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Wild Man single will be released on October 11th!

Wild Man is to be the lead single from the new album ’50 Words for Snow’. It will be released digitally world-wide at midnight on Tuesday October 11th. More at Kate’s official site here. There is no word yet on when the first airplay will be, but as soon as we hear we will let you know. We are guessing it will be early next week on BBC Radio 2…

Wild Man single art


Elton John confirmed as guest on new album as Kate signs US record deal with ANTI-Records!


Wild Man single to get first play on BBC Radio 2 on Monday!


  1. Excellent cover. Looks like the shadow of a guy in a Bush coat. It also works, in isolation,like a Rorschach.

  2. giulio

    So the title is ‘Wild Man’ and not ‘Wildman’ 🙂
    The single front image looks so dark and mysterious.
    Really really à la Lynch . . . 🙂
    Looking forward to listening to this song and to the whole album. 😉
    Jolly good Kate 😉

  3. Gabriella

    oh yesss, thank you letting us know … i woundered wear wild man idea came from??

    all i can think of is big foot??? he runs in the forest in the snow???

  4. So is it a concept album or not – or just linked songs?

    I only ask because if it is a concept album (like Sky of Honey) I want to listen to it all, in its entirety, as a single art-work. But if it is a series of songs loosely connected by themes, (like Sea of Honey), I won’t mind listening to ‘Wild Man’ in isolation.

    Please help!!!

    • That’s a good question!

      This time I myself consciously refuse to listen to any snippets of the single. What about the snippet of the album, that is the single itself? We’ll see. It’s a long time till November. Nevertheless, nothing tastes as good as a properly served main course.

    • David Cross

      Dave from Homeground here, we don’t really know, other than on Kate’s official site she has said it’s `seven songs set against a background of snow’ so I’m GUESSING it’s a loose link and I don’t think Kate would want a single if she didn’t want us to enjoy it?

      • Thanks both – but I’m going to spite Kate, not listen to the single and hold out for the whole album.

        I might end up chewing the furniture but I’m going to try!


  5. John

    Brilliant cover – I think it looks like someone who has lost a leg and using a prosthesis to get about. Can’t wait to hear it. I waited for the release of Aerial before I even listened to King of the Mountain. I’m going to enjoy the whole more this time. Pity there won’t be a physical release though. I’d have loved a B-Side.

  6. RobB

    I’m very disappointed that there’s going to be no cd single with bonus tracks. I’ll just listen to the song (for free) on YouTube as and when until such time I can listen to the song properly on the album. Rightly or wrongly I just get the feeling Kate is deliberately forcing her fanbase to access her music via having it shoved down a telephone line with a kind of ‘Here it is,you can like it or lump it’ attitude.Its not going to work with me though.It really would have been nice to have been given a choice of format on which to buy the single.

    • Nanette

      You may feel that you’re being “forced” to buy a certain format, Rob, but I’ll bet that if Kate did release a cd single with a b side, others would loudly complain about a “cash grab”. Some people even said that about “Director’s Cut”. An artist is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

      • Dreamtimetk

        Unfortunately other people can criticize Kate Bush choice not to release a 7″ but I am sure those silly minority people who have complained about Director’s Cut have been just put in the places they deserve….
        Surely the majority (me included) is crying out for any format picture disc or a fold out poster with a picture of our lovely Kate Bush, this is the all point of those new release, but it looks like we have none of this, probably because of the feedback of those people.

    • Dreamtimetk

      Like you I was very disappointed that with a new album there is no cd single or any possible other format. And yes even if I love Kate’s music this out me completely off to by a digital release as I feel obliged and I feel I have NO alternatives.
      So yes I will listen to (for free) from you tube or from the radio and I will wait for the new album (CD and vinyl)….. I hope this will be used as a feedback (not only from me and you but many other Kate Bush fan feel the same).

      Probably a release of a limited edition CD or 7″ would have been a better option and considering many indipendent bands are releasing such cd singles I do not see any reasons why Fish People did not choose this in the first place. …

    • Wayne

      I Couldnt agree more,,been a fan since the beginning but very disappointed that having bought every single was unable to do so with Deeper Understanding and now this one – Feel it is like it or lump it….i will buy the Album, but it seems Kate no longer wishes me to buy her singles ! Not impressed one bit

  7. Mike

    Hm, looks like one of those blurry underwater photos of the Loch Ness monster. Or maybe something like “Wild Man” Big Foot/Yeti. Anyway, Kate knows how to feed the anxiety. Oh November so long …

  8. There could still be a b-side. Artists release digital singles with remixes all the time. Can’t wait to hear the new tune!

  9. Renaud

    And what about a video ???

  10. Jaakko

    Welcome back, Kate. You’ve made 2011 a special year.

  11. NoKTurn9

    I hope it’s an Ode to Oscar Wilde 🙂
    BTW Ken Bruce has announced he’ll be playing it on Monday on BBC R2! 😀

  12. noodle

    You know I’ve not seen a CD single in a shop since the early 2000s. Digital downloads are the norm now, Kate has embraced the modern age when it comes to having a song heard but at least she puts a lot of work into her albums and their presentation, especially if Director’s Cut is anything to go by.

  13. Nanette

    Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving! How apt!

  14. Corxin

    The sale of physical cd and 7″ singles is a bit redundant now. It makes more sense to release music digitally as the majority of listeners ‘consume’ music this way. I’m just thrilled Kate is releasing music at all regardless of what format it is issued in.

    • Dreamtimetk

      I am not saying you are right or wrong there, but I read something about digital versus physical releases on the latest issue of Record Collectors November) still there a 85% of consumers who prefer a physical release while only 15% would download only and not buying cd’s… This is what I read…

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