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That special Christmas present – The HomeGround Anthology 1982-2012

This anthology’s masterstroke … It’s every bit as valuable as an in-depth biography because it dares to go deeper … offering a plethora of insights into this woman’s work.”

Record Collector 4 star review

This is how to reload Kate’s career from the unusual point of view of her fans’ reactions. “Homeground” fanzine provided all sort of documents about the albums, the songs, the public statements of Kate Bush. You’ll find here a collection of interviews, reviews, poems, drawings. Inspirational.”

“What a blessing for a French Kate fan to find all of these things… Especially after the London Eventim Apollo September, 17 show where I had the good fortune to be!!! I found my ”Holy Grail” in this year 2014.”

a fabulous treasure chest of information and memory refreshment...”

what a fan of an artist longs for… full of facts and intricate details, it’s incredible!

These books are a lovingly compiled collection of articles detailing every part of Kate’s unique career and how her music has developed over the years along with how we, the fans, have changed and grown whilst also remaining staunch supporters of her incredible craft and talent. It is a true celebration of the career of arguably the most inspiration British female artist of all time…

A treasure trove of everything Kate, a must have for any true Kate fan...”

Amazon 5 star reviews

Kate Bush ISBN 1861714432 Vol 1 Paperback Cover“For a Kate Bush fan there was nothing more satisfying, other than perhaps Kate herself dropping around for a quick cup of tea, than the arrival of a much awaited issue of HomeGround. Just as the illusion of being the one and only devotee reaches overwhelming heights a surprise package is delivered as a joyous reminder of Kate Bush’s hold over, not just me, but many of us.”

… so Emmy Award winning actor Guy Pearce introduces HomeGround: The Kate Bush Magazine Anthology 1982-2012, a project we have worked on for over five years, and which we are delighted to say, is now available to order.

The first issue of HomeGround appeared in 1982, four years after Kate Bush’s dramatic debut with Wuthering Heights. Starting with an ancient manual typewriter, real scissors and a pot of genuine paste, we mounted articles on recycled backing sheets and added hand-drawn artwork to fill the gaps. The first issue was photocopied, the pages hand-stapled together and twenty-five copies were given away to fans we knew. Only later did we discover the magic of word processing, and then desktop publishing.

From those beginnings HomeGround became a cornerstone of the ‘Kate-speaking world’, going on to co-organise with the official fan club four fan conventions and events at which Kate Bush and members of her family and band appeared; arrange at her request a team of fans to be extras in two of her videos, and organise annual informal fan gatherings on Glastonbury Tor, and at Top Withens, the storm-blown ruin on Haworth Moor thought to be the place which inspired the creation of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. Years before the internet, HomeGround became a place where fans could discuss Kate’s music, and a place where they could publish creative writing and artwork inspired by that music.

Kate Bush ISBN 1861714440 Vol 2 Paperback CoverBuilt around the thread of HomeGround’s retracing of the scenes of Kate’s musical career, these unique books include material from over 400 HomeGround contributors from the thirty-year existence of the magazine, and include material inspired by all periods of Kate’s musical progression.

This is a two-volume set published both in hardcover and paperback. Volume 1 covers Kate’s career from the late 1970s to the late 1980s – from before Wuthering Heights to The Sensual World and the box set set This Woman’s Work. Volume 2 covers Kate’s career from the 1990s to date – from The Red Shoes to 2011’s  50 Words for Snow. Both volumes include a detailed Kate timeline and discography and a “who’s who” of people involved in the story.

These volumes also contain a definitive collection of the beautiful Kate-related artwork from professional artists Paulina Stuckey-Cassidy and Steven Brown, the riotous Cosmic Kate graphic stories of Chris Tilley, the Kate-related extemporary photography of Rob Assenberg, Paul Camilleri, and Jules Angel and the work of published poets John Carder Bush, Collin Kelley, Kyla Clay-Fox, Antonello Saeli, and Jeff Side.

Hardcover 648pp: ISBN 9781861714800. Paperback 648pp: ISBN 9781861714794.

Hardcover 568pp: ISBN 9781861714824. Paperback 568pp: ISBN 9781861714817.

