So this fascinating piece of news has completely caught me napping! For some time it’s been known that songwriter Lionel Azulay (the drummer with ‘Company’, the original band that was later to become the KT Bush Band) was gearing up to release an album of his original work. In the early 1970s Company comprised of Lionel, Del Palmer and Brian Bath and were also occasionally joined live on mandolin by Paddy Bush. Unfortunately, at that time in the 1970s Lionel had a serious road accident and was forced to leave the band, being replaced as drummer by Charlie Morgan, thus missing his chance to play live with Kate. His Myspace page has recently reported that a song called “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” was recorded with Kate on prominent backing vocals but has remained unreleased untill very recently! The song is featured on the new CD “Out of the Ashes”. It was recorded in the 1990s. Lionel says on his site: “The now legendary and hugely all round nice person Kate Bush kindly lent her unique and wonderful voice to one of my songs (Wouldn’t Change a Thing, engineered and produced by Del at The Farm, Welling).” Luckily permission to include this song has been cleared in time for the album release. And we get to hear some previously unheard Kate!

The full song can be heard at Lionel’s Myspace page here. The album is now available to download on iTunes. Special thanks to Dale Stallins at the Kate Bush Tribute page for the care and attention he’s been giving to spreading the Myspace word on Lionel, Del Palmer, Brian Bath and more…outstanding work Dale 🙂

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