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John Carder Bush – Hoot Radio & The Sensual Walk

Seán says: In 2006 John Carder Bush provided some great shout-outs for a radio show I did with Thomas Dunning, a midsummer special to mark the first Midsummer since the release of Aerial. The Sensual Walk is an event in Ireland that I have organised over the last number of years, taking place around Bloomsday and featuring a cliff walk and musicians playing Kate’s music on Howth Head, Dublin. In 2008 John again very generously took the time to send me recordings of some recitations of Joyce’s poetry especially for the event, as well as recording more wonderful shout-outs for a special Hoot Radio show that I presented to tie-in with proceedings.

John has been a great supporter of the radio show over the years and has kindly sent me copies his musical poetry to play on the show, including the excellent “Walking With Billy” collection of Yeats poems set to music, and other great pieces such as “Sharpened Pencils” and an extraordinary version of “Kimiad”, with haunting vocals by his daughter Oonagh. I hope that John makes these recordings more widely available at some point. For the Sensual Walk special show, Peter & Krys were in the studio, having travelled over from Kent and we all had a lot of fun, especially listening to what John’s unrelentingly misanthropic creation “Sad Sid” had to say about James Joyce!

John records a message for Hoot Radio and the first Sensual Walk event in 2007, accompanied by his son Raven on violin.

John recites the poetry of James Joyce for The Sensual Walk event, 16th June 2008

Hoot Radio “jingles” for the Hoot Radio Midsummer  special, 22nd June 2006 (marking the first midsummer following the release of Aerial). The first four are lovely. The last one is Sad Sid venting spleen! See profanity warning below…

“Sad Sid” (aka John Carder Bush) gives a completely different take on Hoot Radio, hilarious. WARNING – OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT!

More Sad Sid – this time recorded for the 2008 Sensual Walk Hoot Radio Special which aired June 14th 2008. Sid tackles James Joyce in his usual acidic fashion! Accompanied by Raven Bush on violin. WARNING – OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT!

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