Peter Gabriel & Stuart Elliott talk Kate, plus release date rumours…

Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel has been interviewed by the Toronto Sun newspaper, promoting ‘Play’, his music DVD collection. “Kate had a son and lost her mom and I think that kept her (occupied),” said Gabriel. “I spoke to her quite recently in fact and she’s just about finished on a new record. It is exciting. She’s being a mom and loving it. So, if you like, music’s gone from being full-time to being part-time, so that slows you down. She pointed out (she takes) even longer than I take,” joked Gabriel. (thanks to Rachel and Dresden)….on November 28th Stuart ElliottStuart Elliott, Kate’s drummer, was interviewed at a session in a church on the BBC programme Songs Of Praise. He said that he has been busy recording drums on Kate’s new album and that recording on the album had just finished (thanks to James Smythe and David)…

Rumour alert! Rumours about a release date for Kate’s new album are currently spreading like wildfire across music artist forums and CD websites. The date being mentioned by all these seems to be March 14th 2005. Please note that as far as we know, NO official release date from EMI has been confirmed, and untill it is it would be unwise to get excited by any of this. The site has been flooded with emails from people who have read this news online. One rumour even has it that “Elemental films” have been commisioned to do a visual set piece for a new video by Kate, supposedly very “futuristic”…(thanks to all of you, far too many to mention, who’ve kept me up to speed on these reports over the last few weeks – much appreciated).

Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, half of the superstar duo Outkast, told reporters backstage at the recent American Music Awards that they hoped to have a new album out by June and also revealed a desire to work with “reclusive English singer Kate Bush”. “We’re tryin’ to find her, but people say she’s crazy,” he said (thanks to Rob, William, Dan and Bona)…Sunderland post-punks The Futureheads‘ next single in February 2005 will be their cover of Hounds of Love which they’ve just re-recorded in the USA. (thanks to Matt and Priya)…From Sunday November 14, from the Clement Meriguet exhibition2004 an art exhibition in France has the title “Never For Ever a tribute to Kate Bush” by the French graphic designer Clement Mériguet (alias “Kéké”). The venue is at Kingdom Of Incense, 12 rue des Haudriettes, 75003 Paris, France. Metro station: Rambuteau. The exhibit continues through December. Read more here (thanks to Swan)…In the new Q “Icons” Special Edition magazine (The Greatest Music Stars of All Time) readers have voted Kate into 29th place. “With her eccentric vocal style, Kate Bush became one of the most lauded if unpredictable songwriters of the 70s and 80s. Her legend has quietly grown in recent years while fans, most recently and notably Outkast’s Andre 3000, wait patiently for another album – her last was in 1993.” Alison Goldfrapp comments: “There was this time during my teenage years when everyone was doing ecstasy and going out to raves, and I was at home listening to Kate Bush. On ecstasy.” A full-page b & w picture of Kate in full sword-wielding Babooshka mode accompanies the piece…

Markus writes “I just wanted to introduce a short film, Sing Back The Symbols, that I did together with friends of mine. Last year we re-shot Kate’s videos And So Is Love and The Red Shoes. Our version is quite campy, but we did it as an homage! Some pictures can be found here (thanks Markus)…Paul Golder runs an FM station based in Basildon, Essex, Eastgate FM. On Saturday 11 December 2004 at 10pm UK time he will be playing a Kate Bush top 20 compiled on listeners’ votes. The show can be heard on 87.7FM in the Basildon/south Essex area and we will also be streaming the station live on the net. The link for voting and more information is here (thanks Paul)…Kate is listed at No 14 in ‘They did it their way’ in the Telegraph of 20th November – a listing of the 50 best cover versions for Rocket Man. “Elton John’s lament to the loneliness of space travel (or cocaine addiction, depending on your age group) was vacuous tinny pop until Kate Bush’s keening cadences gave it the poignancy it deserved. Her little-girl-lost voice and the bittersweet sound of Uilleann pipes add startling beauty, and a thrilling chill to the Martian air. Key moment: The breathy, pained gasp of “Oh” before the chorus line “No no no I’m a rocket man.” (thanks Malcolm)

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