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Jaclyn Bell, who performed and won as Kate in the April 5th heat of Stars In Their Eyes, has been snapped up to star in a BBC show after winning the contest. The 16-year-old from Barrhead won the junior version of the popular soundalike show after wowing audiences as Kate, performing Wuthering Heights. Now Jaclyn, a budding actress, is to appear in The Key, a new BBC drama this summer which stars comedienne Ronni Ancona in a Glasgow tale. Jaclyn says: “Becoming Kate Bush was kind of my mum’s idea as she’s a big fan. We got the old albums out and I thought it was quite good and then I saw a video and thought ‘I like this’.” Her parents David and Linda are thrilled Jaclyn has been chosen for the show. David, 46, said: “We are just delighted. Jaclyn getting the chance to audition was marvellous. There were two rounds of auditions with her up against thousands. My wife is a Kate Bush fan and we have all the videos and all the records and Jaclyn loves watching them, so I think that’s where her inspiration came from.” The show will run over nine weeks and culminate in a live final on Saturday May 31st…

LionheartThe Dreaming have been repackaged together by EMI, in the same way as The Kick Inside and Lionheart were last year. These are NOT the awaited remasters. The discs are apperently copy protected. You can order the set here (thanks to Alan Stonebridge)…A new techno mix of Babooshka can be found here (thanks to SWAN)…Birgitte writes that Running Up That Hill byWithin Temptation has just been released in the Netherlands only. You can email Birgitte if you’d like to arrange to buy a copy of this cover version, the price will probably be around 5.99 Euros plus postage…the 11th April broadcast in the US of Kate on SNL on the E! channel seems not to have happened, sorry to those who were looking out for it, if anyone has other info on screenings please let me know, a lot of US fans really want to see this…more remixes, Kate Bush “Cloudbusting 2003” White ENG 12 – circulating as Bush Babies “Bustin’ Clouds” this is a solid house reworking of the classic Kate Bush track that uses much of the original vocal and song in the mix. It is available for US$9.99 hereSpice feat. Cass vs Hernan @ Spacelab Yellow, Tokyo is reviewed here, the event featured “the mammoth Infusion vs Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’, which he helped to arrange with Jamie Stevens…it was indeed a spine-tingling, arm-hair raising, goosebump-inducing five minutes all instigated by THAT key change. Utterly, utterly mad stuff. And that was just the first time it was played”…according to the Glasgow Daily Record, “Christina Aguilera has taken a leaf out of Kate Bush’s book for her new video. For the pop diva has copied Kate’s dark fantasy-style image for her new single Fighter.”… Sara Spade mentions Kate in her BBC diary here…trivia alert! In a recent Dutch newspaper interview, local dressage horse-woman Anky van Grunsven reveals that her dog “Bush” is named after Kate (thanks Birgitte)…She’s Having A Baby (dubbed version) was shown on French TV on 23rd March…in The Arbiter April 3rd edition Tori Amos describes her first record (with Y Kant Tori Read) as “Madonna and Kate Bush in a head-on collision after eating bad mushrooms.”…Yet another sampler featuring Kate’s Mná na hÉireann: “Best Of Celtic“, label WSM (Warner Music), released March 31…a new KB addition to the De Efteling theme park in the Netherlands where Kate filmed her special in 1978 can be seen here (thanks to Coos and Birgitte – Birgitte is organising a Dutch gathering for Kate’s birthday on July 25th 2003, read more here)…Monica Tessarin will be publishing the first Italian book on Kate this summer. Illustrations will be by Paulina Stuckey. See Monica’s site here

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