The books are available at Amazon UK, Amazon US, and other online booksellers. You can also order by ISBN at any good bookshop. You can also order direct from the publishers Crescent Moon:

Usual Retail Price: Hardcover: £49.99 / $81.99.  Paperback: £34.99 / $57.99.

Direct from the publishers Crescent Moon with free shipping in the UK:

£31.99 (GBP) €37.99 (Euros) $50.99 (USD) $59.99 (AUD) $59.99 (CAD)

£47.99 (GBP) €55.99 (Euros) $74.99 (USD) $86.49 (AUD) $86.49 (CAD)

If buying direct from Crescent Moon you can pay by cheque, money order bank transfer or in the UK or US by PayPal.

If buying direct from Crescent Moon you can take advantage of a special deal if you are purchasing both volumes:

£59.99 (GBP) €71.99 (Euros) $95.99 (USD) $109.99 (AUD) $109.99 (CAD)

£89.99 (GBP) €107.99 (Euros) $143.99 (USD) $165.49 (AUD) $165.49 (CAD)

P.O. Box 1312, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5XU, Great Britain

Tel: 01622-729593 (UK)
01144-1622-729593 (from the US)
0044-1622-729593 (from Europe)


We hope very much that you will enjoy these volumes and that you will let us know what you think.

Krys, Peter, Dave

The HomeGround Anthology is reviewed here: |Modern Confessional|Labyrinths of Words|Prog Magazine|Anti-Music|Tea and Sympathy|Record Collector|

Prog Magazine has “Kate Bush Resurfaces” cover feature, AND reviews HomeGround anthology: “A beautiful artefact harking back to bygone days”

Prog Magazine - Kate Bush Resurfaces

The latest edition of Prog Magazine features Kate on the cover of it’s wrap around cardboard wallet – with the tagline “Kate Bush Resurfaces”. The issue explores “the inside story of her first and only tour” plus “what to expect from this year’s Before the Dawn shows”. More speculation, possibly, but another handsome addition to the widespread media coverage Kate is receiving since she announced her live shows. (keen-eyed fans will also spot site-favourites Syd Arthur mentioned on the cover too!)

Elsewhere in this issue, we’re delighted to report that Volume 1 of the HomeGround Anthology receives a fantastic review – they really seem to get what the editors of the magazine aimed to achieve with this massive project!

Record Collector Review

Order Prog Rock Magazine at their website here, iPad edition is available at the Apple store here.

Record Collector review the HomeGround Anthology: “Driven by love and passion”.

The June issue (out now!) of Record Collector magazine, the bible for all serious UK record CD and music collectors, contains an enthusiastic review by Jason Draper, of Volume 1 of the the HomeGround Anthology.


Missed out on tickets to see KB at Hammersmith in the autumn? Pick up this weighty tome and you’ll be so immersed in its world you might not even notice she’s there. For the first of two anthologies of dedicated Kate Bush fanzine HomeGround – published simultaneously – the editors have stripped out various articles, think pieces, fan reactions and readers’ letters from throughout the magazine’s history, matching them with a Kate Bush timeline.

Launching in recordcollector1982, HomeGround had the benefit of looking at The Kick Inside with hindsight; seems it shared chart space with Elvis Costello, Blondie and Buzzcocks – yet, neither punk nor prog, it was something unique in the dying years of the 70s. Wuthering Heights may have entranced at least one contributor at the age of 15, but by Hounds Of Love the NME would hail Running Up That Hill as the best single ever recorded by a white British artist. Shame, then, that one fan’s reaction was “complete despair” at hearing “a dance song with a somewhat interesting but monotonous and overbearing drum machine beat”.

That’s this anthology’s masterstroke: with little Kate Bush ISBN 1861714432 Vol 1 Paperback Coverself-editing, the HomeGround team have created a compendium faithful to the original publication. Opinion may vary throughout, but one thing’s for sure: everything written here is driven by love and passion for Kate Bush and her music. Repro illustrations and posters for video-party events capture the fanzine aesthetic, while fan poetry and short stories – though unlikely to vie for your attention in the face of more pertinent diversions such as a brief history of “cloudbuster” Wilhelm Reich – are testament to the ways in which Kate’s music touched her most loyal admirers. It’s every bit as valuable as an in-depth biography because it dares to go deeper into the fan psyche, offering a plethora of insights into this woman’s work.”

