New French documentary on Kate to air on ARTE channel

Here’s a clip from a French TV documentary about Kate, directed by Claire Laborey, that is due to air on 13th September at 21.30 on the ARTE channel in France.

Entitled “Kate Bush, la sorcière du son” (which translates as “sorceress of sound”), the 55-minute documentary gets its first showing on Friday, September 13th on ARTE at 21:30. From the press release (roughly translated!):

“Composed of a host of archives and interviews – including musicians who have worked with her – this portrait, without dissipating the halo of mystery that surrounds Kate, allows to discover many facets, and explores the immense musical talent of the one who is nicknamed the sorceress of soundMore at the ARTE site here. The documentary will be available to view online on the ARTE site from Sept 6th.

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4 Responses to New French documentary on Kate to air on ARTE channel

  1. Ron Minty says:

    Hey Sean, that’s worthy of a podcast, yes? Looking forward to it. Thanks.
    Yours, SimplyRon.

  2. Jason says:

    Bummer, not available in the States. Oh well I don’t speak French and it’s not translated into English.

    • Fanch says:

      I went to the special screening organised by the French Arte TV channel in Paris. I talked to Claire Laborey and some of the crew who worked on the documentary. One of them told me, they are thinking to work an English version of it.

  3. Fanch says:

    Hey Sean, the time for ARTE broadcast is 22:30 (French time).

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