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James Davidson writes to tell us that Michelle Olley has written a very appreciative two page piece on Kate’s career in the current issue of UK gay lifestyle magazine Attitude. The writer relates the story of her boyfriend working as a “tea boy” in the studio where Kate was recording and Kate sending everyone, including him, Belgian chocolates after the session…”No-one does that, apparently, in rock and roll”.  She also tells of sitting near Kate at a Patti Smith concert two years ago, Kate looking “fantastic…older but kind of shy and dignified and still gorgeous as heck”. The article is said to be the most positive fans have seen in a long time, describing Kate as a “fearless pioneer”, and taking Kate’s story right up to present, with news of Kate working away on new material and of course Bertie. The magazine also has a feature on Simon Drake, the magician and mime artist featured in The Tour Of Life in 1979. (thanks to James)

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