Our thanks to Jason and to Record Collector for actually understanding what we set out to do with the HomeGround Anthology, and our thanks for being supportive of the Magazine over the years right back to the 1980s.

The HomeGround Midsummer Party ~ Friday 21st June 2013

On this Midsummer night …


Following the success of last year’s 30th Anniversary HomeGround party, Editors Peter, Dave and Krys are pleased to confirm that there will be another Kate themed party this year.

This year’s event will take place on Friday 21st June ~ the Summer Solstice ~ and will be at the legendary Royal Vauxhall Tavern. The RVT is in Vauxhall, South London, just over the Thames from the West End and is a two minute walk from Vauxhall Underground, main line and bus stations and is two tube stops from the Victoria railway terminus. The RVT is home to award winning club night Duckie as well as the Hot August Fringe Festival and many other top music and cabaret events and performances.


We are very pleased to confirm that the night will feature an exclusive live performance from Kate Bush tribute band Cloudbusting fronted by long time Kate fan and HomeGround reader, Lisa Oliver.

The band will be performing a special set for the HomeGround party and are asking fans to make suggestions for Kate songs they would like to hear on the night, making this a unique event mixing some of Kate’s most well-known songs with fan favourites.

You can email your suggestions to:

The night will also feature DJ sets from Paul Burston, Phil Marriot, HG editor Dave Cross and Paul Thomas.

The RVT is a fantastic venue, celebrating its 150th birthday this year. We are very excited about this party, which will be a great night for Kate fans.

Advance tickets are £8 each available from this pay pal link or the link on the HomeGround page.

There will be tickets on sale on the night for £10.

There will be updates to follow plus more information on Cloudbusting and the DJs.

We are also hoping that this will be the launch party for the HomeGround book, now proceeding to proof, itself taking almost as long to produce as a Kate album!

rvtThe Royal Vauxhall Tavern
372 Kennington Lane,
London SE11 5HY


The HomeGround Book – Aiming for Christmas 2012

After a very successful meeting with our publisher today we can now say that HomeGround the Kate Bush Magazine – An Anthology 1982-2012 will consist of two hard cover volumes (in a format which is slightly smaller than A4) with approx 600 pages in each volume.

Although HomeGround commenced publishing in 1982, the magazine has contained articles about all periods of Kate’s career, and the book is arranged around a Kate chronology.

Volume One will contain the introductions, Part I (the period from Kate’s early demo recordings to Sat in Your Lap) and Part II (The Dreaming to The Sensual World). Volume Two will contain Part III (The Red Shoes to 50 Words for Snow). The anthology will be illustrated with artwork and photographs from all periods of HomeGround’s history.

The cost will be about £30 per volume and the books will be available at Amazon and various other outlets. It will certainly be available in the US. We are now working very hard toward having these books ready for realease in time for Christmas.

The HomeGround 30th Birthday Party – Sunday 17th June 2012

The HomeGround 30th Birthday Party will be on Sunday 17th June 2012 from 4 pm until 10 pm at Lo-Profile, 84-86 Wardour Street, London W1F 0TQ.

In 2012 we reach 30 years since we first decided to put out a Kate Bush fanzine and produced the very first copy with scissors and paste and the office photocopier.

We’re feeling the need to celebrate, and The HomeGround 30th birthday party is going to be relaxed and fun, a chance to meet other Kate fans and hear Kate’s music played in a club. This is not a convention with organised events or acts, just a chance to have fun and socialise in a Kate themed environment.

Lo-Profile is situated in the heart of Soho just five minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus Underground Station.

We are happy to confirm that the DJs on the day will be;

Paul Burston. Best selling author, Time Out journalist, promoter of Polari, and DJ. Paul first saw Kate Bush on Saturday morning TV performing Wuthering Heights and fell about laughing. A week later he went out and bought the record and hasn’t looked back since. An author and journalist, he has met many of his musical heroes, but not Kate Bush. He’s not bitter.

