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Brian Bath

brian bath

Brian Bath is a seminal figure in Kate’s career. He was the guitarist with the KT Bush Band from their formation in April 1977, joining alongside his friend Del Palmer and drummer Vic King, and he was rhythm guitarist on the Tour Of Life in 1979. Brian plays guitar on the songs Wow, Blow Away, Violin, Army Dreamers, Pull Out The Pin, Hello Earth, and shares guitar duties with his Tour Of Life bandmate Alan Murphy on the album versions of Babooshka, All We Ever Look For, The Wedding List, and Breathing. He also provides backing vocals on The Wedding List and Army Dreamers.

Update: Del Palmer has added some thoughts on Brian in the Comment below – thanks Del.

Brian will be releasing a CD soon, which we will update you on here at Kate Bush News.

Brian Bath Official Site

Brian Bath on Myspace



Songs from Brian Bath

click on the CD to take you to Brian’s shop with MP3 previews!

7 Responses to Brian Bath

  1. Del Palmer says:

    Brian is a genius!!!… Plain and simple fact!!…
    A word which describes his input into Kate’s early work…. HUGE!!!…
    My oldest friend… I’ve known him since we were 8!!…(50 years!!…)
    One of the nicest, kindest people I ever met…
    Check out his music and art….

    • Bob Daniel says:

      Hello Brian and Del

      I enjoyed watching Brian Play again at Depford or was it Charlton near the river anyway …when I visited last year 2011 …it wa sgreat to hear and see him play but I wish I had the nerve at the time to sing or maybe not you might say Ha Ha .
      Have a great Christmas & 2013 from Bob Daniel in Aussie land

  2. Seán says:

    He’s a legend! Thanks for adding that, Del 🙂

    • deborah says:

      Wake me up is a wonderful album, I love it. I also love Brian, such a sweetie and he always checks on the state of my potted plants for some strange reason!!

      love Debs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  4. Ben Holmes says:

    Brian is my HERO!! A musical and artistic genius, and a truly wonderful man.

  5. Brian is one of the most amazing Artiste’s I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
    As well as unique songwriting skills, he has the most melodic vocals I have ever known.His guitar skills are legendary……… Good luck with everything Brian,it’s been a pleasure to have known you all these years.You are a great guy-Keep on rocking!

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