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Win a copy of Gered Mankowitz’s “50 Years of Rock and Roll Photography”

UPDATE: 24th April 2014: The folks at Vinyl Guru have extended the closing date of the competition to May 31st. They have also now uploaded the full version of the interview to Youtube, so everyone can find the correct answer. All you need to do to enter now is listen to the full interview and post in the comments section what the question was. The winner will be drawn at random after the competition closes on May 31st.

Gered Mankowitz - 50 Years bookVinyl Guru, the online vinyl records and accessories store is launching a new website on Record Store Day on the 19th of April. Their main launch feature is an exclusive audio archive interview recorded with Kate in 1979. Gered Mankowitz is supporting the site by allowing them to use several of his iconic images of Kate and a competition prize of his latest book, ‘50 Years of Rock and Roll Photography‘.

The competition involves listening to a clip of Kate answering a question and guessing what she has been asked. The full archive interview will be available to hear on 19th April.

NB: You can watch the full clip here but please leave your entries at the Vinyl Guru website here


David Rhodes and Sandra Marvin join Kate’s live band


Theatre director Adrian Noble working with Kate


  1. davidly

    I don’t wanna win, so I’ll put my answer here, which is that she is answering the question, “What’s Wow about?”

    • David England

      Yeah, it’s gotta be hasn’t it? I did enter the competition though – feeling lucky after getting tickets!

  2. Ritchie

    No no no, davidly & David English have got it wrong because they have not paid attention to the question. Now, pay attention, I will try to keep it simple. In the video from 13 seconds to 31 seconds Our Kate is responding to a question asked by the interviewer that we, the listener has not heard. The competition question is ‘What is the question that was asked of Our Kate which resulted in the response given within the 13 to 31 second bracket of the video’. For the rest of the interview the listener hears the question asked by the interviewer & Our Kate gives her response. “Is your current single WOW about an orgasm” (what an idiotic question that is) is not the answer to the competition question. I trust this clears up the confusion. Now I’m going to enter the competition. (Gosh what an idiot I will look if I’ve got it wrong).

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