The HomeGround Audio Archive

The HomeGround Editors have been collecting Kate related audio material since before the founding of the magazine in 1982. In fact the collecting began in 1979, the year after Kate’s debut with Wuthering Heights. The material, dating from 1978 to date, radio shows and clips, and other material was originally collected on over a hundred audio cassettes, which have now been digitised into MP3s.

Be warned. The audio quality of the early material is variable. In the late 70s and early eighties we were still collecting tapes which were umpteenth generation copies of material originally recorded (most likely) by balancing a microphone against a decidedly low-fi transistor radio or TV. These files are kept in the archive because they are precious survivals of material that has not (yet) appeared in a better format. The MP3s faithfully reproduce the poor quality of the original sound.

The sound improves as we move into the 1980s, with material recorded by ourselves and others on cassette radios, and finally into the new millennium with digitally recorded original MP3s.

So please enjoy this collection of material, which does not claim by any means to be definitive. If you have something which we don’t have, or even better quality material, please let us have a copy and we will place it in the archive.

Important note: In compiling these archives we are aware that some of the recordings may include copyright material. Our intention with these audio clips is to present a historical record for the interest of fans only. Neither HomeGround or will benefit financially from this archive.

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