At the time, and after the busy year of 1980, it seemed like Kate was away for a long time. One single – but what a single!

Capital Radio (London ILR) Awards 1st January 1981

BBC Radio London London Rock Show 4th January 1981

DJ Comments On Airplays & Charts 18th January to 14th July 1981

BBC Radio 1 Roundtable review of Sat in Your Lap 19th June 1981

Capital Radio Late Show Tony Myatt interview 24th June 1981

Capital Radio (London ILR) Blind Date Clive James & Recap 25th June 1981

Capital Radio (London ILR) Sunday Supplement 28th June 1981

French Radio Backstage 5th October 1981

BBC Radio 1 Kid Jensen Christmas Eve 23rd December 1981