Unseen 1978 promo photos of Kate surface online…


There are hundreds (if not thousands) of promotional photos of Kate floating about online from every aspect of her career, but apart from when a new album is released, it’s very unusual to see a whole bunch of them appear that most fans are not familiar with. Very recently, almost 30 shots of Kate, reportedly from her Spring 1978 trip to Holland, have surfaced (thanks to Asmoday on our site forum and to goldduststevie for sharing). See them here.

Very much of their time, they are nonetheless striking “new” images of a legendary artist just setting out on her journey…

[nggallery id=4]

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16 Responses to Unseen 1978 promo photos of Kate surface online…

  1. Rod says:

    These have aged so well, and that’s saying something given the styles of the period. She looks fantastic.

  2. John V-W says:

    So very lovely and charismatic as ever!

  3. Dave says:

    Good grief … what a knockout. 🙂

  4. Marcel says:

    #9 looks familiar and was probably used in Dutch magazines at the time. #11 was most probably taken at De Efteling.

  5. Adrian says:

    That takes me back! I used to have no. 3 as a big poster on my wall.

  6. Marc Draco says:

    Timeless beauty. Few women have it – and it’s something we can all treasure.

  7. Photos 19 and 20 haven’t been posted by Asmoday, but by goldduststevie (not on HG forum) a while ago…

  8. Kiki says:

    The Red Boots! 🙂

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  9. claudio says:

    …very nice photos, but: WHAT ABOUT THE VIDEO COLLECTION DVD???

  10. Sharka says:

    Thanks for posting these treasures! Some of them were published, definitely the one of KB in red boots on the stairs.

    However, one of the “oriental look” pics made me grin like an idiot – I am refering to the one that shows Kate’s ankles still revealing the marks of (tight) socks on the skin. I guess today these would just be photoshopped away, but I think it’s a funny and endearing detail.

  11. Mingus 42 says:

    Would’t it be wonderful if kate re mastered The Kick Inside, with added demos and these beautiful photographs?

  12. davie says:

    Wonderful photos with a kind of naivety

  13. Harry Horton says:

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  14. Elizabeth Bracy says:

    Good lord, Kate’s looks alone are enough to render anyone speechless… combined with her genius storytelling and voice from god, it’s almost too much to comprehend. We’re forever blessed.

  15. Barry P. S. says:

    Kate looks best in her silk….the one with the puffs on clear shoes is my favorite. Cool shots thanks for sharing!

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