Word Magazine Features Kate on cover plus 5 page interview!

Kate - WordThe subscriber’s edition of the December The Word is now out. The retail edition will be in the shops by the end of this week. The magazine has this wonderful cover featuring another new photo of Kate, an in-depth interview “The Mystery Dance” by Dorian Lynskey  running over no less than five pages, and a full and very enthusiastic review of the album:

Frozen precipitaion is merely the starting pointsonically a wintry companion to AerialIt lifts your heart and transforms your soulas surprising and individual as ever here …”

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26 Responses to Word Magazine Features Kate on cover plus 5 page interview!

  1. Lovely article and review – but there’s that damn word ‘glacial’ again.

  2. GER says:

    this is soooooo…KATE,,, what a lovely picture,,,thXX k8 now a video please with YOU in it,, I wait wait wai wa w…….
    greetzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz GER

  3. Jack Foster says:

    Photography credited to John Carder Bush. No one sees her quite like him . . .

  4. Andrea Rubera says:

    Anyone has got the article?

  5. John says:

    At last; a magazine cover!

    I thought for a moment this album was going to slip through without one.

  6. Brandon says:

    Does anyone know how to purchase this in the US? I really want this issue. Anyone know if it is selling on any fan sites, ebay, anything?

  7. Stunning photo by John Carder Bush.

  8. giulio says:

    ‘glacial’ sounds a perfect term for a snowy, wintry album.
    The 21st MUST arrive soon. 🙂

  9. Rod says:

    Of course it’s her music and her mind we love; but she is so gorgeous. But she is my age, so there has to be a really, scary, painting hidden in the attic:) I agree with Colin, beautiful camera work.

  10. Mandy says:

    Is it a British publication? I’ve never heard of it! :/

  11. Rod says:

    You’re kidding, Mandy, Kate has graced the cover before and it has been the UK Music Magazine Of The Year a couple of times.

    I’m sure the Homeground team will know better than I think two of the guys, certainly Mark Ellen, stepped into Whispering Bob’s shoes and interviewed Kate Bush at one point -asking the usual awful questions about hair care and boyfriends? This is certainly a huge improvement on those days.

    • Mandy says:

      LOL no seriously Rod I have never heard of it (blushes with shame).
      But now that I know it exists, I shall be hotfooting it to my local newsagent. 🙂

  12. greg myler says:

    Don’t get me wrong – I love Kate, but has she packed on the pounds and is embarrassed about it? Every publicity shot she’s swaddled and draped in fabric of fur – or has her face painted into shadows. Kate, girl – we don’t care – we LOVE you unconditionally – we’re all a little chubbier than we were in our skinny minnie ‘The Kick Inside” days!
    Love “Wild Man” and I can’t wait to enjoy the new album xxxxxx

    • jay says:

      I suppose being wrapped up goes with the wintery theme, but if you look at the photos released offically and in different articles and websites for directors cut, she’s relatively unveiled and unless they’ve done a mountain load of photoshopping she looks to be a healthy weight. Obviously it’s natural to gain a few pounds with age, but I wouldn’t say she’s gained a lot. As long as she still sticks around and produces great music, she can and should be able to do as she chooses as far as i’m concerned. This coming from a 17 year old male, pulling his hair out at a generation who, on the whole, couldn’t spot good music if it slapped them in the face!

  13. Brian says:

    Man, what a beautiful woman!

  14. Brandon says:

    Such a beautiful photo! I have it printed and hanging in my apartment now :). 13 more days….

  15. Steve says:

    Good point Greg, only seen photos from the chest up for directors cut and this album. It isn’t a problem as such, I guess kate just always brought an extra layer to her music through her body language and video performances and they have been sadly absent.

  16. Jeff says:

    great photo and coverage !

    want to pass along Kate will be interviewed on Canada’s most listened to radio show, Q
    – it was just announced today – check this site for date of airing – http://www.cbc.ca/q/

    • Nanette says:

      I took the liberty of emailing Jian Ghomeshi (the host) with a couple of questions, in hopes that he won’t ask the same things everyone else does.

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