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Kate nominated for Ivor Novello Award

NME: “Adele, Kate Bush and PJ Harvey have landed nominations for best album at next month’s Ivor Novello awards, the first time that all the nods in the Best Album category are for women …

Album Award
’21’ by Adele
’50 Words For Snow’ by Kate Bush
‘Let England Shake’ by PJ Harvey.

The Ivor Novello Awards celebrate, honour and reward excellence in songwriting and composing.  They are presented and judged by the writing community.


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  1. Polly Jane – Great music, real passion, but lyrically a bit muddy:
    Until the day is ending,
    And the birds are silent in the branches,
    And the insects are courting
    And by the shores
    Heavy stones are falling
    Adele: Lyrically terrible : ‘To stand in your arms without falling to your feet’….Pardon?
    Kate: Well, who else would write:
    His crooked mouth is full of dead leaves
    bits of twisted branches and frozen garden,
    crushed and stolen grasses from slumbering lawns

    Come on – if Novello are awarded by the writing community (rather than Adele’s beloved ‘suits’) we know who should win

  2. Nanette

    The real test? If you read Kate’s lyrics without music, they still sound good.

  3. Elizabeth

    Anyone with a half-brain knows that Kate is the best female songwriter the world has ever seen. She had proved that before 50 words, well before, with TMWTCIHE. But then, just like our Kate, she shows us again how incredibly otherworldly and gifted she is and gives us 50 Words for Snow. Enough said.

  4. Harry Horton

    I think Kate Bush has a good chance to win if the contest is judged on writing merits. Yet I think politics and music sales as always will predominate in the awards and Adele will claim once again another prize. THus, I wonder where 50 words of snow stands in the listening and reviewer community today here in April. Such an unusual album it garnered a lot of press and media reviews with its release last November.

  5. Kiki

    I have had all 3 albums for quite a while now, and I can honestly say I enjoy listening to each of them for different reasons. But if the Ivors are meant to honor excellence for songwriting, Kate’s album is clearly the winner, hands down.

  6. If anyone should win this, it should be Kate!!

  7. Rod

    It’s a real feather in the cap for EMI, isn’t it? I notice that Adele is a co-writer of several songs with the ever reliable and very talented Paul Epworth, who also co-writes material with Florence. Perhaps that will make a difference in the Best Album category as both Polly Harvey and Kate Bush write their own stuff (Go Kate!).

    Can they just spring the other awards, the Gift of BASCA awards on people? I would think Kate qualifies for all 6 of those, or at least the ones there she hasn’t already got…no, all of them as well as Best Album.

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