Top Ten Pop Princesses on Channel 4

Thanks to everyone who’s reminded me to tell you that Kate will be featured in next Saturday night’s “Top Ten Pop Princesses” programme on Channel 4 in the UK. The popular series has featured everyone from the Top Ten “one hit wonders” to the Top Ten “electronica” acts. The show will be presented by Cerys Matthews (of Welsh group Catatonia) and pop singer Betty Boo. It promises to “take a look at pop’s female icons” and will also feature Kim Wilde, Sade, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue and Suzi Quatro among others. Don’t expect any new interview material from Kate, but there may be some clips of the rarer variety. It airs at 10.10pm on Saturday 14th April. (thanks to Phillip Lau, Big Stripey Brian, Tracy Story, Patricia Campbell, Jeanette Payne, Alex McLauchlin, Cheryl Simon, Jon Bishop…phew!)

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