Phil Marriot. Phil is the head of music at Gaydar radio and has his own evening show on the station he is also a resident at XXL and has played at many top venues such as the RVT and Area and is one of London’s most respected DJs. He is a life long Kate Fan.

Dave Cross. Yes the HomeGround editor is also a DJ and has played at many top clubs including G-A-Y, Heaven and Fire.

Tickets for the party are just £6.00 each and can be ordered via the PayPal buttons at the top and bottom of the HomeGround Page.

Once your payment has been received you will get an email confirmation from us. This will be your ticket and you need to bring it with you to gain access to the party.

See you all there!

Dave Krys Peter

HomeGround 30th Birthday Party!

This year – 2012 – is the 30th anniversary of HomeGround magazine, the world’s longest published Kate Bush magazine and it will also see the long awaited publication of the Homeground Anthology book. To celebrate these two events we are going to organise a party as both a birthday and a book launch. 

It will almost certainly be on a Sunday late afternoon/evening in early June and at a Central London location. Please note that this will not be an official Kate event or convention, it’s a fan gathering to celebrate that we are still alive! We can promise lots of like minded people and lots of Kate music, there may even be cake! We will sell tickets through the website and will try to keep the cost as low as possible and will confirm details ASAP.

We are currently looking at venues and it would really help us to know a rough idea of how many people are interested, so please just leave a comment or send us a message. We would love to see as many of you as possible!

Dave, Krys and Peter

HomeGround book and mag latest

Homeground logo

The completed sections of the HomeGround Anthology have now been sent to the publisher. These take the story to 2006 and at present comprise 1132 pages. We will now be in discussion as to how this material is presented and whether there will be two volumes.

We are now working on the two final sections of the book. The first bridges the gap between Aerial and Directors Cut, and the final section which will cover Directors Cut and anything else which happens this year. These will use material which appeared in HomeGround issue 78, and material which will be in issue 79.

We are now beginning to put together issue 79 and welcome any letters or contributions, especially regarding Directors Cut, and any ads or personal messages. As ever it’s already looking like our problem will be what to leave out!

Happy 29th birthday to HomeGround Magazine!

“Hello there…this is ‘Homeground’, the first serious attempt at a Kate Bush fanzine…” Almost 30 years ago, Dave Cross wrote these words in the very first issue of HomeGround. It was on the 18th May 1982 that Dave first said to Peter; “why don’t we do a Kate Bush fanzine?” and the rest is history. Almost 80 lovingly crafted issues later, the HomeGround team are now here online, working with me to bring you this news coverage of yet another new Kate Bush album (when they launched they were gearing up for the release of The Dreaming) and also looking forward to the publication of the extraordinary upcoming HomeGround Anthology book. Warm birthday wishes to Dave, Peter and Krys. Thanks for providing us with such an essential, respectful, authoritative and fun magazine all these years, and thanks for being brilliant friends. The countdown begins for the 30 year celebrations in 2012!  ~ Seán

Filming the Experiment IV video in 1986 – Peter, Kate, Krys and Dave

The HomeGround Book – glimpse of the Cover Art

Work on the HomeGround anthology is still ongoing, though we are near the end of the first working draft (I’m currently working on the final part of the “Five Years Ago”/News/etc chronology for 2005-2008).

Here is a glimpse of ideas for the front and back covers using the beautiful artwork done for us by Steven Brown. Still to settle exact design/typeface and lay out, but it will be something like this:

The idea is that the anthology is “bookended” between Wuthering Heights and Aerial:

We are enourmously grateful to Steven, who took time out of his busy schedule to create these beautiful images for us.

The HomeGround logo reimagined

For the HomeGround book we asked major fantasy artist Peter Pracownik to reimagine the HomeGround logo in his inimitable style:

This therefore is the image which will adorn the title and section pages

Kate Bush books – a round up of publications coming your way!

Hi all, I’m still trying to find the time to get the site re-launched, getting to grips with a number of options right now, please bear with me, I’ve been posting bits of news in the Twitter feed which you’ll find above, I’d urge you to check out the Paddy Bush radio programme from BBC Radio in particular, stirring stuff. In the meantime I’ve realised it’s a busy time for your Kate Bush bookshelf so here’s some upcoming releases you may want to get your mitts on!

