Kate Highly Placed In VH1 Poll (and getting a lot of press coverage as a result)

For some reason the new poll by music channel VH1 of the 100 Greatest Women in music is getting more press coverage than one of these polls would normally get, after all they seem to come out every other month. Kate has been highly placed as usual at number 10, and various media reports are emphasising that she is the highest placed British female artist, a really incredible achievement when you consider that her last album was nine years ago. Madonna topped the poll, Kylie was second. The BBC website have a photo of Kate with their article here. Reuters said Kate was “forever famous for her 1978 debut single Wuthering Heights”, while Ananova also mentioned Kate’s placing as significant. Some of this mornings UK papers have photos of Kate too. 750,000 votes were cast, read more at the VH1 website. (thanks to Cynthia Conrad)

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