Pink Floyd fan Mark Ogier writes on the newsgroup: “”[…] It was a terrific night for this long-time Floyd fan, and while it was great to see Rick Wright turn up it was even better to see Kate Bush again after all these years. I’m hoping that she’ll be tempted back into a recording studio after the reception she received. She looked terrific and sounded great – just as I remembered her. I’d read she’d become a recluse, so this appearance was even more of a surprise.” Commenting on the choice of Robert Wyatt and Bob Geldof taking Comfortably Numb vocal duties in the previous two nights shows Ogier writes: “While I respect both singers, frankly I am delighted and feel particularly lucky that I was there on the night that Kate was guesting. There were cameras recording the Friday night show, so I hope her appearance makes it into the final recording?”

Michael Leitz (who sent in that review – cheers Michael) also reminds us that the song is one of Kate’s all-time faves: In an interview for a special mini-edition of Q magazine in 1990 “Kate Bush […] is asked once again to contemplate the life of isolation. In other words, to select her desert island discs. Sitting as we are in the legendary Abbey Road studios, her choice of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour could not be more appropriate, followed by [,,,] and Pink Floyd’sComfortably Numb.” (Q/HMV special mag, “Follow That!” by Mat Snow, 1990)

For those unfamiliar with the song Comfortably Numb read more at this Pink Floyd site here.