Del Palmer

Del is Kate’s closest musical collaborator having worked as a musician and then studio engineer with her, from his playing in the KT Bush Band, right up to his work on Aerial, Lyra and beyond. Del is an enormous part of the Kate Bush story.

He released his first solo album entitled ‘Leap of Faith’ in 2007, followed by a 5 song EP entitled ‘Outtees & Alternatives’

Del Palmer releases his much anticipated second full studio album, “Gift”, on December 5th 2010. More details can be found at his official site and his Myspace page.

Del Palmer new album

Photo by Krys Fitzgerald-Morris

Read more at his official site:

Or listen to tracks at his official Myspace page:

Del’s work can be found on iTunes and all the usual download sites, you can buy the CD from his site here.

Leap of Faith CD

Photo by Krys Fitzgerald-Morris