Kate announces animations and TV advert

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBV_wd-f9tg[/youtube]
On her official website Kate has announced the release of further promotional material for the new album:

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that we are currently working on some short visual pieces to go with segments from 3 of the songs on 50 Words For Snow.  Each piece will run for about two and a half minutes.  We are having great fun creating them and they will be staggered in their release.

In our TV ad you will see clips from two of these pieces and images from the album booklet. The voice is that of the wonderful Mr Stephen Fry. We hope that you like the look of these visuals and that they serve as a preview of what is to come as well as letting people know that the album release is imminent.

Very best wishes,

Hurry over to Kate’s official site to see the animations and the TV ad!

Misty film still

About Peter

My Kate CV: Kate fan since 1978. Saw Tour of Life at the London Palladium 1979. Went to first KBC Convention 1980. Founded Homeground with Dave 1982. Worked on 1985, 1990, and 1994 Kate Bush Conventions, and the 1986 Video Party with Dave, Lisa of KBC and Krys. Appeared in videos for The Big Sky and Experiment IV. Wrote Introduction, Chronology and Discography for EMI Music Publishing's 1987 "Kate Bush Complete". Wrote the sleeve note for the remastered 1998 reissue of "Hounds of Love". Invited to write sleeve notes for other reissues which never happened. My other CV: born 1955 in Bermondsey London, educated at Galleywall Primary, Walworth Comprehensive, and London School of Economics BSc(Econ)(Hon) 1976. Currently an Officer of the Crown Court determining legal costs in crminal cases. Met Krys in 1982 through Homeground, we were engaged on Glastonbury Tor on Kate's birthday in 1983, and married in November 1984.
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10 Responses to Kate announces animations and TV advert

  1. Karen Newcombe says:

    How on earth am I supposed to get any work done with new announcements every few hours? Delightful disruptions!

  2. David England says:

    How sweet is that?!
    Since we got a set-top box, I hardly see any telly adverts. Guess I’ll have to stay tuned. Do we know when they’ll be going out?
    And here’s hoping the postman doesn’t get stuck in snow next Tuesday. Now THAT would be too ironic!
    Love on yez all XXX

  3. Rod says:

    I love this. I wish you could hear what’s about to happen here. As you know, ‘Misty’ is streaming n katebush.com, and it freaked my wife out. She heard “blood” and “dead leaves” and said “do you know what’s going on, here!”. I’m about to show her that very subversive still with the snowman in the bed. Fingers in ears:)

  4. Oh bloody hell! An image of a KT look-alike in bed with a snowman. And not just a man made of snow – a proper rounded, carrot nose, coal-eyed snowman. I’d forgotten just how avant-garde she can be – I’m properly chilled – that’s the most disturbing thing I’ve seen this century!

  5. Jeff says:

    l-o-v-e the tv ad and it’s use of the title track

    Attention global DJs :
    “50 Words for Snow” track is the most delightful dance song Kate has put out in years !
    ( I’m dancing like a snowman to it right now, in fact – lol )

  6. Gio Willis says:

    50 words for snow has really surprised me, it seems that Kate Bush has chosen to stay behind the album, Lake Tahoe , Snowed In At Wheeler Street and 50 Words are the ”outstanding” moments but definitely very misterious and wierd …. ”Wild Man” is also brilliant. Snowflake and Misty and Among Angels are very essential…. sometimes too repetitive. This album has many similarities with ”Aerial” but it is more difficult at a first hearing …. it is more experimental, more fragmentated, more essential and in some parts it seems that it is vicitim of improvisation. The dissonances of the piano in Lake Tahoe with the Choir are simply wonderful… In general , as a Kate Bush fan, I love it , but I am sure that this will be very difficult for an audience which is not familiar to KB.

  7. Barbara says:

    Did she give him her bottle of Irn Bru? (As in the Irn Bru commercial that spoofs the ‘Walking In The Air’ sequence in The Snowman!)

  8. Neil says:

    Well done on writing a song about going to bed with a snowman and not mentioning snowballs!

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