Q Magazine and Uncut also give 50 Words for Snow 4-star reviews!

Following the very nice four-star review from Pete Paphides in the current Mojo Magazine, we have news of two more. Q Magazine reviews the album in its forthcoming issue and awards it four stars. Victoria Segal writes: “Given her glacial work rate, it’s fitting that Kate Bush’s 10th album should be snow-themed…the follow-up to 2005’s Aerial is no jolly Christmas album…Bush’s husky vocals rise through an ominous piano fog, generating a silvery chill even as the lyrics of Snowflake, reminiscent of The Red Shoes’ Moments Of Pleasure, or Misty’s strange snowman love song, yearn for human warmth.”  Elsewhere in the magazine Q recommends Misty as a track to download. Uncut, the other major UK monthly music magazine, also gives the album 4-stars and deems it “Album of the Month.” In the review, John Mulvey finds Misty “extraordinary” and Among Angels “beautifiul and glacial”. Snowflake and Lake Tahoe are described as “slow, long songs….the cumulative effect is remarkable”

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11 Responses to Q Magazine and Uncut also give 50 Words for Snow 4-star reviews!

  1. Rod says:

    You know what I’ve noticed from the reviews of Wild Man and 50 Words..? When we can’t speak in terms of comparison, or imitation, or use shorthand like “like the last album” or “in the vein of X” or even pigeon-hole the singer or the songs into a genre, language falls short. Even after reading the reviews I can’t imagine what some of these songs sound like. That is so exciting in this period that the Guardian calls an age of all-too predictable, beige music. I am so looking forward to hearing 50 Words for Snow. What a lovely present it is to present to us.

  2. Brandon says:

    Is a 4 star rating the highest in the UK?

    Because here in the US 5 stars is the top….

  3. Andrew McMichael says:

    I feel slightly disappointed that it’s not classed as a five star album by these reviewers.. But then, I daresay Lionheart or The Dreaming didn’t get unreserved praise back in the day.

    I suppose the main thing is that it’s classed as a five star album by her fans. Here’s hoping!

    • Peter says:

      The Dreaming had very very bad reviews from the British music press who were then in love with Dollar.

      • John says:

        The thing about reviews is they ultimately mean very little. I think sometimes critics try to stay on top too and often play it safe when they are reviewing something. They know Kate will be around forever now so it’s safer to give her a ‘very good’ review now regardless of the content, because this album will last regardless of how good or bad it actually is. As you say, Peter, critics ride the trends themselves.

        That said I can’t wait for the album – the suspense is killing me!

  4. giulio says:

    😉 ”beautiful and glacial” … 😉 I am happy

  5. Blimey, we’ve done ‘kooky (70s)’, then ‘imperious’ (80s), then ‘sensual’ (90s), then ‘reclusive’ (00s), but it appears that this decade’s word for Kate in the “Sesame Street dictionary of journalist cliches” is ‘glacial’

  6. Another Swede says:

    That was a nice but very tiny review from Q- i find it very strange as they had Kate as a house-goddess before.Is it a generation-gap or a kick back?

  7. H.R. Hudson says:

    IT’S SNOWING IN NEW YORK!!! Thanks for the CD Promo, Kate!!

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