Kate’s official site streams ‘Snowflake’ this evening

The stunning opening track from Kate’s new album, Snowflake, which features Kate’s son Bertie (Albert McIntosh) on lead vocals is streaming for just one hour only on Kate’s site tonight. Watch it here – now!


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7 Responses to Kate’s official site streams ‘Snowflake’ this evening

  1. David M says:

    What a tease. Absolutely love the sound of it.

  2. em says:

    What an utterly strange, beautiful and haunting track. Made me sob.

  3. Dreamtimetk says:

    To say BRILLIANT it won’t be enough… I love it!!!!

  4. Rod says:

    I love that image, it’s so clever.

    I have no words left to describe the sheer beauty of the song. Only a noise would do, something primitive. If I was a cat, I’d purr that great throaty rattling purr of contentment

  5. My second favorite song on the album (just behind Snowed in at Wheeler Street). Albert’s voice is perfectly imperfect and those notes he hits! Wow. Beautiful song.

  6. emil mcmahon says:

    and if you go here you can listen to the entire album in its full glory… and oh how glorious it is, just oozing emtion.. and it makes me shiver with every listen…. absolutely neautiful work from Kate

  7. Harry Horton says:

    The Snowflakes song opens with the lyrics:” I was born in a cloud, Now I am falling, I want you to catch me, look up and you’ll see me…the world is so loud, keep falling. We’re over a forest, there is millions of snowflakes….” This song goes well with the Byrds Eight Miles High remastered you tube version. Eight Miles High has the lyrics:” “Eight Miles high and when you touch down you’ll find that its stranger than known” —such lyrics might as well be about Kate Bush’s snowflakes journeying to touching down on the cold grey earth and finding the new environs strange. the song continued: “Nowhere is there warmth to be found among those afraid of losing their ground”. I guess a snowflake having been born in a cloud does not have to be afraid of losing their ground, since there is a lot of warmth in this Kate Bush song.

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