I seem to remember a time when D.Gilmour from Pink Floyd helped Kate’s career in the early days…. (is that correct?)

    Talk about hiding your light under a Bushel….
    ( That’s a reference to Jesus’ idea of course…. although the Bush/Bushel pun was my idea)


  24. Ross Hyland

    Well it’s 2020 and still no Before The Dawn Bluray…. Why is this show in quarantine?

    Too bad I wasn’t able to fly my jet to London secure tickets for the show live…

    This world needs uplifting things whenever possible. I wonder why this excellent show is being kept in a box. What is the purpose? Where is the good in this?

  25. Ross Hyland


  26. Ross Hyland

    Oh… Thank you….
    Thank Youuuuu…!!!


    In lockdown an listening to the excellent CD of Before the Dawn. Focused listening reveals so much in the music. New arrangements…. whole new sections… wonderful stuff.

    I am lucky enough to have a big 4K screen, separate amp and hi fi speakers set up. On a world scale I understand that makes me quite wealthy…. but there was no way I was going to make it to London from Australia for those concerts…. assuming I could have won the lottery and secured any tickets anyway.

    Good God how I wish I could experience “Before the Dawn” on my home theatre set up. Imagine the Bluray…

    I would exclaim “Kate, thank you… Thank Youuuuu….!”

    2020 Covid19 lockdown…..
    Be kind….

  27. Ross Hyland

    Well I’m dead now…. that’s right I’m speaking to you from beyond the grave. I have actually died of old age waiting for Before the Dawn to be released on Blu-ray but now of course all my troubles are over …… No regrets now as I live and breath a new dawn…. a glorious afterlife where all the deepest hopes and dreams find fulfilment and….
    Oh who am I kidding … I still would have loved to see that concert.

  28. Please release the film!

    Thanks for all you have given the creative world.

  29. Ross Hyland

    Sorry…. I’m back from the dead for just a moment….. 2021 ….

  30. Ross Hyland

    2022…. So much encouragement and life could be shared with people. The songs the lyrics the magic the generosity of it all…. it just seems at odds with this seemingly cold fortress mentality. Is this caused by the cruelty and stupidity of the professional media and social media…. is it because of the impossible modern youth culture that demands celebrities remain forever young?
    Well Kate Bush has done so much great, great work over the decades….. I still regularly listen to her work…. I suppose that gratitude is the only proper response.

  31. Bourlon

    Je n’ai pas de mots pour résumer en quelques lignes toute mon admiration pour Kate. J’aime son univers et son talent dans son entièreté. Assister à « before the down » était un moment unique dans ma vie. Dans l’échelle des plus importants moments de ma vie, le le place tout de suite après la naissance de mon unique fille. C’est pour dire…. Kate, si tu lis ceci (on ne sait jamais), je t’en prie, réalise un DVD de ta tournée !!!
    Merci d’exister !

  32. David Pionke

    And the first question on everyone’s mind is, will there be a DVD release some day of the concert?

  33. Mark Belcher

    My question is: why hasn’t a dvd come out, has it ever been official addressed or even speculated on. I didn’t get to see the show, had the money, had the time, even on the pre-order list, but, with regret never got a sale slot. Been a fan since 79, so bummed I didn’t get to go and even more bummed to think someone might be sitting on its footage somewhere?

    • Ross

      Now April 2023 and still the footage is sitting somewhere. An artist has the right to do what they want with their art. They can burn it if they choose.

      I think that the love people have for the art and the artist is worth some consideration. Once the work has been widely published and the accolades (or otherwise) have also had their day…. then perhaps the work is in some sense part of the public domain. If that sounds too legalistic, then perhaps it’s only right to consider that the work is now a personal part of many people’s personal life experience. There is a responsibility that comes with the accolades and fame whereby ( like it or not) the ownership of a great creative endeavour has ultimately become an important part of other human beings lived experience. The fierce protectionism that may be necessary in the early stages of a creative endeavour must surely give way one day for the benefit of the many lives that have been blessed and changed by the creative work. Anything less would be churlish and disingenuous in my opinion.

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