First look at Director’s Cut – 3 Disc Collector’s edition

Thanks again to Louise for this. Notice a couple of different things about the cover? 🙂 Full version here.

Director's Cut - 3-disc Collector's edition

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13 Responses to First look at Director’s Cut – 3 Disc Collector’s edition

  1. Vindrag (Sweden) says:

    Looks great!!! =)

  2. Dreamtimetk says:

    The design is AMAZING to say the less!!! WANT

  3. cwg says:

    I’m wondering what those fold-outs pages are inside the book? Looks fantastic though… Can’t wait til this is available in Canada!

  4. Andrea Rubera says:

    Differences in covers?
    1) in the 3cds set: “Collectors edition”
    2) again in the 3cds set: “pics are positive negative and yet Sepia” (in the deluxe set pics are negative)

  5. Isabelle says:

    Looooos stuuning! Awesome. Especially TRS 😀 Oh, this is so cool. They’re going to be MINE 😀 !

  6. Can’t wait to get this!

  7. Henry Mostert-Starmans says:

    sure looks great! can’t wait to have it in my hands.
    very looking forward the new Sensual World
    hope all the folk-influences are still there

  8. Greg says:

    Package looks great. Despite not being sold on first single, I’m sure to purchase. Love Kate, a true original in every sense.

  9. John says:


    I know it wasn’t explicitly mentioned on the press release but The Sensual World will be remastered for this release won’t it? It looks like far too much effort has gone into the packaging for it to have been over looked. These two album are going to sound better than ever?

  10. Simon says:

    Anyone knows what’s the 411 for a release in Canada? I believe she is with Sony/BMG in the states but in Canada I believe she is still with EMI. Nothing yet on…



  11. I can’t keep up with my own salivation.

  12. martine peiffer says:

    I already been to fnac,a musicstore to order the deluxe 3,but i have to wait longer,not on their computer yet!anyway,i’m so thrilled too,a real ‘new’ album.deeper understanding is so beatyfull,kate is going for perfection….luv it soooo much,xxx

  13. fluxberg says:

    I can’t help it – I don’t like the BIG fish-people-logo on the discs. It looks cheap. And it looks as if I am going to buy the new album from a band called “Fish People” …

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