HomeGround, The Book – An anthology of the Best of the Kate Bush Magazine Update: Work continues apace on this huge project by Peter & Krys. Up to 800 pages, yes, you read that right, have been completed and a first draft should be ready in a month or so. The plan will be to have the book available on Amazon, and the HomeGround editors are aiming for a publication date in the second half of 2010. Judging by the anticipation I’ve been reading so far, many, many bookshelves out there are looking forward to this book. As I’ve said before, whether you’ve subscribed to HomeGround in the past or were always curious what all the fuss was about, now you can look forward to the ULTIMATE anthology of this iconic publication, and an incredible resource for anyone interested in Kate’s career. All updates will be on this site and on the HomeGround pages here.

Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory by Deborah M. Withers (HammerOn Press).Published March 15th 2010. From the Press Release: “A new book providing the first ever indepth engagement with the philosophy of Kate Bush’s music. It will be published on March 15th 2010. Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory will present Kate Bush as you have never seen her before. Here is the polymorphously perverse Kate, the witchy Kate, the queer Kate; the Kate who moves beyond the mime. Since Bush burst into the public eye in 1978, her fans and admirers have been fascinated by the endless mysteries of her music. She is a pop star whose brain and imagination have inspired, delighted and comforted millions. Former Sex Pistol John Lydon recently said that Bush ‘supplies me with all the clues and it’s up to me put the answers together.’ Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory is one personal response to these clues. Written by a queer woman in her late 20s, its answers are delivered in a unique way. Drawing on cutting edge feminist philosophy, critical theory and queer studies, Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory makes theory accessible to new audiences. Through analysis of the music, film, video and dance of Kate Bush, it breaks down boundaries between the academic and popular, showing that theory can be sordid, funny and relevant – despite what most people think.

The book has been described by Radio DJ Mark Radcliffe as “an in-depth labour of love from a genuine Bush fanatic” and acclaimed international artist and scholar Allyson Mitchell as “a weaving of theory, historical data, imagination and activism tied with astute observation and wry wit… Cultural Studies has met its match in a readable stretch of the boundaries of theory and genres”. Deborah M. Withers has been interpreting and telling stories about Kate Bush’s music for most of the noughties. She even has a PhD on the subject. Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory is her first book. As Deborah says: “Undoubtedly including “theory” in the title will immediately suggests to people that the book is a weighty tome, but I can assure you that this is not the case. It is important to remember that “adventures” is also in the title. I want readers to roam with me through Kate Bush’s music, unlocking the codes that are within them. Theory is one of the instruments I use to crack these codes. It is a tool that should be available for everyone to use.”
I haven’t had a chance to read the book yet, so I asked longtime fan Ian McLauchlan to give me his impressions after reading it. Ian writes: “My own suspicion is that the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose – J Haldane 1928.” It could be said that there is nothing more to write about with regard to Kate Bush and her music to the present date. There have been thousands of articles written, countless interviews, reviews and numerous books. And yet here is a forum where we still write about Kate, her art (in between discussion about the weather, cake and each other.) and hopefully we take a little time to listen to each other’s views, opinions with good humour. So here is yet another book about Kate. But it’s not about Kate. And it’s not another male journalist behind the pen. It’s an alternative viewpoint, opinion, and is full of humour. This is a book about the BFS. The subject of the book changes shape, gender, sound; taking on an ever shifting guise on its journey through each album and zeitgeist of each release. The cyclical nature of The Ninth Wave and A Sky of Honey are expanded throughout the story of the BFS. The birth, life, continuity, change, breakdown, death and rebirth are explored with reference to folklore and fairy tales, colonialism, nationalism, gender, oh and a little bit of Orientalism thrown in for good measure. Brave, funny, silly, informative, and probably the best book written about Kate and yet not about Kate. Utterly QUEER.” Thanks Ian. Read more about this book at the publishers website here and the book is available to order here. Perhaps most fun of all, we have a Youtube trailer for the book for you to enjoy!

