A Message from Kate….

The following is a special announcement from Kate made this morning to her fans and friends through the Kate Bush Club:

Kate Bush Club, PO Box 120, Welling, Kent DA16 3DS

July 2000

Hello everyone,

Here is a press statement I have issued and I wanted you to see it….

“A number of inaccurate comments have been made about me in recent articles which I am taking further. I just want everyone to know I am very happy and proud to have such a beautiful son, Bertie – he is absolutely gorgeous. Far from being secretive, I am just trying to be a good protective mother and give him as normal a childhood as possible whilst preserving his privacy – surely everyone can understand that. I am having great fun being a Mum as well as working on a new album”

I hope you will understand how invaluable it has been to me to have a very fulfilling and normal start to motherhood and I felt unable to tell you about Bertie previously for reasons already explained. He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. He is my joy and I’m very happy and very busy being a Mum. I am finding time to write for the new album and very pleased so far.

Thanks again for your lovely letters and kind wishes. I hope you will be happy for me.

Lots of love,

Kate XX

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3 Responses to A Message from Kate….

  1. Will Ford says:

    Be happy, feel love and loved, and be in maximum you-ness. The press can do one.

  2. Will Ford says:

    Just saw the date of the statement. Same sentiments offered , updated to 2016, LOL?

  3. sarah leech says:

    I have no idea what has been in the press as I decided a while ago that they are harbringers of bad news and hate to print anything positive. I am distressed that whatever has been printed has caused Kate to feel she has to justify herself and her obvious adoration of Bertie. Fans of Kate realised a long time ago that she is an artist and not a self publicist and have admired and adored her because of this and her wonderful talent and the pleasure her music has given us all. In this age of “celebrity” I am very proud that I love an artist such as Kate who keeps some privacy in her life and do not feel in any way that I or any other fans have a right to any aspect of her life. Ignore the people who must have very sad little lifes – you are an inspiration to us all Kate xxxx

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