The 100 Greatest Stars of the 20th Century

The new edition of Q magazine once again compiles a reader based survey, this time compiling the list of “The 100 Greatest Stars of the 20th Century”. Kate is placed at number 33, with Q commenting; “Venus in leg-warmers. Having made her sparkling arrival as a 19-year-old in 1977, Kate Bush retired from live performances after one tour and has released albums sparingly. The goggle-eyed, hello-flowers, hello-trees dance routines and paint-peeling trill made her a soft target for critics, but a subtle refining of her art and growing older has resulted in a sophisticated artist, extraordinarily successful but still shrouded in mystery. What is she like? Where does she go? Is it OK to fancy her rotten? The world still wants to know”. One voter (Jonathan Reynolds, Liverpool) summed Kate up by saying: “Imagination, romanticism and not giving a toss.” John Lennon topped this particular poll, but Kate proved a more popular choice than the likes of Jim Morrison, Prince and Eric Clapton.

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