Under The Ivy – The Life & Music of Kate Bush by Graeme Thomson. (Omnibus Press). Published May 4th 2010. 350 pages with 3×8 plate sections. Graeme Thomson is the author of biographies of Willie Nelson and Elvis Costello and a regular contributor to The Guardian, Observer, the New Statesman, The Word and The Herald. I spoke to Graeme in 2008 as he was setting out to write this book. A fan himself, he clearly had a good grasp of the previous biographies of Kate and what their strengths and failings were. He was not interested in exploring Kate’s personal life but rather to take a fresh look at her body of work, without following the chronological framework used so often before. He told me he wanted to write something insightful and elegant, a book which is genuinely revealing in terms of her working process. He wanted to redress his own disappointment that nothing so far had been published which did her justice (although we both agreed that the 1988 Kate Bush: A Visual Documentary book by Kevin Cann and the late Sean Mayes was the best so far published). So, I have a lot of reasons to look forward with interest to this book. Graeme tells me that the book has lots and lots of new information, a wealth of new first-hand accounts, and in-depth critical analysis of all aspects of her work.

From the Press Release: “This is the first ever in-depth study of Kate Bush’s life and career. “Under the Ivy” features over 70 unique and revealing new interviews with those who have viewed from up close both the public artist and the private woman: old school friends, early band mates, long-term studio collaborators, former managers, producers, musicians, video directors, dance instructors and record company executives. “Under the Ivy” undertakes a full analysis of Bush’s art. From her pre-teen forays into poetry, through scores of unreleased songs. Every crucial aspect of her music is discussed from her ground-breaking series of albums to her solo live tour. Her pioneering forays into dance, video, film and performance. Combining a wealth of new research with rigorous critical scrutiny, “Under the Ivy” offers a string of fresh insights and perspectives on her unusual upbringing in South London, the blossoming of her talent, her enduring influences and unique working methods, her rejection of live performance, her pioneering use of the studio, her key relationships and her gradual retreat into a semi-mythical privacy.” The book is available to pre-order from Amazon here

Kate Bush’s The Dreaming by Ann Powers. (Continuum Books). Published December 2011. Ann Powers is a veteran and highly acclaimed rock critic who has also written extensively on feminism, spirituality, and contemporary culture. From 1997-2001 she was a pop critic at the New York Times. She is currently senior critic at Blender magazine. 33⅓ (Thirty-Three and a Third) is a series of books written about music albums, featuring one author per album. The series is published by Continuum Books. They stagger the releases of this popular series and have published 70 volumes of the series with another 24 titles forthcoming. Thus, this is early word on this one, it’s released in December 2011! The books are very well done and the publisher’s blog makes for interesting reading. From the Press Release: “This book is imagistically rich and prismatically structured, interweaving the old tales of she-bears and werewolves, Donkeyskin and Coyote, with historical accounts of Houdini’s wife, bank robbers like Machine Gun Molly and warriors like the revolutionary war hero Deborah Sampson. Some of these tales directly inspired Bush’s lyrics, others illuminate them; all are part of the tapestry of truth and exaggeration that Bush took up with The Dreaming.” The book is available to pre-order from Amazon here

Happy Birthday Kate!

30th July 2009: A very Happy Birthday to Kate today – hope you have a great one! In other news check out the HomeGround Page for updates on Glastonbury, Haworth, HomeGround the Book (getting excited yet?!) and an announcement on how the magazine will be run in future.

HomeGround – The Book, out next year!!

Very exciting news for absolutely anyone with an interest in Kate’s music and career – it’s time to prepare a space on your bookshelf for something extremely special indeed. HomeGround 1982-2009 – An Anthology of the Best of the Kate Bush Magazine will be published by Crescent Moon Publishing in time for Christmas 2009. This will be an A4 sized hardback book (see dummy cover impression above) of some 600 pages which will feature a selection of the best of the writing, artwork, and photographs that have appeared in HomeGround over 27 years. The HomeGround editors are raring to go and intend to begin preliminary work in the next few weeks, with the principal work being done in the first half of next year, so that the book would be published in time for Christmas 2009. At the moment the publisher anticipates that the price will be about £35, and it will be available from on-line retailers such as Amazon. We’ll keep you updated on this site with all the news as the book takes shape. Whether you’ve subscribed to HomeGround in the past or were always curious what all the fuss was about, now you can look forward to the ULTIMATE anthology of this iconic publication.

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