Kate was one of the invited guests at a star-studded reception held at Buckingham Palace yesterday to honour the British music industry. Other guests included Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Brian May, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Cilla Black, Shirley Bassey, Dame Vera Lynn, Jamie Cullum and Katie Melua. Today’s press has had fun with the fact that the Queen didn’t seem to know who many of the famous people were, and with the fact that Geri Halliwell arrived 40 minutes late (breaking royal protocol). On his BBC Radio 2 show today, Steve Wright spoke about meeting Kate at the palace. Steve’s co-hosts were eager to hear what she had to say about the new release and Steve acknowledged that like Mark Radcliffe they were very keen on having Kate do some things on the show. When Kate came up to him for a chat she told him that the new album “probably might not be ready by summer” at which point Steve’s co-hosts groaned, as they had believed it was coming out mid-year. Steve then went on about how she listens to his show. He also joked how he then had a word with her manager and told her that Kate doesn’t know what she’s saying, so just get on and release the album!” Well, doesn’t make a release date any much clearer really– but at least it would seem Kate means to have her eighth album out within the first 9 months of 2005. As always, watch this space. (thanks to Matt on the forum and Mary.)