New (unheard) interview clip from Mark Radcliffe’s chat with Kate

Director’s Cut was Album of the Day on BBC Radio 6Music on Friday, and as well as songs from Kate’s new album, the coming week on the station will feature new parts of Mark Radcliffe’s interview with Kate that have not been heard so far. You can hear one new clip, where Kate talks about dancing and how she reacts to playing back her own music in the studio, listen at 2 hours 41 minutes into the BBC iPlayer stream here. (with thanks to Louise)

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2 Responses to New (unheard) interview clip from Mark Radcliffe’s chat with Kate

  1. Bert says:

    Hmmm, it was not a very good interview in my opinion. I liked the question about dancing, but he just seems to be way too nervous to be able to interview her properly. Instead of simply asking her whether she still dances (and trusting her to give a satisfactory answer), he just starts to ramble. 😛

  2. Nanette Morton says:

    I agree. In all fairness, he’s probably used to inteviewing people who like to talk about themselves and have a ready stream of anecdotes. Sweet-natured as she is, Kate just isn’t that kind of person. In the longer interview, when he tries to draw personal connections between Kate’s life and the lyrics for “This Woman’s Work” you can hear her get a bit impatient as she reminds him that the song was written for a movie. Her response made me think of my English professor’s lecture on intentional fallacy.
    I listened to the interview on Irish radio as well. It’s interesting that all of these interviewers are so nervous, when Kate is so gentle and unassuming. I wonder if tabloid interviews have hindered journalists’ ability to talk about art.

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