Review Of Kate’s Performance On Friday 18th

Guy Smith has emailed his thoughts on the show:

“The whole show was superb – very relaxed and with a great atmosphere. After performing Wish You Were Here with Rick Wright on piano someone in the audience shouted something along the lines of ‘do something from ’68’. (John clarifies:- what was shouted out was “Play Summer 68″.This is a Floyd song written by Rick from the album Atom Heart Mother. A song that they used to play a lot live in the early 70’s.) Gilmour chuckled to himself before saying ‘no we won’t do that – we’re going to do Comfortably Numb next’. As the crowd began to cheer he added ‘and to sing it please welcome Kate Bush!’ Kate looked happy and relaxed wearing a simple black outfit. She received a standing ovation as she walked on stage and another at the end of Comfortably Numb as she hugged David Gilmour. Also in the audience that night were Storm Thorgeson (not sure of the spelling) who designed many of the Floyd’s album covers. Also of note was Dave’s pianist – Michael Kamen who has worked with Kate before, scoring and conducting orchestras on The Sensual World (and possibly other albums). And as a final footnote…. David Baddiel and family were sitting at the back of the hall. A great night…..” (thanks Guy)

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