An amazing milestone – we can celebrate 30 years of Kate’s music today asWuthering Heights was released on this day all the way back in 1978. It’s incredible to think of that much time having passed. I was just four years old but I do remember seeing a crazy lady (I thought she was a witch!) on the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop on the BBC and being baffled as to what all the arm-waving and shrieking was about. Granted at the time I was more interested in guessing the flavour of the frog’s milkshake on Bod, or figuring out which neighbour’s garden was best for catching bees, but she had entered my consciousness for the first time. This extraordinary song was the first the world would hear of an artist who has become one of the most highly acclaimed and influential figures in music. So, to celebrate be sure to listen to the classic song that started it all today – make sure you play it loud to annoy the neighbours (who will in turn have their own special nostalgia trip!). To mark today’s landmark occasion I asked members of our forum (in finest Q Magazine-esque fashion) to add their own personal take on ‘30 Reason’s Why We Love Kate’s Music‘. Thanks to all who took part – enjoy the answers below. [Also today marks ten years of me running this website, thanks so much to you all for your support and interest!]

30 Reasons Why We Love Kate’s Music…
(by our forum members)

No matter how many times you listen to a song, you always find new things. Aquafishy

Nothing ever feels rushed or insincere – Kate writes and sings from the heart every time. multimediac17

I love the many international influences in Kate’s music – Irish, Indian, Greek, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Australian, Latin, just to name a few, and she makes it work every time. Bigstripeydave

The scope of her ideas and experimental approach is always engaging, even on the rare occassions when I don’t like the results; it’s her boldness in trying that’s always so impressive. Montichka

Every song sounds different, but there’s no mistaking it’s a Kate song. She’s a true artist and world-maker. Sam71

It amazes me still that Kate’s music, new and old, can touch you at a very deep emotional/spiritual level, sometimes when you least expect it. The fact that there is a real connection with her through her music draws you back to listen again and again, especially when you’re feeling in need of a fix! Siod

Kate’s music was my friend when I was a young weirdo and still accompanies my journey as a much older weirdo. Plus, I probably wouldn’t have passed my English Language ‘O’ Level nor met the ‘Love Of My Life’ if I hadn’t employed the skillful use (ie nicked) a few of her lyrics. Thank You, Kate. Belladonna

Her singing has inspired me to sing! Magdaleen

Kate’s been the soundtrack of my life. There’s a song I can relate to almost every emotion, mood and event I’ve experienced – no matter how big or small. Evelyntent

Kate’s music touches something deep inside me that no-one else’s does. If it hadn’t been for Kate then I’d have not met some of the most kindest, sweetest people I have ever met. Remembergenie

I have really tried and tried and thought and thought about this but I just cant put it into words!!!! All I can say is ‘thank you Kate’ deborah66

Because she’s a Genius!! To me she is the Einstein of music (but much better looking) robbish

She has creative control over her music and releases what she wants, not what the label thinks will sell. Because of this her music is genuinely unique and resonates with her artistry and talent. Luv ya Kate! Thank you so much! pleiadesone

Without Kate’s music keeping me company for about 27 of those last 30 years, I would have never become a writer an artist. There are not enough ways to say thank you for this music. Collin

Her music resonates in me, waking up my sleepy senses, titillating them and pulling them out of the dark corners of my soul…her voice is like manna in the desert, a spring of fresh, pure water in the dryness of our empty world. Millais

In this modern age of celebrity-gone-mad, Kate is a perfect example of how one should behave within and without the business: with poise and professionalism. Simply put, she lets her talent do the talking, and she has an incredible amount to say. Eoin Armstrong

Kate’s music is timeless, which is a rare quality (especially these days). Birgittesc

Kate Bush embodies the spirit of her music. Whether it is the words, the melody, or a well defined and inspired character she portrays through facial expression and movement; all of her perspective shines through. Her life’s journey from visceral struggles with injustice to epiphanic revelations of profound joy can be chronicled as her catalog has progressed. She is an artist, poet and philospopher that brings us along – entertained and enlightened the whole way. Her unwavering and staunch commitment to her ideals and vision remain a singular inspiration for bold new voices. Just like a station on the radio; I pick her up. Oh – and the reason I loved her from the start: Her uniqueness.PerspicaciousX

The lyrical content of a Kate Bush song can bring one as much happiness as it can despair. Her ability to do this, and create the perfect soundscape to match, it is nothing short of genius. Freeradical79

Kate is an artist who simply can’t be reproduced, neither career wise nor musically. There will never be another Kate Bush. That’s why she and her music are unique and hopefully will be remembered forever. looking at blue

Thank you, Kate, for making me know I wasn’t alone in this world. Thank you for being my voice. Thank you for seeing me through my life. dove671

I remember when I secretly bought that 7″ piece of vinyl called Wuthering Heights! Thank you Kate, We love you!spocibo is the king

I feel her music is from another time and place where that unknown essence of our existence dwells, where the water
of love is overflowing with beautiful sounds that are overwhelming, that penetrate our senses with a “Hello Earth” everytime she returns with something new to share with us. Oscarsmind

Just because she is. Johnmorango2

She gives me pause and makes me think. Dinger

Back in ’78, aged 13, I thought I knew it all when it came to music…then I heard Wuthering Heights. My entire life changed that day. How dull would life have been over the past 30 years without Kate’s wonderful music. There are millions out there who just don’t get Kate’s music, thank God I do. Thank you so much Kate. matthutch

The timeless beauty of her music never ceases to amaze and inspire me. My life has been enriched beyond measure because her music has been the soundtrack to two thirds of it! dishrag top

She gives me joy and then she gives me more joy. Kate’s music has moved me more than any other artist.She has been the soundtrack to my childhood, youth and adulthood as well being a very special, generous and kind human being. Kate Bush I love you. adric

Thirty years ago Cathy stepped out on to the moors to find Heathcliff. Thirty years ago, I stepped into the world of Kate Bush and found something wonderful. I haven’t stepped back out of that world since then. Thank you, Kate.askyofhoney

Kate’s music is an art form and just like any great artist Kate paints the picture for us to view. We all interpret it in many different ways and get many different emotions from it. jonbishop62